Monday, October 7, 2013

Les Visible..... being less than forthright about a situation and I wish to address it here.

I am the one who had offered to proofread his latest work, as I immediately found a few errors after buying a digital copy from him. My initial foray turned into an offer to complete the work - made by me. I had NO IDEA the extent of the correction needed, but since I had offered I attempted to follow through. I was unable to do so for reasons not really important at the moment but anyone reading my prior posts may have a clue. Let's just say it has been a rough stretch for many, many people I know and I was not immune.

During the course of communications, I expressed some reservations about being able to do so in a timely fashion. I SPECIFICALLY said it may be difficult to take it on at this time as a full-time deal and also made him aware that I have had trouble with time management in the past and had let folks down. I was open about my reservations and encouraged him to find additional help.

I also expressed a NEED to complete this task as it was a good test of my ability to follow through for once with an offer to help him. I had volunteered to do this very same task once before for another of his books and failed completely, so none of this should have been too big a shock really. I appreciated the faith shown in me, and am bummed I was unable to correct my failings of the past. My bad. I suck.

The statement that I made an offer to "professionally" complete this task is an absolute fabrication, as I stated in no uncertain terms that I was in no way a professional proofer or editor. This is simply a lie on his part.

I fully admit that I offered to do this, and that my communication was lacking at times, but anyone reading his work lately saw that Les himself was "going through it". Things have been terrifyingly difficult for the past few weeks. It happens. Sometimes we are not ourselves, but hopefully we recover.

I asked for 1 week to complete the job. The statement that I had "chosen not to inform him that I wasn't going to do it" was true in one sense, but as the week was up today, this informing was to be done this morning. I woke to a message asking about progress and told him then of my regret. I should have sent the message last night as I had intended but did not - not that it would have changed anything The return response was not all that kind and suggested ill intent while making no mention of the work I HAD completed.

What isn't mentioned by Les is that I completed fully 1/3 of the task and submitted the finished work upon completion of each chapter. This was done a couple weeks ago. 1/3 completely done to the best of my ability. I don't regret the time spent doing this as I felt I was helping out a friend. I see now no friendship existed - at least of the kind I would wish to maintain.

What is implied in the commentary about this situation is that there is some nefarious purpose behind it all - that I am somehow part of whatever alleged conspiracy that exists that is "out to get him" or mess with his ability to do what he does. Not true in the least. I'm just a flawed person who is adept at promising things I cannot deliver. Ask my wife. Ask my bandmates. I'm a work in progress and have a long way to go. "Under the government's thumb"? Yeah, right. "Out for personal gain"? I asked for NOTHING in return and made it clear I would accept NO compensation for my effort. None has been forthcoming and beyond a "Thanks!!!" upon submission of each completed chapter there has been no further expression of gratitude for what I DID complete, only words that were filled with innuendo and suggestions of evil intent - never explicitly stated but delivered in that classic "Les Visible" style of sideways snark. Cross him or disagree with something sometime and have a taste for yourself.

Finally, this morning, a few exchanges occurred and it was a parting of ways. I'm so very cool with that after this experience. I see an effort by Les to once again portray himself as a victim while neglecting to mention fully the realities of what happened, or at least accept is as an honest failing. But no, this was to be used as further "evidence" of his continued persecution by evildoers. My attempt at a brief comment in the Origami posting to explain my side was never published, and my request to have the link to my blog at his sites has gone unheeded. It takes all of 2 minutes to do so.

There is a pattern in his world where often any discourse is met with attack. I don't feel I have suffered an attack per se, but have witnessed Les placing his "image" above truth, and I cannot abide that. My simple request to remove the link to this blog has gone unheeded so I will put this up while it exists and predict the linking will be severed post haste. I'm so very OK with that. Just watch how quickly it vanishes...........

If any of his readers feel the need to drop by and take a dump on me for whatever perceived transgressions I am responsible for, so be it. I am at the core grateful, however, that any failings of this book can in NO WAY be placed at my feet. I tried, I failed, I disappointed someone who I though was a friend, but truth has been revealed and for that I am grateful.


  1. The problem with living in a world consisting of only heroes and villians is that the real world is a bit more complex. That always happens, and the narrative becomes more important than any compassion, or ability to change, and allow others the same grace.

    1. Yes, when failings make one the "enemy" there is a problem. Thanks for the wise words.

    2. Les Visible is totally losing it. I don't even read his posts any longer, only the comments.

      His "circle" seems to consist of mostly screwballs and ass-kissers these days.

      They contact him privately to whisper that evil is afoot when they spot an innocent comment and then the fun ensues.

      Wow, today was a good day: he made a complete fool of himself and revealed much. It wasn't pretty OR enlightened, but very enlightening.

      Les Visible is simply bat-shit-crazy. A lunatic. A nutbar.

      Case closed, and it was the nutter himself who closed it.

  2. A repeated, simple request for closure by removing the link to this blog at his sites results in responses like this latest:

    "Don't fucking hassle me you acolyte of the darkness. It will come down when some one who can do it takes over for Sim. All your emails go into the dumpster now spawn of Satan. Waw! I wish the darkness would swallow me. Wah I wish I were dead! Uh oh! He saw through me, better go into defensive mode, better get bitter and nasty now cause my ego got offended. Keep on squirming, I see right through you."

    My words were thus:

    "Please remove the links""

    Time to look in the mirror Les Visible.

  3. All I want is closure here. I have no wish for any further conflict in my life, and any suggestion of "nastiness" on my part is fabrication.

    No, I was not accused directly of anything - that is not the way Visible operates when dealing with matters in the closer sphere (personal engagement) if it is to be public. No shortage of nastiness in private communications however. How would one interpret a statement like this, addressing the situation we fund ourselves in:

    "For those of you waiting on the actual publication of my latest book,the enemy has been hard at work attempting to keep it out of publication."

    This can only mean one of 2 thing as applied to the proofing issue - either my troubles are the result of "the enemy" somehow affecting my own state, or that I am that enemy. Yet another example of vague statements with just enough wiggle room to allow for deniability.

    There were no "nasty" emails from me. None. Id share them directly if anyone is in doubt about the truth here. Sure, it makes me look pretty pitiful but I don't care - I am right now. I know the truth here and share it freely with no reservations. The notion that Les Visible needs someone else to come in and delete the links to my blog says it all I think. It is utter bullshit, and I even sent a detailed instruction on how to do it. It takes less that 2 minutes to do so on all 3 of his blogs......

  4. I read where Sim got freaked out. I guess he is gone. The past weeks have been a waste for him. Don't worry, it happens to everyone, eventually.
    I notice the readers come and go. A new one dominates for a while, then disappears. I wonder how many of them are real people.

    1. Hmm, good points. I had never considered the "false personality" angle beyond what is becoming obvious on the part of the main character.

      Katz? Attorney Katz?

      Thanks for dropping in and sharing your perspective.

    2. I have wondered that in the past.

    3. This has now been confirmed as a recent comment by a "reader", not surprisingly critical and asking for elaboration, uses my full name which is not to be found here anywhere. The wording of the fake comment was revealing as well - unmistakably Visible.

    4. he disappears for awhile
      but keeps coming back
      guess he likes the abuse

  5. He's probably keeping your link to his site just to spite you, to deny you the closure you seek. His pattern of attacking those who "challenge" him, be it real or imagined, even among people who were loyal to him, goes way back. It surprises me that he even has the dwindling number of supporters left who still post on his blogs.

    That said, I'm sorry this happened to you. I hope you are able to cease any affiliation with Les Visible as soon as possible.

    1. It would appear that this is all true. I have heard from others with similar stories about the true nature of Les Visible - experiences up-close and personal where one cannot hide behind the veil of a digital false-self. Actions viewed in real-time, where it really counts.

      If this is being done out of spite I feel sorry for this creature. It certainly reveals a pettiness that puts to rest any illusion that he is "working for the Divine", but then gain, we all have failings. Some are just judged more harshly for them.

      Thanks for the kind words and I hope this is resolved soon as well.

    2. And now confirmed by the following;

      "If he would just shut up for a little while I would remove his link but he's not going to dictate to me."

    3. Yes, I saw that, as well as the fake comments unmistakably written by him, not only on his blogs, but over at Olive Farmer's blog, too. What a sad little man.

  6. Yes, it is me. I mentioned that one time, and nobody ever forgot it. I was stupid to share that fact. I didn't know then, what I know now. I was trying to get people to name names.....been after the perps of 911 since the fateful day....lost several friends that day. they like to blame groups and faceless people. I like to arrest criminals and these criminals have gotten away with it...chaps me still. but, now we are in more serious times. this is what I was afraid would happen. we wrote a bigger check than our mouthpiece/leadership could handle. the whole thing is going to come crashing down. maybe then, we can get back to interdependence and localized self sufficiency.

    1. I recalled this mainly due to the flack that resulted from the disclosure - no judgement here, just recalling the odd response to your sharing your choice of profession. I fully agree with all you say here and hope to be part of the return to a true "community" instead of the cutthroat competitive model we have been told is our natural state as humans. The law of nature shows cooperation, not conflict, to be the norm.

      Best of luck to you in your work, Katz, and thanks again for dropping in.

  7. One word - Ketamine does not add value to the human soul. It is not a teacher plant or of ceremonial value. Well posted Z - and thank you for offering something for nothing. If more of us did more often than the world would be a better place.

    1. I have come to see clearly that serving our creator/self is best done through direct actions for others, and have attempted to do so locally. Sitting around banging on a keyboard is NOT the most efficient was to affect change. Being present in other's lives and sharing your love with them seems a more expedient means to help reduce the suffering of our fellows.

      Confronting them with our own "truths" and using their response to being "given" this information as some sort of litmus test is ego-driven and NOT helpful. How often do we see the statement along the lines of "I tried to wake them up, but they are just stupid sheep and deserve what is coming"? More justification for seeing people as "the other" and a tool of division. We're ALL in this together and ALL of us have flaws and weaknesses. Forgiveness and unconditional love, or at least acceptance, is what will bring forth a sustainable model for human survival.

      Thank you for your words, Su. Thank you for everything you have given me without expectation or judgement.

  8. Good morning. Did you see this youtube about the new trend called "Make a Homeless Person Smile"? I thot you would like this one:

    1. I appreciate the actions portrayed in that vid for sure, but had to cringe slightly at the fact that their deeds were being filmed and then made public. Having worked for many years in homeless shelters, one of the most difficult challenges faced by those in that state is the loss of dignity and this seemed a trespass against that notion, but maybe the potential good outweighs my own discomfort here.

      Science shows some amazing things happening within our physical structure when even just witnessing acts of kindness. In that regard the work was likely inspirational and hopefully inspiring. No shortage of souls in need of the direct application of unconditional love and kindness. Thanks for sharing.

    2. These kids are trying to start a trend, all by themselves. I can see your point, as far as privacy is concerned. I doubt they even thot about that. What is cool to me is that it is working, and spreading internationally. That shows you that two poor kids in the city can still make a difference. If we planted fruit and nut trees instead of ornamentals, and crops instead of lawn, and put together alternate power, we could be free.

  9. Hello Visibles own treat me good, I treat you treat me bad, I disappear ....that's all you want to do.... onelove

    1. Just words. The actions don't match however. And yes, that is all I want to do - disappear from this entanglement, but it is still not yet happening.

      Thanks for dropping in.

  10. I attempted another communication today requesting a simple severing of ties in the form of removal of my presence from his blogs, but was again met with hostility and obstinance. The reply was thus:

    "I'm not reading your emails. I told you that and I am a man of my word, unlike yourself. Basically this comes down to you not being in a position to order me around or tell me what to do. Once this penetrates into your slacker mind, perhaps you will be able to pull back on your massively inflated ego which has zero justification for being any size at all. I don't like being pushed around and people who attempt this, like yourself will find me immovable. Do you think I care if you are on my blog roll? I don't think that has crossed my mind once since the day I put you there.

    Anyway, feel free to send all the emails you want and I'll feel free to toss them out. It's your time that's being wasted. You won't waste mine again. Sooner or later you will realize what a prima donna punk you are being and the necessary shame will arrive. I've done nothing to you but you have exposed yourself by your behavior in relation to a minor little incident. How quickly you turned.I definitely would not want a friend like you. I'm embarrassed for you.

    I hope you find your way. Our communication is at an end.


    Well, it is obvious that this is an exercise in futility, trying to convince the great and noble Les Visible to just simply do the right thing. What has emerged on this end is the realization that while it may indeed be a minor thing in the grand scheme, NO thing can be done unless it is the will of Visible and I guess I'm pissing in the wind expecting an adult and honorable resolution.

    So be it. The statement " Do you think I care if you are on my blog roll? I don't think that has crossed my mind once since the day I put you there." further highlights the false nature of what is presented by his online facade. Why put a list entitled "Visible reads" up when the messages and works there are not even worthy of a second thought? Well, it was made clear to me when this action occurred that I was being done a tremendous favor by this happening. I never asked for such a "gift" - ever. How does this benefit me? There is no monetization happening here at my blog. I write for no motive other than as a release of ideas that need expression and if my words resonate with others that is a fine reward, but I'm not doing this to try and change anyone's mind or drum up support for a cause or my pocketbook. I ask for no donations, give no advice, and don't solicit drugs from any readers who happen by here.

    I am seeing a pattern here and it is quite ironic. Statements suggesting that those that would criticize are doing so out of jealousy of his "success" have a familiar ring, as do constant, paranoid rantings about being persecuted. The claims of being somehow a "special friend" of the Divine don't go unnoticed, and certainly the reliance on the charity of others for one's very subsistence bears a striking similarity to an entity which is frequently, nay, DAILY called out as the very core of all evil in this world. It is almost a perfect reflection.

    Being called a "slacker" is pretty funny too, as Les has no idea what occupies my days - only that I didn't complete a task for him free of charge. He has NO FUCKING CLUE what has transpired here, and yet when things didn't go his way had no problem openly mocking my pain.

    Being chastised by Les Visible for having an overblown ego is almost hilarious, considering he just got done Googling himself and wound up pouncing on a blog post made over 2 years ago - then publishing his missive to the blog owner on his very own page to show his "smack down" off like some sort of trophy!

  11. All of this coming from a man who is the perfect model of the eternal teenager, laying about in a stupor railing against the injustices of "the man" while constantly wondering why he hasn't "made it" and only able to find fault in the "other", never the self. "Basically this comes down to you not being in a position to order me around or tell me what to do." sounds like nothing more than a petulant child.

    I speak in general terms here - not in relation to any particular happening or action, but as an observation of a pattern that should have revealed the truth behind the fraud that is "Les Visible". I'm sorry it took so long to "get it", and suppose that all things do in fact happen "for the purpose of demonstration". Live and hopefully learn I guess.

  12. Zoner; I know exactly what you mean 10,40 &10.41 pm.

    My biggest regret is making a donation in the past, helping to enable that type of panhandler lifestyle.

    Silly really as I have a keen interest in Psychology and should know better.

    I was taken in by his stylish use of words initially; but anyone who uses logic and critical analysis, will 'get it' at some point; hence the high turnover of followers.

    I left a couple of comments at Olive Farmer too by the way; I also have no personal axe to grind; just stating an opinion based on repeatable observation.

    The vitriol within his reactions to the slightest criticism at his site, takes my breath away and is most always completely uncalled for.

    Pernicious behaviorism indeed.

  13. The repeated requests being characterized as "nasty emails" and the notion that I have "gone ballistic" - patently false. I'm sure that would suit the narrative of the victim and reinforce the notion of superiority, but I have simply been asking for closure and even use the word "please" in each case. The only vitriol being dished out is readily observable in the direct quotes above.

  14. Wow, posting comments under false names and then responding - I really feel sorry for this man.

    No one would know my full name unless I shared it via email. The use of "that guy" by "Nick" and certain other poorly-disguised wordings does nothing to hide the fact that he is posting as fake readers - to what end I'm not sure, but it isn't hard to guess really.

    We'll see what happens as a result of me choosing to "just shut up for a little while" I guess. "A little while" is undefined here. so I'll let it rest for a few days and hopefully that is enough. I will expect you to keep your end of the bargain however, Visible, being a "man of your word" and all........

    1. I think I warned you of this? He, or "they".
      He keeps the link bc he likes to see what people say about him. He likes to dwell on negative, as well. Also, he may be using this blog to some end.

  15. One disadvantage of having an easily recognizable writing style is that it is. well, easily recognizable........

    'Nuff said.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I would enjoy reading what you have to say, no doubt.....I have figured out quite a bit, already.
      I can only guess at the facts of the matter.
      I have several theories....

    2. I have received and responded to your email. As far as Katz, I have no direct contact beyond the visit here, so that will have to be initiated by him/her (sorry, I don't recall).

      It is revealing, the number of personal accounts I have gotten via email and here. Not at all what I expected and kinda freaky in a way. I just wanted my closure.........

    3. I would also like to hear/read what you have to share, as I have several theories, as well...

  17. Listen there is a page on Facebook called Skeletor love, that is what you get from Les Visible, the guy is lost in a subjectively subjective prison, and probably has to keep up his writing just to stay alive because he's feeding on your souls. Fuck all that.

    1. Thanks for your input and your fine coarse expression. Yeah, fuck all that indeed. I don't do Facebook so that will have to remain a mystery to me, but I have taken a trip through your pages and am intrigued by what is there. I only wish I had the mental processing power to figure out what I'm reading!

      All my best to you.

  18. There is a link on the web, address is below, That, Zoner is Les Visible Love..See it for what it is and move on if it strikes You.

  19. Skeletor is Love

  20. I guess I finally get my closure. Thanks, Visible, for at least honoring your word to me. I'll not soon forget this happening and am grateful for all that has been revealed through the process. You'll not see me or hear from me again - that is a promise.

    Thanks to all of you that commented here, and especially those who contacted me privately to share your own Visible experiences. I feel somewhat foolish and deeply blessed at the same time. Deepest gratitude and Love to All.........

    1. I knew he would remove it, after I stated that he was leaving it there so that he could come here and read what people say about him.
      LOL! So predictable.
      Peace Out.

  21. I believe there are "watchers" keeping an eye out for those who become too entangled in the Visible "trap." They were here for you now, just as they showed up, perhaps a bit too late, earlier this year for someone else who traveled far too see him, and was emotionally devastated by how it all went down.

    Don't feel foolish, look at it as a valuable lesson learned, and consider yourself lucky to have gotten away before more damage was done.

    My deepest gratitude goes to you for having the courage to ask for closure, and for the "watchers," if you are reading this, to show up on Zoner's behalf.

  22. Yup. Watchers .. a wonderful description. All that is left is to disconnect completely. It is necessary.

  23. WOW! I'm a random person in Hawaii and I had been reading Les Visible's blog for less than a year- Seemed interesting.. I also enjoyed the writing style and some of the subject matter.. So yesterday i decided to post a question about the "devil horn" looking hand gesture he's doing in all of his photos. He totally freaked out on me! I was really upset and tried to stand up for myself and explain that i was just curious because a bunch of politicians and creepy people like that do that same gesture and wanted to know what it meant to him, and wow. He got really really nasty. I'm a young woman in Hawaii, and i'm a bit sensitive. I cried he actually scared me! He even said he was going to come to the islands and even said the name of the one i'm on! He accused me of being an agent or something! FREAKY! Well, reading your story has put the issue to rest for me- so THANK YOU! If you wanted to know more about it, feel free to email-

  24. Zoner. Real talk? You went toe to toe with a sociopath, brother. Les Visible so much fits the bill of a sociopathic personality it's astounding.

    I used to read his blogs back when Amarynth was there, so I know how Les Visible is. She and many others left after, from what I recall, they were helping him with various projects using their time, money, etcetera, and Visible true to form screwed them over somehow. Though he maintains he's the victim as usual. He's a con-artist is what he is.

    Compare these two images:

    Les Visible

    Heaven's Gate

    Careful scrutiny of the eyes will almost always reveal what you're dealing with.

    Sociopath's are good charmers, even better actors, and have a penchant for risky choices and situations. Sociopath's are INCAPABLE of friendship or love. They only know how to game, use and manipulate people for their own ends - usually as a sick means of entertainment - because they have no conscience and no remorse. They only care about the game, the thrill. Being expert actors, sociopath's can don any number of guises that can prove difficult for most people to see through. Your experience is typical of nearly everyone who's seen beyond Les Visible's facade, or at least those who've gone public about it.

    If you read this email exchange from 2011 between Rabelais and Les Visible, you'll see that Visible's antics have been going on for many years.


    Apparently some of the commenters there got to see what Les Visible was like first hand when they met him in person. Not sure what people expect from someone who confesses to severe drug abuse, multiple incarcerations and the like. I guess our common sense abandons us sometimes.

    I'm glad you've gone public with your experience. When others see what happened to you this will hopefully save THEM from having to tangle with a sociopath; the creepy wolf in sheep's clothing that is Les Visible.

    On another note, I'm very happy to hear Sim finally wised up and ran. Good.

  25. (For those of you who are unaware, Les Visible allegedly fell off a ladder and broke his hip, on July 2nd, 2014. This supposedly necessitated emergency surgery...)

    I'm not buying into the notion that Les Visible "fell off a ladder and broke his hip". There is way too much conspicuously circumstantial evidence to the contrary. What I do believe, is that he is trolling for PayPal donations. And boosting the demand for his next "novel".

    I realize many of you will jump up and scream at me for writing this; however, I am the kind of person who doesn't open his mouth unless he's 99% sure of what he is talking about.

    Here is why I am making this claim. Claims are cheap, so let's spell it out.

    I recently made several posts at Visible's blogs, over the last few days, for Visible's assistants to post the name and address of the hospital where Visible is allegedly recuperating. It seemed quite odd to me, that the hospital's name and address had not been made public knowledge up to this point. (This seemed beyond odd, as it should to anyone who can think critically, because given a tragic accident like the one Visible allegedly suffered, it would make sense for all of his regular posters, not to mention friends and family, to have READY access to the name of the hospital where he is recuperating, so that they might send flowers, cards, and well-wishes. And I'm sure anybody with a working brain cell will agree with me here.)

    So I figured that Visible would respond to my repeated requests for the hospital's name and address, by making a post wherein he would scream and deride me (his usual modus operandi), and then request that I email him for the information. Well, if you are running a scam, and you are pretending you broke your hip, so you can fleece the sheeple via PayPal donations, that's exactly what you would do. There's no way you would risk being outed, by posting the name of a fictitious hospital, or an actual hospital. You would tell people to email you. That way, you can ignore the emails they send, requesting the information, and nobody knows but yourself and the person who sends the email. None of the evidence makes it to the actual blogs. So it's child's play.

    (Part 2 is next...)

  26. Part 2

    In addition, Visible made a cryptic comment back on July 1st, at Reflections in a Petri Dish, in which he basically hinted that he was depressed and death sounded like a good idea to him. Many of his regulars became concerned at his comments. Some poster (probably Visible himself; he uses several fictitious characters on his own blogs, as anybody knows, if they've spent enough time there), suggested that if anybody lived close to Visible, that they should make an effort to go and see him, because he was obviously in a bad state.

    And then, allegedly, only two days later, he falls from a ladder, breaks his hip, lies on the floor of his attic dwelling for a full day - and then ends up getting hip surgery.

    What a coincidence. What an amazing coincidence, to say the least.

    I'll be glad to eat these words, if I am given full proof that I am wrong. But short of getting the actual name of the hospital (which his assistants refuse to post at this point), so that I might be able to send him a "Get Well" card, which I can then verify has been delivered to him by the hospital staff, I'm not buying it.

    The kicker for me, was, over at Reflections in a Petri Dish, a post made by one of Visible's alleged helpers (who goes by the name, The 3rd Elf, and whom I believe is one of Visible's aliases), was the following - "I hope between us (and we are many) that we can do something to show Vis how much we care."

    That's a direct call for PayPal donations and book purchases. Not flowers, candy, presents, or "Get Well" cards (some of which might be stuffed with cash), which is the normal conduit for such tragic accidents - nope, none of those was requested, and none of those can be sent, because neither Visible nor his "helpers" are supplying the hospital information. (Oh...unless you politely email Visible, and ask him for the name of the hospital. Wink-wink.)

    But you can bet your ass that PayPal donations will be heartily accepted.

    Visible is a gate-keeping shill. Always has been. Always will be. And what I divulged here just proves it.

    If anybody out there cares you to prove me wrong, there is only one way that you can do it. Post the name of the hospital where Les Visible is recuperating. Otherwise, anything you have to say, is just obfuscational white noise.

    And I believe that's checkmate.

  27. Part 3

    FYI, I posted virtually the same comments that I made up above, about Les Visible's latest shenanigans, at an online "truther" forum yesterday (7/8/14), called Kenny's Sideshow.

    "Kenny" (or whoever the actual hack is who runs the forum), allowed the posts to go through and hit the board, although he made the usual admonishing comments about how he couldn't much stock in what I had to say, due to the fact I posted anonymously (versus the "normal" way of posting, using a name like, oh, you know, "Blimpy the Lipless Tuna").

    Lo and behold, this morning, those posts were gone, along with "Kenny's" comment about them - poof. I wonder what happened? Did Visible get ahold of Kenny and ask him to remove them? That's one way it could have come down. Lord knows most of these "truther" blogs and websites are state-sponsored.

    No matter. We have conclusive proof now that Visible is lying, and did NOT get injured during a fall from a ladder.

    At Visible's blogs, there are two comments that prove his is lying about his injury. The first one was made by Anaughty Mouser (one of Visible's aliases), wherein he stated that all was well, Visible was in good spirits in the hospital, and busily working on his new novel. (You can find this post, at least at the moment, at Visible's "Reflections in a Petri Dish", titled, "Gunsights on the OK Per Se", which was originally posted on June 25th, 2014.)

    Now if you scroll down a bit, you will find a second post, updating people on Visible's condition, and in that post, a character who goes by "The 3rd Elf" (quite obviously one of Visible's made up on-screen personas), states that Visible's hands were badly injured in the fall from the ladder. And thus, he will not be able to write for quite a while.

    Hmm. One person who allegedly talked to Visible on the phone said he was working on his new novel (which involves using one's hands, obviously), and the second person said his hands were so badly injured, he couldn't write. That is one major conundrum there, eh?

    If these posts have disappeared, don't worry, I have screen shots of them.

  28. Part 4

    To update you on the critically telling portion of this entire sideshow, the name and address of the hospital where Visible is allegedly holed up is still not available anywhere on Visible's blogs, despite repeated inquiries from numerous site visitors for it to be posted.

    A very cryptic link currently allows you to contact "Susanne" (Visible's alleged wife, or ex-wife, or ex-gf, or current partner in crime) if you want to find out how to talk to Visible, or if you want to find out how to visit him at the hospital. I have no doubt this is a smokescreen, too, and if one actually emails "Susanne" and inquires about the hospital's location, one's email will either disappear into the ether, or will never receive a reply...

    All in all, a very clever - though ultimately half-baked - scam. Visible is obviously writing his new novel, and using the bogus injury as cover, in order to get PayPal donations, Western Union wires (but no cards or flowers, please - no, no - an no visitors, for that matter, at his "hospital") and pump up the sales of his forthcoming epic.

    Read through all of the comments at the Petri Dish entry I mentioned above. Even a kindergartner could figure out pretty quickly that he's lying about his injury, and is frantically (and unsuccessfully) trying to cover his tracks.

    Once a douche, always a douche.

    (Visible's last name was originally "Crook", in case you didn't know that. Heh. Ironic as hell, isn't it.)

    This ends my little investigation into Visible's supposed "hip injury". He didn't fall from a ladder. And anybody who falls for THAT, is probably sending him a fat PayPal donation right about now.

    You have to give the guy credit, though. Love him or hate him, he knows how to work it. And I respect that. If people fall for his B.S., hey, do they not ultimately deserve whatever befalls them as a result?

    - END

  29. Well! This is all very eye opening and discouraging.I have been a long time reader of Les Visible and stumbled in here quite by chance while investigating the alleged ladder accident.Good lesson here for people who feel the need for a guru to follow I guess.Wow.People suck.

  30. It is now July 11th, 2014 - and still, there is no hospital name and address forthcoming over at Visible's blogs. And that information will NEVER be posted, obviously. The guy is a lying snake. Think of all the people he has done injury to, just with this one little lie of his. He has dowagers and frumpy old maids and ex-hippies, who slurp up his tripe at his blogs like it's manna from heaven. They are all, doubtless, very frazzled and upset right now, that their guru was "injured". The guy has no soul. Anybody who pulls a stunt like that, is a gutless, pathetic weasel. I hope people eventually realize that most of the "truther" super stars that one encounters on the Internet, are government-sponsored liars. But that's like hoping that the sun won't come up tomorrow. Visible, when you leave this earth, the world will be a better place. Here's hoping it's soon, you lying, deceitful coward.

  31. Now it's July 14th. Still not a peep over at Visible's blogs about the name of the hospital where he is "rehabbing". And this despite a comment made by one of his alleged assistants (who, quite obviously, is Visible), which intimated that the name of that hospital would be forthcoming pretty soon. Yep. Pretty soon. (Looks at watch.) Still waiting. Yep. Still waiting.

    This case is closed, it's checkmate, Visible is a lying, manipulating, evil weasel. Period.

  32. It's now 7/15/2014 over at Visible's blogs and he just made a new post, titled, "Dancing to that Strange Accordion File Music in the Still of the Night". And he has appeared to have miraculously recovered from his incredibly severe injury and is on the move yet again! He is being deliberately vague about where he is headed, but it sounds like he got enough PayPal donations via the trumped-up sympathy and concern that he deliberately created via his bogus accident, to finance yet another dwelling (after doubtlessly getting wasted, going bipolar, acting like an ass, and pissing off his current benefactor). So, just 13 days after allegedly falling from a ladder, breaking his hip, badly injuring his hands, smashing his face - and receiving a full-blown hip replacement, to boot - he has completely recovered, has packed up his shit, and is moving to a new location! Wow. He must be Super Man. Uh-huh. Sure. The guy is so fucked up he doesn't even recall what he has written (i.e., lied about) in his previous posts. Of course, he has been deliberately vague about where he is going in this most recent post, and what he is doing (in an obvious attempt to make it appear as if he might be heading to "rehab", but he won't specify the whys and the wheres, which is what a halfway decent liar would do in this situation). Ah well. Even crazy people have to eat. Thank goodness most of us don't have to lie and steal to make that happen...over and out.

  33. Now Visible is actively shilling for drugs, asking his readers to send him "pain medication", due to the lack of effective meds he has been receiving while in hospital. I suppose he has received ample coinage via PayPal donations, and the only thing he needs now is usual supply of drugs...

    The following little snippet comes courtesy of "Here in the Kingdom of the Doomed Serfs", which was posted in Smoking Mirrors on July 17, 2014 -

    "Anyway, if you've got something functional laying about in your cabinets somewhere, email me and I will give you the address. In the meantime I am rehabbing to the extent of what my pain threshold permits. I'll be here for 3 weeks."

    He never says where "here" is, although he vaguely notes that it's "near the Czech border". No hospital address is given, of course. Although, you can email him and he'll send it to you - no doubt ONLY if you happen to have some ketamine, morphine or some other powerful narcotics (chortle).

    Do you honestly think that a hospital would allow a patient to receive a package that contains narcotics? Do you honestly think that a hospital would NOT have adequately powerful pain medication on hand?

    Visible made a very interesting comment in this latest post of his. He claims that, "I'm only around ten days out of the operating room and only a couple out of bed, for brief attempts at movement with my Johnny (stroll) Walker and it didn't take much coming and going over these distances to reduce me to a state of mute (and sometimes not so mute) agony."

    Hmm. Let's analyze this statement. He claims that he's only made brief attempts at getting out of bed, and that his only attempts have occurred over the last couple of days. Since he made this comment on July 17th, that would mean July 15th was the first day that he had been able to get out of bed (due to the severity of his alleged injuries).

    On Saturday, July 12th, Visible made the following comment in his post titled, "You and I and What Lies in Between", in Smoking Mirrors -

    "I was riding a wheel chair down into the garden today, as opposed to using a walker, given the distance involved and I started singing..."

    The implication is, yes, he is also using a walker, but because the trip to the garden was too far for using the walker, he used a wheel chair.

    So for those of you who are unable to follow the thread here, in his "Here in the Kingdom of the Doomed Serfs" post at Smoking Mirros, which he uploaded on July 17th, he claims he was only two days removed from being able to get out of his bed for the first time. And yet, in his July 12th "You and I and What Lies in Between" post, also in Smoking Mirrors, he cavalierly claims he decided to use a wheel chair for his garden excursion, although he has been using a walker while traversing shorter distances.

    It is painfully obvious that he used the blurb about how much agony he was in, as a setup for prodding his readers about sending him "something functional" from their medicine cabinets. Read his "Here in the Kingdom of the Doomed Serfs" thread at Smoking Mirrors and it all will become clear as day.

    The guy has no shame. The guy is a serial liar. The guy is a sociopath.

    I noticed Mike Rivero is now linking to Visible's work again, after a hiatus of several months. No doubt agency-sponsored Rivero, approves of Visible's blatant lies and sheep-shearing techniques, thus Visible is back in the good graces of the intelligence wonderful!

    Rivero often prods his readership to "donate" via PayPal, his latest request centering around helping him move his radio broadcast to Genesis Communications (an ABC affiliate). How much money does it take to "move" a radio broadcast? Heh. All of these guys are agency-sponsored shills, and they take great delight in fleecing the unsuspecting sheeple.

    Use your brain, that's why god gave it to you. Over and out.

  34. Just to update you on the Visible Lie-A-Thon (regarding his "injury" and his "surgery", wink-wink), the guy has officially jumped the shark.

    He allegedly took his big fall on July 2nd. As noted in the posts above, he has lied about when, exactly, he started being able to move around with a walker, etc.

    Well, here it is, July 30th - only four short weeks from his alleged fall, and about 25 days from allegedly having major hip replacement surgery, and over at Visible Origami, he is jusssst about done lying about his injury and his hospital stay, due to the fact he never WAS in the hospital, and he never was injured, and apparently things are going pretty well for him, ever since he faked said injury and got a shitload of PayPal donations.

    Check out his latest Origami entry and you will shake your head in abject disbelief. It's titled, ""The Humidity of Mortality on Pinball Planet".

    Here are some excerpts from that piece, which continue to prove the guy never was injured, and can't even keep track of the various lies he has written in his posts over the last couple of weeks -

    "Yesterday I was toodling around pretty good; went into town and also did some terrain training as well. I'm guessing there was about 10K accomplished yesterday."

    "Next week, as I understand it, I get dropped off at the train station with my two bags that I can't possibly juggle and work the crutches too. This will require some amount of the creative forward thinking strategy mind that I have a relationship with and... I do like puzzles."

    WTF? The hospital is just going to dump him at a train station with two bags and crutches? Sure. Must be staying at the Hospital for the Terminally Cavalier. And wow! The guy went from a wheel chair, and a walker, to crutches, to doing terrain training, in less than two weeks! He truly IS Super Man! No - he's Bat Man (as in, bats in the belfry)! Wow!

    What's truly horrendous about all of this, is the fact that he is now actively looking for yet another new benefactor who will be dumb enough to put a roof over his head (so that he can continue to sponge off of people while getting wasted - something he's made a career of doing). He is now posting various "boarding offers" that he has allegedly been receiving, mostly from frumpy New Age dowagers who have no clue what a lying, despicably evil person he truly is. (In a way I feel sorry for them, but in another way, I feel they will merely get what they deserve.)

    Then again, Visible might be posting these offers via his own hand (meaning they are bogus), in the hope that, like bait for the terminally brain dead, they will attract some legitimate offers, and that's the problem - when a person is a serial liar, you have no clue when, or if, they are ever on the level.

    Cheers, adios, and I'm done investigating this truly pathetic Ass Clown.

    1. A quote from the most recent "Petri Dish" is rather revealing I think:

      "How it is that people who profess to a high level of integrity and honesty (which he does) can be so blind to their obvious crimes and can excuse themselves with so little effort... it's just difficult for me to comprehend."

      There is certainly a fair degree of irony in this statement I think. It would seem that merely asking the Divine to remove shortcomings might not be enough - one may actually have to CHANGE their behavior to see the desired results. But then again, in asking for things to be done for you, it removes the necessity for actually taking responsibility for one's own actions.

      This is certainly all for the purpose of demonstration. Some learn the lessons, others may never do so. We all have failings and shortcomings. Some take stock of events that impact us as individuals and make REAL CONCERTED EFFORTS to create change and thus avoid further banging of one's head against that brick wall. Others can only blame the "other" when things go wrong for them, and never grow. When one has a seemingly never-ending sequence of events occur that appear to be random, unexplainable acts perpetrated upon them to their detriment, it would suggest a pattern that should be investigated and possibly changed, unless one can convince themselves that it is simply due to "evil forces" or some other force outside one's own sphere conspiring against them. Then it is victim mode and pity-seeking or solicitation for aid (or drugs).

      I learned my lesson re: Visible. I still read his words on occasion, but will never become entangled with him again. I simply see him as another flawed creature who is doing what they do as they bump along on this merry ride. That said, I have no time or energy for those who inflict deliberate pain upon others.

  35. Had to come back and update y'all on the Visible lie-a-thon and scam-a-thon. It is now 9/17/14, and, as many posters above have noted, Visible uses various on-screen characters at his blogs, which are himself in disguise. (Hmm. Hims-"elf".) Well, as of 9/15, Visible has had a page up at "Siamese Mirrors", wherein one of his aliases, "The 3rd Elf", is requesting a "loan" so he can "move" into a new place - allegedly "The 3rd Elf" has only 48 hours in which he has to find a new place and move into it.

    The telling portion of that request is that the poster is claiming that "The 3rd Elf" is really "Sim", who for some reason that even he can't recall, changed his name at some point from "Sim" to "The 3rd Elf". Heh.

    I think you can see what's going on here, eh?

    As I postulated in one of my myriad posts above, it is now pretty clear that Visible is indeed The 3rd Elf. Whether or not Visible was actually Sim or not, is up for conjecture. (But I'm leaning toward, "Yes"...)

    There is even a little countdown clock on this page, which shows the dastardly deadline's approach. As of this writing, there is only 10 hours left until "The 3rd Elf" is kicked out into the street, where he will suffer the innumerable indignities of being a homeless person.

    So...I want all you Visible supporters to rush over to Siamese Mirrors and use PayPal to send the Elf a big greasy wad of much-needed cash (it's a LOAN, you see - hahahaha)...Jesus Christ. Unbelievable.

  36. Sim, aka the 3rd Elf, is indeed a separate person who has managed Visible's blogs for several years without pay. He is now broke(n) and homeless in a country other than his own. Visible has made it clear he does not care about Sim or anyone else beside himself, and Sim may finally be realizing this.

    visible is one of the slimiest people I hope I never have the misfortune to meet. Recently, we had an unpleasant email exchange, in which he couldn't be bothered to take the time to have an adult conversation with me. He felt his time was better spent on lambasting me, along with another person, on his oh-so-spiritually-centered blog, Origami, trying to convince the few readers he has left that his motives and intentions are something we should all covet, and anyone who calls that into question is simply a drama queen that should be shooed away like an annoying insect. His few followers jumped right on his twisted bandwagon, but I'm sure they won't last when his particularly caustic brand of vitriol is turned upon them.

    Oh, and be sure not to miss the last two paragraphs of Smoking Mirrors, dated Nov. 16, 2014, especially the very last sentence, in which he states, "I've made my bed, not that I intend sleeping in it."

    That kind of says it all, don't you think?

  37. I keep pounding Visible with intermittent board comments, asking him how his "hip surgery" rehabilitation is coming along. Also, I'll occasionally take a benevolent quote of his own creation, put quotes around it, send it to him, and then write something like, "Oh, so that explains why you faked your hip injury and bilked money from your followers - the Divine wanted you to do it," etc. I know it makes him crazier than he already is, when he receives comments like this...which is the whole point of the exercise. Why do I do send him these comments? Why, for the same reasons Visible does everything HE does - because God WANTS me to do it! (Heh.)

  38. Ha ha, yes, I have noticed that. He talks all this crap about forgiveness and letting go, yet he continues his character assassinations, even in today's post, of those who disagree with him. Everyone has the right to be themselves, as long as they don't disagree with him, because nothing is ever his fault, you know. Oh, and he judges the lazy, self-indulgent people who live off the goodwill of others, like he isn't doing that himself. He thinks he is useful, and thus infinite, anyone not following the program is irrelevant. Pointing out the flaws and shortcomings of others is much easier than having to look in the mirror and examine his own. I'm sure God wouldn't want him to do THAT! (heh.)

  39. Visible's problem is this - he just can't shut his big mouth. He's his own worst enemy. He shoots his mouth off in the face of overwhelming evidence that his position is flat-out wrong. Which probably explains the countless beatings he took when he was a kid. He's got some bipolar shit going on there, for sure. I figure he's mind-controlled. Daddy was in the military, used to beat him senseless. He spent time in a "psychiatric prison". Now he's an online guru. Yeah, he's definitely useful to his handlers, all right...he's not useful to anybody else, but his Mr. Apocalypse and anti-Zionist rants lay cover for the guys at the top of the greasy flagpole. Plus, he's always bashing anybody who posts anonymously - and the elite want to do away with anonymous posting on the Internet. Once I called him out on that, I asked him in a board comment why his stance on anonymous posting was the same as Michael Hastings', who was/is a high muckety-muck for the NSA. Visible wrote back something like, "I can't help it if Hastings and I are both right on that subject", or words to that effect. Which merely proves he's working for the Dark Side. I'd like to depants the idiot, snap some photos of his "hip surgery", and post them on the Net. That would probably be the only way to shut the fucker up. But even then, he STILL wouldn't shut up, he'd just keep lying, lying, and lying some more, which is what he's done his whole miserable life. He can't write a sentence on his own without several typos and grammatical mistakes. Funny how his board comments are usually filled with these things. Which proves he has heavy editorial backup, as noted by the original poster of the article at the top of this thread. He's a fraud. A shill. A liar and a thief. And probably worse...

  40. You forgot bat-shit crazy.

    Can I contact you privately?

  41. Sure thing...eyeonyou469@yahoo dot com...

  42. May I join the community of assholes here?

  43. Hmm. Somebody just admitted that they are an asshole....

  44. I have been through exactly the same thing with him - he asked me to do a thing, then instantly it became some huge pressured undertaking which I had 'promised'. When I said I couldn't complete it (after weeks of work for him I was exhausted!) he got nasty and made snide allusions. I was startled, as I take people at face value, so I thought he did live by the stuff he preaches - truth, integrity, etc etc. He doesn't! As you say, he's adept at portraying himself as the victim. It's always the other person's fault.
    Les Visible is the only person I had problems with and a falling-out with over several years; he argues with people every WEEK. There's something seriously wrong with him, and he's not addressing it.
    I also KNOW that many of the comments on gs blogs that are eulogic and supportive, and the ones purporting to be from people like 'the third elf' etc, asking people to send him money, are by les himself.
    Be aware!

    1. Welcome to the club! Be aware, and beware!

  45. Springfield ShaggerDecember 6, 2014 at 10:36 PM

    Barely broken you anal whore.

    If you'd like to progress this, please do bring it on



    1. Mental illness is treatable, you know.

  46. Come on guys... seems to me that you're both on the same side of the fence... and we all need to grow up, so... get over or on with it!
    Sent to Zoner and Vis
    ps keep up the good work both of yous
    Dr Cray


  47. I miss Cap'n Spadgett

    1. Me, too. He was a good guy.

  48. I met Visible in real life, at the hospital after he broke his hip. About that, I know he is not lying. As for the rest, I don't know, but I trust him. Primarily, because I met him and he really gave me a sense of him being a well-intentioned, good, although honestly flawed (who isn't?!) man. Secondarily, because he is actually dishing out some solid advice on his blogs, for free. We ALL of us have egos, and they are more or less in control, more or less subjugated and cleansed. Looking honestly at oneself, inside, is the most difficult thing, and at the same time the most worthwhile.

    Best wishes.

    1. Trust Visible at your own peril. You may have been fooled that he is well-intentioned, but he will never look honestly at himself, nor will he show any loyalty toward you. His "solid advice" reads more like provocations, and he would not hesitate to subjugate you.

      As someone else stated above, "be aware, and beware!"

    2. That's very nice Thomas, but since you have no evidence to support your claim of having met Les Visible in person - at the hospital -, your opinion means absolutely nothing here.

      If the people at Cassiopaea, who actually met Les Visible in person and provide concrete evidence of such have nothing good to say about him except to support many of the suspicions most people have of him, then that says it all really. And it's nothing to do with perfection or not having flaws. If someone is a lying remorseless pos and constantly uses and takes advantage of others for their own gain, then at the very least they SHOULD be exposed. The name 'Les Visible' isn't even written on his passport. How authentic.

  49. Well, then it's simple, "Thomas". What was the name of the hospital, and where was it located?

    1. I doubt you'll ever get your answer.

  50. Yes, do tell us, Les, sorry I meant 'Thomas', what hospital it was, eh? I want to call them, and praise the nurses - never knew any other 68 year old recover from a broken hip so fast! :)

  51. This hospital, dude.

    1. Kemp, did you visit him while he was there?

  52. Kemp...nice fake name. Who the hell is Kemp. Are you a friend of Visible's? Maybe a friend of Mr. Apocalypse's? I issued the challenged because I figured Visible would think about it for a while, and realize that most hospitals don't give the names of patients out to random people. In other words, it's almost impossible to get that kind of information, especially after the patient is long gone. Also, Visible can't keep his mouth shut, he can't stop lying, so it was a no-brainer that a hospital's name would eventually appear. Since it wasn't posted in Visible's hand, nor at his own blogs, he could always use plausible deniability as a defense. Sure enough, here's a hospital name. So, "Kemp", who are you? Are you a friend of Visible's? And Visible, can you verify that this is the actual name of the hospital where you had your surgery? Visible???? (***Crickets***) I would encourage everybody who wants to know the answer, to copy and paste the link to that hospital, into a blog comment at Visible's blogs, and ask Visible point-blank. Ask him if this is the name of the hospital where he had his surgery. If enough people do that, and post the results here (regarding his response to that), then we'll know a lot more about what's going on. I'll wager a large sum that he will not post any of these comments/inquiries at his blog, nor will he answer them. And if he does, he will say, "I don't know Kemp, I have no idea why that was posted." So anybody reading this, get busy - ask Visible if this is the place where he stayed, and do it by posting a comment at his blogs. The deafening silence will be all the proof anybody needs.

  53. Oh, you beat me to it. :) Was going to say the same thing. Too late actually - as 'proof', it's now worthless. A hospital would never divulge information about a patient, so calling them and asking if a Mr L. Visible was treated for a broken hip x months ago would yield nothing.
    If he had been there, though, then cards, flowers and gifts sent to him at that time WOULD have reached him. And that's what's funny - now that it's no longer checkable, it's provided, yet when you'd expect everyone to be told where he was, it was kept secret?

    Bridge .... Brooklyn ...

  54. Hmm, how is it that random strangers have appeared here to defend Visible? While I have watched this piling-on and further exploration of Visible's dual nature with some interest I must admit a bit of surprise where these new postings are concerned.

    Kemp? Thomas? Springfield Shagger? What was it that prompted you to drop in here? I mean, how would any of you even know that such a discussion was taking place in the first place? Seems a bit, well, odd to say the least.

    I will state here from my own perspective, that Visible serves a very specific and valuable function for us. He furthers the notion that one need not (and should not) seek out and rely upon "Guru's" and "leaders" of any sort beyond mere comparative sharing exchanges. No one is going to lead you to the place you think you need to be, yet many will extend their hand and gladly take you on a ride.

    The value in the actions of one such as Les Visible lies in the destruction of the myth of the Enlightened Sage who leads the wandering flock to the Promised Land. This is more akin to a Pied Piper scenario and Les admits as much in his own special way. He will gladly lead you over the cliff and deny any responsibility for doing so - and be quite right in this regard. FOLLOW OTHERS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    When one engages in effort on behalf of another with no expectation of return, it is a beautiful thing - a true gesture from the heart. When one gives that effort and is then savaged for not completing the task at hand (for whatever reason), valuable lessons are available. I will agree with the others here that Les Visible is certainly NOT what he "appears" to be, but will also recognize the value he has where dashing the dreams of a savior are concerned. He never signed up for being any sort of benevolent force I'm sure, and has stayed on that path quite obviously. I hold no ill will towards him, but now know how foolish I was to ever believe I was helping a friend by trying to assist with his works. No one gets to deliberately attempt to hurt me and remain in a position to do so again. Mistakes are forgiven, as are deficiencies. Willful acts of malice are another thing entirely.

    Many will come along and get sucked in by his words and the appearance of something of substance, only to see the rough and careless side displayed when the time is right. Then they can learn the price of extending themselves to someone of this stripe.

    Les always says he works for the Divine. I agree. Someone has to play the role he is. What that role is exactly I will let you decide for yourself.

    1. I can explain. The vulgar comment written by "Springfield Shagger," aka Martin, was in response to the comment I wrote on Nov. 18. He is the same person I was referring to in that comment. I don't know how he found this thread, most likely he googled himself or Visible, and his comment was intended as a threat to me. He also sent me an even more threatening email.

      Martin and I have a history, in which I invited him to my home because he had nowhere else to go. After a month here, he suddenly packed up and left for no good reason, but you will not hear the honest version of what happened by either him or Visible.

      Martin told Visible about that comment I wrote. Visible then fabricated his own version of the events, which he shared in the comments section of the Dec. 6, 2014 edition of Visible Origami, even mentioning me by name. He described me as being some kind of awful person, saying Martin had to flee for his life. He went on to say I turned my attentions on to him. This could not be more untrue. I wrote him an email expressing concern for my former houseguest. He basically said he did not care about Martin, or that I was concerned. It went downhill from there, in a similar fashion of how it went with you and him. There is no having an adult conversation with him, or Martin either.

      In that same post, he linked to this thread, inviting his readers to come on over and check it out. A few of them did, which would explain Thomas and Kemp commenting here, and others made comments over at his blogs, too. He also spoke badly of me in several of his blog posts, but I was not allowed to defend myself or try to set the record straight.

      One not only has to beware of the "gurus," but of the guru's minions, as well.

    2. Zoner, you said, "...I now know how foolish I was to ever believe I was helping a friend by trying to assist..."

      Yes, and I also know now how foolish I was to ever get involved with any of Visible's minions who I wanted to, and thought would benefit from, my help. They, like Visible, are right where they want to be, unemployed and living off the goodwill of others, then tossing aside their benefactor like a used condom, without showing any gratitude or apology, when things don't go the way they think it should. And, like Visible, they never take any responsibility for their actions, but instead resort to veiled threats, insults, and public censure.

      And they always, always go running back to Visible, their guru, even after he has shown contempt toward them and those who tried to help them.

      Some of us are smart enough to walk away. Others, not so much.

  55. You are right Zoner, people like this serve a valuable function. I never saw Les as enlightened or a guru, even though he always tried to heavily hint that he was; it made me grin. So I was never looking for anyone to follow, and I saw him as a flawed person who had a failed initiation (a kundalini experience that went wrong).
    I've only ever read his site for the comments, as there are some great people there, like Ray B. and Love to Push Those Buttons.
    However, I had no idea just how nasty he is, or what a conman and a liar, until my experiences with him. I hate seeing kindhearted people get duped and/or slandered. If our discussion here helps stop even one person from falling prey to him or sending this ugly character money, then we've done a good service.

  56. Uh, I'm going to disagree with you about Ray B. That boy's writings are straight out of the New Age Bullshit Playbook. I one took Ray to task over some comments of his, and he didn't like it. Started attacking. Immediately, Visible and some regulars started piling on. The clincher for me was this - Ray B. flatly does not believe in chemtrails. All one has to do is look over their head, and apply some simple logic to determine their reality. But, no, the enlightened Ray B. thinks it's all crap. As long as you espouse New Age ideas, Ray B. will remain right there with you. Once you start discussing the truth, he's going to start diminishing you. Visible's blogs are a hangout for intelligence agency hacks. But that doesn't make his blogs any different than those of any other well-know "Truther"...they are all on the same team, or they wouldn't be well-known. Once you can wrap your mind around that, you'll have basically zero desire to seek out any sort of "guru".

  57. Visible's allegedly packing to leave for Hawaii. I'll lay odds that he's back with Susanne within three months max (or, he never leaves Europe, part of the same wager). The over/under is 3 here, for you betting types. I'm convinced he suffers from Small Penis Syndrome, so I'm going to quite seriously offer him the suggestion that he run another Fake Injury Scam (this time he can pretend he fell down and hurt his head), and then he can use the PayPal proceeds to get a dick implant...

  58. ***Wanted to point something out, for anybody reading this entire comment thread. "Springfield Shagger", as mentioned by the anonymous poster of December 13, 2014 at 12:45 PM (an anonymous poster whom I personally know is someone who has intimate knowledge of that person), has been identified beyond a doubt as "Martin". And guess what name "Martin" also goes by, over at Visible's blogs...why, that would be Sim, yes, the same Sim who is Visible's webmaster (and who is also, apparently, based on the threats he posted above, his pet Simian, er, attack poodle).

    1. yeah, i realized that..

      I don't understand the whole Sim story..

      He was the guy who had to run from Visible's place because Visible freaked him out? He left the house without his own stuff, and now he is his webmaster again??

    2. seems like running away is his mo.

  59. Sim, aka Martin, now calls himself the 3rd Elf. He never stopped being Visible's webmaster. He must be as messed up as Visible is. Birds of a feather...

  60. So basically, it all boils down to this. Visible has been challenged, numerous times, to prove his alleged hip injury. Not only by a scant few "trolls" who come over here, but at his own blogs as well. We don't know what the numbers are there, but they have to be considerable. And he hasn't uttered a fucking syllable. In the past, whenever he's been "attacked" (or "slandered", as he likes to call it), he rants and raves and counter-punches and goes on and on - this happened when he was blasted by the SOTT (Signs of the Times) crew, when he paid them a visit a couple years back, got wasted, insulted everybody, and generally acted like an ass. He sallied forth like Don Fuckin' Quixote and tilted at all the windmills. But not this time. Nope. His entire credibility is not only in question, it has basically been shredded. And still, not a peep from "Prabhu Visible".

    So now he's running away to Hawaii, allegedly. I understand he got some money from the sale of Susanne's house (bet she's mortified he's leaving, heh). He'll piss that away inside of five months, most likely, alienate everybody in or near his new place of residence, and then he'll have yet MORE of the same stories to tell, about how everybody fucked him over and the minions of Satan were lying in wait for him, ready to ambush him, "Oh, POOR ME, POOR ME", etc. Same old story. Can't cut it in the real world, so he has to make excuses for it, ad nauseam, by inventing delusional tales of woe, where he is the incessant victim, dancing in the light, while others are remain in

    FYI, the word "troll" is a very clever device, used by intelligence-connected pointmen, who run "truther sites". The scam works like this. If somebody disagrees with the party line (i.e, they start telling the truth), the pointman in question, and his followers, call him a troll. "Hey, troll, stop trolling!" A troll is someone who questions the party line. You will notice that most of these online truth gurus are fine and dandy with whatever you might have to say, so long as it adheres to the party line. And they are universally all about freedom - freedom of oppression, freedom of thought, and freedom of expression. That is, until you disagree with them. Then you're a troll.

    If you ever stumble across a truther forum where that doesn' happen, please let me know. That would be the first forum of its kind. If everybody at an online venue were indeed after the truth, nobody would care what you had to say. The same thing applies in real life. Let's say you know something that very few people know, about what is going on in the world. And you make a statement about it, even though it sounds crazy. Well, if a person is truly open-minded, even if they didn't agree with it, they would say something like, "I don't agree with you, but why do you think that way?" In other words, they would admit they don't know everything, and they want to know more about everything, and they are curious to find out what your evidence is, which backs up your statement. But you almost never find that, not in real life, and not on the Internet.

    Well I hope Vizzy has a wonderful time spreading poisonous lies, fleecing his comrades, sucking the life out of his benefactors, and getting wasted, at his next stop. It seems to be the only thing that gives him real joy - and 'tis the season!

  61. Deconstructing Les Visible (Part 1) -

    I've been a follower of Les Visible's work for several years now. I initially found his writing style to be intriguing, but I could see very quickly that his overall take on "conspiracies" was slanted, and he was a likely pointman/shill for the Masons and the various other secret societies that, when woven together, make up the crazy quilt that is the New World Order. But he seemed to be sincere and he demonstrated what appeared to be courage, and his writing had heart, so I stuck around and kept reading. Occasionally I would make posts.

    My first test regarding the authenticity of Les Visible centered around Jeff Rense and Michael Rivero, two fairly well known Internet "gurus" who run alleged "truther" boards. Visible had recently begun defending Jeff Rense quite avidly at his blogs, during the latter's infamous "spat" with Henry Makow.

    Both Rivero and Rense link directly to Visible's blogs from their own sites, which sends Visible a lot of Internet traffic. And Internet traffic is the key to the fiancial health of any website.

    Connect the dots, see a larger outline -

    Jeff Rense's dad was CIA, all the way. This is a matter of public record. His father was Arthur C. Rense. He was the former "public relations director" for Douglas Aircraft, now known as McDonnell-Douglas Corp., one of the largest defense contractors in the world. He also served as the public relations director for Summa Corp., owned by Howard Hughes. Hughes' ties to the CIA are legendary - Summa Corp. actually built "spy submarines" for the CIA at one point, all documented in various MSM publications.

    So I pointed all this out to Visible. My angle was, maybe Visible didn't know? I gave him the benefit of the doubt. To his credit, Visible posted my information. But then he blasted me. How dare I besmirch his good friend Jeff Rense, etc. He said that my information was all lies - he didn't bother to research it (or so it appeared), he just blasted away.

    In the information I sent him, I also pointed out that Michael Rivero was not as he seemed to be. A few weeks afterward, I posted a link to Dave McGowan's hilariously revealing expose on the Apollo moon-landing scam, "Wagging the Moondoggie". And it became a hit at Visible's blogs. Many people had their eyes opened about that issue as a result.

    I made that post for a couple of reasons. The first was to open people's eyes about the "moon landing" scam; the second had to do with outing Michael Rivero. Rivero, you see, had once worked for NASA. Working for NASA is like working for the mafia or being a Freemason - you never quit. And Rivero is well known for bashing everybody and anybody who suggests that the Apollo moon landings were anything but on the level.

    In my initial post to Visible which dealt with Rense and Rivero, I pointed all of this out. Rivero, like Visible, touts the "All Jews, All the Time" party line. Rivero is half-jewish. His first wife was an Ashkenazi Jew (notice the name, Ashke-Nazi?).

    Visible didn't blink at any of this, he ranted and railed and defended his good friends (who are obviously both agents). No problem. Turn the page.

    After a while, I thought I would test him again. "Question everything." (Sound wisdom, that...)

  62. Deconstructing Les Visible (Part 2) -

    Visible periodically asks for information from his readers, that will disprove his "All Jews, All the Time" stance. I began to post information on his blogs that spelled it all out for him. My family has been involved with both the Freemasons and the Knights Templar for centuries. Because of this, and based on in-depth research I have done on the matter over the years, I have a pretty clear perspective on the larger picture. Visible would not post any of this information I sent him. And yet, he would continue to ask his readers, whenever he was challenged about the validity of this Tribal Conspiracy notion of his, that they provide names, data, hard evidence, anything factual that might refute it. And I kept sending him even more information - and he continued to ignore it and not post it.

    He would make excuses at key moments, claiming his email had been messed with by the "Zio-Ogres", as he calls them, whenever I would send him something particularly juicy and in-depth, which spelled the whole thing out. No matter how often I sent him this material - at his request, nonetheless - he would not post any of it. And he would continue to bleat about how his audience NEVER sent him anything, that provided any evidence of a wider conspiracy that extended beyond the periphery of the Jewish Border.

    Obviously, at that point, the jig was up. But there was much more to come, which I feel is relevant, so I will offer a bit more information to provide an even broader view.

    I began to make posts in which I admonished him for his obviously selective board postings. He would never post these admonishments of mine, but he would make comments about them in his blogs, occasionally. He would reference what I had sent him, but would not put my actual post on his board. And he would say things like, "I've had it with you Hasbara Boy", and ramble on and on and tell me I was done, etc. But I kept hammering him. I pointed out that his practice of selective posting was the same as burning books. Which of course it is. He acted insulted and flew into a rage and made comments on his board directed at what I had sent him - without posting my original post. And still, I kept hammering him - here and there. I picked my spots. And I kept it up.

    Finally, I told him it would be much easier for his flock to swill the Kool-Aid he was peddling about the Jews and "Mr. Apocalypse", if he displayed a more level hand, and didn't admonish others for speaking freely. I suggeted that he post everything sent to him, not slam anybody for their views, and let the chips fall where they may. He acknowledged this advice of mine (although he didn't post what I had written, once again), saying he had been "sucker-punched" recently in a way that affected him - and lo and behold, he appeared to turn a signficant corner and he actually started to post a lot of things that began to hint at the broader conspiracy for which he had requested evidence, as well as other things that didn't adhere to the particular brand of Kool-Aid he was peddling - for a while anyway. (I also noticed that he began to write about how posting information that he didn't agree with was the way to go, and that admonishing others for their views was a waste of time. Wow, I thought to myself. This guy is really starting to become the real deal...that was short-lived, however.)

  63. Deconstructing Les Visible (Part 3) -

    Suddenly he flip-flopped with a vengeance. He reverted to form and started to blast anybody who disagreed with his notions about the "All Jews, All the Time" party line. It was kind of amazing to me, to read a post of his, wherein he appeared to be this tolerant, all-knowing, calm and benevolent guru. And then, within a matter of a few board posts, or a few hours, he would explode and display behavior that ran exactly contrary to what he had proclaimed only hours before. It was as if he were building this giant canvas of posts, which, had anyone bothered to read them in depth - so as to catch a glimpse of his true character - would point out in on uncertain terms that he was a split personality, at best. (Or a lying, two-faced, hypocrite - or much worse.)

    The whole thing came to a head a few days later. I had grown tired of Visible's chicanery, and had also spotted a couple of agents at his board, who were regular posters. I outed both of these people. I won't go into the specifics, but I dangled some bait for them and they swallowed in whole. They responded to a couple of posts of mine in ways which basically proved they were shills, based on another post I had made earlier which explained to the unaware regarding how they could spot agency shills who were working as "do-gooders".

    Some of Visible's regulars began to notice this - that I had indeed outed these people. Visible blasted me, as per his usual thing, but the trap I laid was solid. Some of his regulars began to post that they saw exactly what I had been saying (that these two I had noted, were obvious shills - as well as others who had visited in the past). The high-handed hypocrisy was now evident for all to see; for some reason, Visible posted all of these things - for a while, anyway.

    During the course of this melodrama, I wrote Visible and told him that Google was owned and operated by the NSA, lock, stock and barrel - as was its evil little sister, Blogger (where Visible posts his pro-Masonic/anti-Jew screeds). I also pointed out that nothing gets into Google's search engine, nor does it appear at Blogger, without the NSA's approval. I have worked in the search engine field for many years, and have a background in algorithmic math. I make my living by designing sites that rank high in Google and other search engines. I have intimate familiarity with how Google works. I know intelligence agents who are familiar with Google/NSA's game. In short, I knew things Visible didn't - and then he proceeded to put his foot in it. He didn't publish that particular post of mine, but he did post his own comment about it, and said that what I had told him was a lie. And that he was going to go through the thread and remove my posts because he was done dealing with me. So he went back and took the posts out that outed the two board agents I had fingered, and he also deleted the posts of other readers of his, which had backed up what I had noted about the posters being shills. (He basically went back and "burned books" - he deleted much of the evidence in the threads that pointed out something he didn't wish to be seen. But it was too late. He had made the mistake of preaching "All views are welcome here", and "We should be tolerant of others' views" - and then he backtracked on all that, exposed himself as a hypocrite, and burned all the books...)

  64. Deconstructing Les Visible (Part 4) -

    I don't think you can lump Visible into any specific category of shill-meister. He has obvious Masonic leanings. He outright worships Manly P. Hall (33rd Degree Masonic historian). His name - Les Visible - refers to arcanum arcanorum (that which is not visible; a tenet of Masonic dogma regarding the unseen realm - Google it for details). I do not think Les Visible is a Mason, however. I think he would greatly like to be a Mason, and definitely admires them, but he doesn't have the bloodline (or the necessary level-headedness) to gain membership. I could be wrong about this - maybe he is a Mason. But I don't think so.

    Given his background - his father was in the military and he allegedly beat young Visible mercilessly; Visible was allegedly in an asylum for the criminally insane (at least once); Visible has some alleged "invisible friends" with whom he interacts. He claims to traverse the fields with Ganesha, and other "deities". He had mysterious people who showed up and "came to his rescue" at key moments during his incarceration, and during other brushes with the law. He allegedly was the only person in the history of Hawaiian jurisprudence who "proved" to the satisfaction of the court that he had been framed on drug charges (for which he was facing life in prison). As anybody knows, the courts are owned by Masons and nothing happens by accident. He was let go - pure and simple. And this all smacks of MILAB in a large way. He has the perfect footprint for being a mind-control victim, which I believe he is. His inability to realize that he contradicts himself over and over at his blogs is really quite telling. I think he's a mind-controlled individual, and he is allowed to spew his "All Jews, All the Time" horse twaddle, because it serves as a limited hangout (an agency technique of revealing a small part of a very broad conspiracy, so as to keep the largest parts hidden).

    1. Thank you for writing this, and I agree. Mental hospitals have (still are unfortunately) been notorious for their abuses of patients, abuses that include mind control programming conducted at the behest of certain govt agencies like CIA. This is a matter of public record for anyone who cares to do the research - Ewen Cameron, etc.

      When I first read of Les Visible's institutionalization, this along with his seemingly bi-polar, completely bizarre irrational Twilight Zone behavior at his blogs, I began to wonder what if anything was done to him during his incarceration. Back then - and even now to a certain degree -, if you acted like he does, they (the mental wards) didn't just give you a slap on the wrist. They gave you ice baths, electroshock's, etc. Of course his account of his stay is a very mild one and most likely a total lie or not the whole truth, but then the only person we can't hide the truth from is ourselves.

      I also began to wonder about his constant railing against Zionist's and Israel. While they're by no means innocent, putting all the onus on them still misses the mark given what I know about Freemasons and many other so-called (open) secret societies he makes no criticism of. Then it occurred to me that his true purpose is to throw a Red Herring around to keep people on the wrong track... I don't know whether he's been brainwashed or what but whatever the case, I think he's sadly too far gone as a human being and comes across as someone who clearly has no conscience, and is therefore best steered clear of.

      @ ZONER: You're very right that we're better off moving beyond finger pointing and/or blaming. We do ourselves a disservice by giving two bit charlatans undue attention - though behavior from people of his ilk must always be called out! I personally find open forums like these very empowering and I thank you for leaving your blog open. :)

    2. Reading your last paragraph again, I almost feel sorry for Les Visible, however, remorseless creatures who've used and hurt countless people - even if their naivete did cloud their judgement resulting in their being victimized - extinguishes any possible sympathy I could muster. I cannot feel sorry for a predator, and an agency tool for the

    3. an agency tool for the NWO...

  65. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. So sorry that this has happened to you. I really don't know what remains to be said about this whole situation but will leave the comment section open so others may at least have an opportunity to see another perspective of Les Visible and his minions should the need arise.

      I wish to express my gratitude again for the "Watchers" who came to my aid in the past and for the lessons that have been laid at my feet over these events. Les will keep doing what he does, and the rest of us can hopefully move beyond the need to point fingers and find comfort in wearing the badge that says "persecuted" or "victim".

      As many of you posting here are doing so as "Anonymous", I can't respond in a personal fashion so allow me to just give a general "Thank You" to any visiting here and contributing, and especially to those who offer words that may help future recipients of Visible's coarse treatment see that they were simply taken in by a very conflicted and false person who seems to have no issue with embracing his darker side and damaging those around him.

      Best wishes to All and may we move beyond this false separation and just merge into our true nature with grace and Love.

  66. Hey, I fell down and ruptured my spleen recently while praying for Kali Yuga to hurry the hell up. You can PayPal me some cash at'll put in a few good words for you with the man upstairs. I know him personally. He visits me while I'm smoking crack and huffing paint. "I am a guru, I am a guru, I am a guru. Pass that meth pipe, bitches...let's get this party started."

  67. Rush over to Paypal and send a big greasy wad of much-needed cash to Sim the 3rd Elf, too. He's only days away from being homeless, once again through no fault of his own. And remember, it's a LOAN...

  68. Have you ever noticed this phenonemon (I have). Somebody will piss Visible off in a comment they make at his blogs, and he will rant and rave at them in another comment. Well, here's something that's extremely odd. Immediately after that happens, you will usually see a whole flock of "regulars" (wink, wink) who suddenly come out of nowhere and defend Visible within minutes - or even seconds. And some of these "regulars" hail from different continents, allegedly. Heh.

    So, what this means, is, if they truly are "regulars", and not merely contrived, made-up screen personas (utliized by Visible and/or someone in his employ), then the timing of the responses would be much more varied. And what this implies, mathematically, is, for this to be true, every one of these people has to be sitting there, on different continents no less, staring at his every word, 24 hours a day, ready to pounce. And that's impossible, of course. (And this is simple math here, and it can easily be utilized to see through simpletons like LV.)

    The other thing that's odd, is Visible always claims that everybody is jealous of him. Jealous of what, exactly? That he can't cut it in the real world? That he makes a living by sponging off of people, and scamming them? That he sounds like a croaking bullfrog in those songs of his? That he looks like an aged, addled greyhound with AIDS on two legs? Sheesh. I might have a few feelings about Visible, but envy isn't one of them. And I can't imagine anybody else being jealous of him, either. I mean, I pity the guy. But I think that is the exact polar opposite of envying him. Other than that, a strong dislike would be the only other sentiment of note. Pity and a strong dislike.

    One other thing - Visible frequently cites "The Lord of the Rings". J.R.R. Tokien was a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn (and most likely a Freemason by implication). If you look at the illustrations in his books, and the CGI in the movies (Computer Generated Imagery), you'll see some crazy parallels to Freemasonry. For example, if you look at the Door of Durin (outside the Mines of Moria), it's nearly a spot-on dead-ringer for the Masonic Royal Arch.

    I'm sure this is a just a coincidence, and it couldn't be that the entire "Lord of the Rings" trilogy was simply more New Age Kool-Aid, designed to make the avid fan perennially wait for some White Knight to come save him, who never shows up. (Kinda like Mr. Apocalypse, and Jesus - and every other major religious icon known to man, as well - and the "good aliens" from various New Age Space Invaders books; and that all-purpose, extremely effective, guilt-trip-inspiring old chestnut, "karma", which Visible also loves to toss around - along with "Kali Yuga".)

    See a pattern developing there? All of these different, seemingly unconnected modes of religion and New Age dogma, all winding up rendering the believer ineffectual, as he sits on his hands and waits for the good guys to show up - while the bad guys who actually run the show, and have done so for centuries (and deliberately created all the New Age bullshit and popular religions for this exact purpose), continue to rape him and steal his lunch?

    If so, pass "Go" and collect $200.

    If not, keep clinging to those New Age beliefs and wind up in a cage working for Nike - or worse.

  69. Hey, what's up? Posted the same comment twice here, about Visible, and both times it showed up for about a minute, then it disappeared. Is this thread closed?

    1. It must still be open if you were able to post this. Why not try again?

  70. Part 1 -

    In his most-recent offering at Reflections in a Petri Dish - - Visible dishes out a wondrously uplifting message, probably due to his recent change of scenery. And that's not unusual, the guy is up and down like a bipolar yo-yo.

    But take a hard look at this particular passage from the above-linked post of Visible's - "Om Raksha, Raksha Phat! Or... in English; “Out Demons out!” more or less (grin)."

    Now scroll down quickly through the comments section, and you'll see a comment from "Thomas" (at least right now you will, this particular comment might get deleted at some point, if Visible or one of his lapdogs comes over here and sees this, but that's okay, I have a screen shot of it), and I have to venture a guess that this "Thomas" is the very same "Thomas" who made a post in this very thread I am contributing to now, at Zoner's. In that post, Thomas claimed that he visited Visible in the hospital. Mm-hmm. Sure he did.

    Anyway, "Thomas's" post at the above link of Visible's, can be found at Thursday, January 01, 2015 10:23:00 PM in the comments at the above link. Read through it.

    Amazingly similar to Visible's message in his original post, is it not??? What a coincidence!!! Why, it even has this message - "Praise the Creator, Our Source, Foundation and Protector!" Hmm. Gives one pause.

    Now, let's really bring the hammer down - pay very close attention to "Thomas's" writing style in that comment at Visible's...Thomas uses...I'm doing this on purpose...for purposes of demonstration, obviously...that wondrous writer's gadget...the ellipsis (...)

  71. Part 2 -

    Now, it's very interesting HOW he uses it, because Visible always puts a space after his ellipses (plural of ellipsis)... like this. He always adds an extra space... like this. And he does this instead of not putting a space after it, which is a much-more common way to use this. (It's also the stylistically correct way to use it; although, technically, it should be done like this . . . instead of like this...but we're splitting hairs here. Let's get to the point.

    Not many people do it this way... nope. Most people do it this way...yep.

    But lo and behold, Thomas does that exact same thing in his comment, he puts that same space right after the, the two of them must be brothers from a different mother!

    It's very clear to anybody who has taken the time to read through this entire thread of comments, and the original poster's article, that Visible's motto is, "If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie, again." He just won't shut up. He just won't quit lying.

    What's that line from Shakespeare, "O the tangled web we weave... when first we practice to deceive." (Sorry, I put an unneeded space after the ellipsis there, I guess it's contagious.)

    "You may think you are the baddest tadpole in the sea - but there are sharks out there." - Anonymous

    1. Having a slow day today?

  72. Let's follow the bouncing ball here...I made a post a couple of days ago, wherein I pointed out "Thomas's" eerily similar writing style, to Les Visible's, wherein he used an ellipsis with wild abandon... complete with an extra space after the last dot. This is a literary device that is uncommon, as most people use an ellipsis without the extra space. The point being, the de facto math is screaming here that "Thomas" is Les Visible.

    So today, over at LV's "Visible Origami", I espied a comment from good ole "Thomas" once again, and, even though the post was long, and rambling, as per his usual thing, lo and behold, there wasn't a single ellipsis to be found in that entire comment.

    Looks like "Thomas" decided to stop using an ellipsis all of a sudden.

    You can check it out at the following link (look for "Thomas's" comment, without a single ellipsis to be found, on Thursday, January 08, 2015 9:28:00 PM) -

    If you will notice, either Visible or Martin (aka Sim, aka Visible's pet poodle), made a snide comment, up above, in this thread, on January 7, 2015 at 9:49 AM, wherein that particular individual wrote, "Having a slow day today?" Aside from the obvious irony that anybody who checks out this thread on a periodic basis, because they don't like what is being posted here, has to be having the slowest year in recorded human history, it's pretty easy to piece this all together.

    Visible and Sim check out this site frequently, and it galls them that they can't censor these comments; it galls them that they are not what they claim to be, and that people are finding this out, and there is nothing they can do about it.

    And Visible is now altering the writing style of one of his alter personalities, "Thomas", in a feeble attempt at erasing the telltale signs of his duplicity...

  73. Part 1 - Les Visible: Slaving for the Dark Side?

    The Les-Visible-as-mind-controlled-slave theory that I proposed earlier, is rapidly coming to into focus, not to mention becoming more and more likely...

    Ray B., who is one of Visble's "regulars", and a bona fide, New Age, board shill (witting or unwitting, paid or unpaid), recently posted something at Visible's blogs wherein he suggested that George Lucas might have been blackmailed into selling the rights to the "Star Wars" franchise, by Disney. (The implication being, as a shill like Ray would have no trouble suggesting, George Lucas is a really good guy.)

    For those of you who don't know it already, George Lucas has been fingered as a mind-controlled slave handler and programmer. He has documented ties to both NASA, and the NSA. And "Star Wars" is a mind-control triggering and programming film, just like "The Wizard of Oz", and countless other movies. That's why so many people watch "Star Wars" over and over, and can't quite figure out why they do it - "I just love it," most of them will say, as they drool and stare at the screen with wide-open eyes. Same for "Star Trek" (both the TV series, and the movie series).

    Many people are caught up in this seeminly innocuous obsession; each of them has their own pet movies or TV shows, and they will watch them again and again and again. There are subliminal messages embedded in these films and TV programs (interesting that they call them TV "programs", eh, just a coincidence, I'm quite sure), which program people to believe specific things, while triggering them to do specific things.

    They've got this shit down to science, and they have had it down, and have been tweaking and improving their techniques, for many, many years now.

    I had two girlfriends who were mind-controlled slaves, and each of them had their own cache of movies that they would watch over and over and over and over again, to the point where I suggested that they go make a sandwich, or jog around the block, or read a book, or give me a B.J., or do SOMETHING else, ANYTHING else at all (just step away from the damned TV, for crissakes)...

  74. Part 2 - Les Visible: Slaving for the Dark Side?

    The first girlfriend watched "Kalifornia", "Pretty in Pink", "Point of No Return" (mind-controlled slave Bridget Fonda plays a mind-controlled hitman, er, hitwoman, in this film) and several others, over and over again.

    The second girlfriend watched "The Cowboy Way", "Pure Country", "When a Man Loves a Woman" (about an alcoholic woman who is married to a way-too-patient guy; this film triggers slaves with alcoholic personalities to go and get drunk and lose control and fuck up the lives of those they deliberately got involved with for just that purpose), and many other movies, over and over and over to the point where I started to realize that something wasn't right about the whole situation...

    Now, I find it beyond interesting (and beyond coincidental) that one of my exes watched "Pure Country" over and over and over again. And she was a mind-controlled slave.

    Because Les Visible himself, has stated in his very own blogs, that he watches "Pure Country" over and over and over again, periodically.

    In fact, he commented at his very own blogs once, while he was experiencing a meltdown during his trip to India, that he was in the process of doing just that...

    Here is Visible's direct quote: "I know I am really in trouble when I watch 'Pure Country' over and over. So I'm going home now. My detractors who sent me all that evil shit in emails; have fun with your temporary bat wings, that's not my shit, that's yours."

    And here's the exact Smoking Mirrors post, and the comment I cited, in Visible's own hand, no less (scroll down about one-eighth of the way through the comments, and look for the Monday, February 11, 2013 3:35:00 PM comment, made by Les Visible himself) -

    Looks like we now have a smoking gun over at Smoking Mirrors, eh...

  75. Part 3 - Les Visible: Slaving for the Dark Side?

    A.P. (Amadeo Pietro) Giannini, who was the founder of the Bank of Italy, which eventually morphed into the Bank of America, financed Walt Disney back when he was just getting started in the mindfucking business (I mean, in the movie business). Giannini once stated the following (and I'm paraphrasing here), "With this medium, we can now control exactly what people think."

    (This quote has been scrubbed from the Internet recently, so far as I can tell, but a couple of months back it was readily Googleable. For those of you who are galactically unaware, the search engines routinely scrub anything they don't want people to see. What that means, is, if they don't want you to gain access to information, you won't gain access to it. If they don't want you to find a particular website, you won't find it. And if all else fails, the agencies behind the search engines will rip the website in question down, and "disappear it", sometimes along with its owner. Ponder the implications there at your leisure...)

    Giannini was dead right about that prophetic statement of his. (You will notice that Giannini is not an Israeli; wink-wink, neither is virtually any major player in most of the top five or six mega-corporations which own 90-plus percent of the planet.) Hollywood films are used to shape exactly what we believe, and exactly what we disbelieve. Truth is contained within those films, dressed up as fiction, for purposes of brainwashing the unwitting viewer.

    For example - let's stick with the "Star Wars" theme here - whenever a person encounters someone in real life who utters phrases like, "The Dark Side", most people who have seen "Star Wars", will disbelieve anything else that person has to say from that point on.

    Sure, the Dark Side is real, but since it's introduced in a "fictional" film like "Star Wars", the casual observer thinks the entire concept is totally fictional. Thus, the person in question who utters the phrase in a real-life context, is considered crazy. (Hollywood also gave us, "Tales from the Darkside", back in the 1980's...)

    In the movie, "Conspiracy Theory", starring Mel Gibson, there are countless examples of this. Gibson plays a mind-controlled assassin in the film. ("Hey! Bridget Fonda played one in 'Point of No Return', and Mel played one in 'Conpiracy Theory', not to mention Denzel Washington in 'The Manchurian Candidate'! - and all three of those movies were fictional, so the entire concept can't be true, there's no such thing as mind-controlled assassins!", the viewer is programmed to think.)

    In one scene in the film, Gibson's character witnesses black helicopters flying above a building in a dowtown area, and paramilitary dudes dressed in black camo garb, drop down out of them on ropes, and start rappelling down the side of the structure. He also discusses the concept of black helicopters in the opening sequence of the film, during a ranting, raving, "insane-sounding" monologue about his own personal pet conspiracy theories.

  76. Part 4 - Les Visible: Slaving for the Dark Side?

    The black helicopter phenomenon actually happens in real life, as anybody who is either a true activist, or has stepped on the wrong toes too many times, already knows, but since these particular black helicopters appeared in a "fictional" film, anybody who watches that film, who is fast asleep to begin with, will automatically discount what a person has to say, about any subject at all, if the person in question says that they have been followed by black, unmarked helicopters.

    It's a tried-and-true, surefire technique to padlock a person's brain. And "Conspiracy Theory" is a wickedly fine example of the broad utilization of this technique - on steroids yet.

    Listen to Gibson's monologue in the beginning of the film, where he is frothing at the mouth about all kinds of conspiracies - many of which is true - and you can see very clearly how the true architects behind these films, mindfuck moviegoers into discounting whatever they want them to discount, while simultaneously coercing them into believing whatever they want them to believe.

    As mentioned above, I postulated earlier in this thread (more than once, and I did it for a reason), that Les Visible was most likely a mind-controlled slave. And I'm not the only person who has offered this supposition. LV's background strongly suggests that he is a likely candidate for "The Program".

    And since he watches "Pure Country", over and over again, a movie that is known to be a programming and triggering film, well, the prospect that Prabhu Visible is existing at a higher spiritual plane, while he trips the light fantastic with his invisible friends, free and clear from any and all "temporal" controls, is getting less likely with each and every passing second...

    "Each decision you make could be your last. If you mistake a tiger for a housecat, and you pull the tiger's tail long enough, the tiger will eventually bite your face off." - Anonymous


      This has been postulated before. Don't know that any "answer" was ever received however.

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. And then there's this...

    Take note of the comments section.

  79. And this...

    In one of the comments, he pretends to be someone named Nick. That wouldn't be the first time he's done that, now, would it?

  80. Interesting reading. A lot of dots connected. churchofnobody's MK theory is well founded. Given Les Visible's history - if anything he's said about his past is to be believed - I don't think the actual truth is far from what's been speculated. Also interesting seeing Cap'n Spadgett defend LV in the comments; this must've been before the India incident - Cap'n Spadgett cut off all contact with LV shortly after that, along with several other readers including Amarynth who'd spent quite of bit of time and money helping that headcase - his then wife Susanne kicked him to the curb too but nothing dodgy happened! Or if it did it's totally the other guys fault because just look at those Indian dudes on Facebook he has to back up his unquestionably accurate version of events.

    Thomas looks like yet another figment of LV's imagination - the writing reeks of that familiar long winded, rambling bs. I strongly suspect he's impersonating some of his long time readers given the obviousness of the writing, but there's no way to verify that since only he can see comments before they're approved. As for his God complex and incessant God talk, I've met many people like that and this quote sums them all up:

    "This people honors me with their lips but their heart is far from me."

    *Cue the likes of Benny Hinn, Sylvia Browne and every other fake phony poseur, publicly claiming to be friends/instruments of God.* They all get outed eventually, so whatever.

  81. Replies
    1. This is only a test. Operators are standing by, eagerly awaiting your post. We do like to share.

  82. It's Israel. Mr. Apocalypse is coming. Kali Yuga is at hand. "Listen to the Masters, children." My ass. On a lighter note, it appears Jeff Rense kicked Visible to the curb, and stopped linking to his work. That's kind of like Joe Stalin giving Adolph Hitler the finger...

  83. So Jeff Rense kicked Visible to the curb and stopped linking to his "work?" Shocking. He isn't the first, and probably won't be the last to do so. More than likely, Visible hasn't revealed the whole story behind this latest development, just as he hasn't revealed the truth behind the events which have occurred in the last year, none of which were Visible's fault, you know.

    Visible has repeatedly shown he has no qualms about kicking anyone who disagrees with him to the curb or under the bus. He can't understand why anyone would be upset and cut him off when he launches an attack on them. Yet he pretends it doesn't bother him when someone does the same to him.

    On behalf of myself and everyone else kicked to the curb in the past, here's my long-finger salute to you, Visible.

  84. Here's the latest load of tripe, from Les Visible, which can be found at -

    "One might think it would be an easy thing to remember the ineffable at the moment of death. What other moment in life could be judged more critical? This brings us back to the subject of angels again. There is an angel whose job it is to distract you from thoughts of the ineffable at that time in your life. Only those who have focused on the ineffable more than on anything else in their life are allowed to maintain it at the point of departure. Don't hassle me about this. Argue the matter with those far more wise and informed than I am. Read about it in the Bhagavad-Gita and other texts that state it unequivocally."

    As usual, Herr Visible is out of his depth, and he points to widely embraced religious texts to back up his bullshit.

    I'd wager a hefty sum that this is the main reason why he turns so many people off. He would do well to stop pontificating from that habitually tenuous position of his, atop a constantly teetering precipice. Because it merely serves to magnify the amplitude of his obvious desperation (as well as his all-around cluelessness)...

    When I was 16 years old, I died, and I had no expectation that I was:

    A) Going to die, or, B) Should focus on the ineffable at the moment I died.

    Despite being unaware of these alleged cardinal rules, the locale where I ended up, at the moment of death, was indescribably wonderful. So much so, that when I came back to life, in the swimming pool where I had drowned, I felt cheated. I wanted to go back desperately, to where I had been, despite being young and strong and extremely happy and having my entire life still ahead of me.

    I've talked to other people, over the years, who have had near-death experiences. And nearly every single one of their described experiences was dead-bang similar to mine (none of which involved seeing a white light, in a tunnel, by the way, which you often read about in various New Age disinfo books).

    So unless a person has crossed over - and I seriously doubt the scribes behind the Bhagavad Gita ever did - a person really has no practical experience on which to base their beliefs. And they can rationalize against this irrefutable fact all they want, as most people with strong beliefs are prone to do, but their fierce convictions have merely overridden their ability to keep their minds open.

    Truth is stranger than fiction. And it is fiercely guarded. And it isn't handed out, en masse, via widely embraced religious works, or highly regarded esoteric works - those works are used exclusively by the men who have run the world for millennia, for purposes of social engineering and top-down social control.

    I was going to send this comment to Visible, but I realized it was pointless. Better to place it here, knowing that he will eventually read it - and swiftly disregard its import.

    Because, after all, Prabhu Visible knows all...he knows all there is to know, within the confines of the head of that pin, on which he constantly dances.

    1. If you're still wasting your time reading up on Visible's "latest loads of tripe," take notice that there are only a dozen or two people who are still hanging around and commenting on his blogs. His sphere of influence has diminished considerably, as is your increasingly tiresome one-upmanship of whatever he writes. You criticize him for being a know-all...look in the mirror, dude.

  85. He got 32000 page views today, close to but not quite his record. Please try harder eh?

    PS d


    1. Oh look! Visible's simian lap-dog has dropped by to tell us how popular Visible is! 32000 page views-wow! Almost a record-breaker! Let's bow down and worship him!

      Let's not forget to give credit where credit is Visible's webmaster Sim, now known as the third elf! Such an upstanding member of society! Contributing to the betterment of the internet and the world! Yes, everyone, try harder, because Sim the third elf says so!

  86. Who said anything about the number of page views? This was about the approximate number of people who still write comments. Who gives a shit about the number of page views and where they are coming from, besides you? Half of those views probably came from you, but do whatever it is you have to do so you don't completely sink into obscurity...

    PS m

    LOL and <3 U2

  87. This was quite weird reading all this. Something like this happened to me in 2012 when I offered to help. It really took me aback but it was handled by private email. I really thought I was to blame. Haven't visited these sites in several years since but it is interesting others had this experience. Caveat facilitator, I suppose...

  88. Part 1 -

    If you are unfamiliar with Les Visible's early days, and some of his brushes with not only the law, but with otherworldly entities, you would do well to read the following archive from Visible Origami, circa January 2005.

    Scroll down to the Part 1 installment in the initial five-part series ("Travelogue"), and then scroll back toward the top of the page to read each part in succession (Part 4 is especially interesting) -

    One thing that immediately struck me upon digesting the five-part piece, was that Visible admittedly spent time at the John Howard Pavilion, located in St. Elizabeth's Hospital, in Washington, D.C.

    Here's an excerpt from one of Visible's own websites (, which a person might find a bit telling, in relation to the notion that Visible might be an MK-Ultra subject -

    "He's been thrown into some awful prisons and jails for extended tours of duty and was held for 16 months at the maximum security, John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane. This is the present location where they are constructing the Homeland Security complex. This was (at the time) one of only two secure Federal facilities, where the truly dangerous and insane were housed. Visible met serial killers, mass murderers and all kinds of fascinating life forms. While he was incarcerated there, some of these very dangerous people were released, only to kill again. Dr. Kunev, who was Visible's physician, declared that Visible was far too dangerous to be released, even though Visible's only crime was to facilitate the purchase of two ounces of pot during a government setup, orchestrated by Scientology, which had declared Visible a suppressive for no good reason, other than simply telling the truth."

    In the above excerpt, from, presumably written in Visible's own hand no less, we see some striking admissions. The John Howard Pavilion housed "serial killers, mass murderers, and all kinds of fascinating life forms". And that is quite telling, given that virtually all of today's serial killers and mass murders have likely been MK-ed, or are simply patsies who have been programmed to take the fall for assassinations (see "Programmed to Kill" by David McGowan, for starters).

    The other thing that struck me as being a blatantly obvious smoking gun, is the fact that none other than John Hinckley Jr., the MK-ed patsy in the shooting of President Ronald Reagan, is STILL housed in the very location where Visible used to hang his hat, at the John Howard Pavilion at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in D.C. -

    But Hinckley is just the tip of the iceberg here - other notable residents who have been housed at the John Howard Pavilion, include none other than Charles J. Guiteau (the alleged assassin of President James Garfield), Richard Lawrence (who attempted to kill Andrew Jackson), and James Swann (an American serial killer nicknamed "The Shotgun Stalker").

  89. Part 2 -

    Take a quick look at some more admissions, in Visible's own hand, regarding exactly how he was released from the John Howard Pavilion at St. Elizabeth's Hospital -

    You will notice that miraculously, some young Harvard lawyer showed up out of the blue, took an interest in Visible's case, and successfully lobbied to have him set free, against all odds. And that's exactly the kind of thing that would happen to an MK-ed individual, if the puppet-masters found him useful in one way or another ("Visible met serial killers, mass murderers and all kinds of fascinating life forms. While he was incarcerated there, some of these very dangerous people were released, only to kill again...").

    You know, like, if he happened to actually be a programmed multiple who might one day help the priestcraft pin all the world's ills on Israel, while he simultaneously programmed his legion of faithful followers to simply sit on their hands and wait around for Kali Yuga and Mr. Apocalypse to show up and settle the score with the bad guys.

    Visible openly admits that this sort of thing has happened to him with startling frequency over the years. Somebody shows up out of the blue and gets him off the hook, for no apparent reason. He attributes it to the work of the Divine, but it's more likely the work of government spooks.

    Another thing that struck me, as I read that five-part "Travelogue" series, was the fact that Visible discussed how he became "incredibly strong" during his stay at the John Howard Pavilion, and spent time kicking the tiles on the wall of his cell "with tremendous force", without ever injuring his feet in the process. This definitely sounds like something that a person who has been MK-ed would have no trouble doing. And it also makes a person wonder if Visible has been useful to his handlers over the years, for tasks that are much darker than merely brainwashing a few online followers...

    If this entire landscape of admissions and facts doesn't scream to the reader that Visible has experienced mind-control programming, well, hell, it just does and there's no denying it.

    And if that isn't the case, for some strange reason, and Les Visible is in reality one of the few people in recent history who was housed at the John Howard Pavilion, who probably wasn't MK-ed, well, it's pretty obvious now that Les Visible has been royally fucked with from the time he was born.

    Hell of a world we live in...

  90. Beware of Les Visible and his familiar.

  91. And now, Les Visible, the bastion of truth, is ranting on about all those lying journalists, and oh, how it must have hurt a number of people! He just couldn't imagine engaging in such a sleaze campaign!

    Since Visible (in his own mind) has never engaged in lies or sleaze campaigns himself, he is justified in heeding the advice of John Wayne, or was it that tribe member, who said, "Never apologize, never explain."

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

    BTW, Tom from Tempe, dropped by to post a comment.
    Let's not forget that, according to Visible and his minions, old Tom is a Satanist, don't 'cha know.

  92. Ah, Thomas! So blinded by your misguided infatuation with Visible that you cannot see the deception, even as he mocks you while you defend him. Maybe it's time we talk again about LV....

  93. This thread feels like a Les Visible High School reunion that never ended. Someone should turn out the lights, for God's sake. Just kidding.

    I'm a member of the Former Friends of Les Visible support group. Les himself probably sees us as Legion, for we are many, and many are the stories we could tell. But I'm not here to rag on Les. I figure being Les is hard enough, so we don't need to pile on this or any other tormented soul. Still, if you must, you must ;-)
    So Ray B, the Duracell Bunny, still mans the gate at Casa Les? Seeing as Ray is probably just a computer algorithm, don't let him get under your skin. I'm the guy who fixed his wagon over chemtrails. Remember, Clarity? I know a lot about Les because I live across the street from someone who knew him from the '60s. But since the world has moved along and me with it, my concerns are focused on a lot of other things more pressing than one burned-out sociopath.

    To my fellow support groupies, I know you are wiser and hope you are well.


    1. Welcome, Mark, to our humble virtual tree-house.

      I feel pretty much the same way about not piling-on, but am endlessly fascinated by the number of different accounts of mis-deeds attributed to one Les Visible have been shared here and in private communications. I learned my lesson. Some have a bit more sting attached to their own experience, so let them share and heal I guess.

      Too damn busy to read any form of internet anything anymore anyway. Not a bad thing, really - just endless bullshit and scams to be found. I'd much rather go outside if I have a free moment and try and chase some Sunshine......



  94. Glad I don't go there much anymore......

  95. I've peeked at the comments a few times during the last couple of years. It was like a tomb.

    Les made a few feeble efforts to, or expressed the desire to establish an alternative lifestyle commune or village or what have you, in Ecuador or elsewhere. It never happened. I ran across an interesting fellow named Michael Tellinger in South Africa, who made some discoveries about the distant past. He later founded the Ubuntu Movement, which has actually brought into being a community, now communities, of people who want to unplug from the rat race and have done so quite successfully. I am not personally involved nor am I endorsing Tellinger or Ubuntu. But I invite you to watch some of his videos. You just might see something you like.


  96. Greetings, Mark! Welcome to the Les Visible reunion, where the fun never ends! You missed out on the last was a doozy, which you may have surmised if you read this entire thread. Our host, the owner of this blog, has been most gracious in allowing us full use of this, his dance floor. It was swell, but the swelling has gone down.

    I left the party, but still check in occasionally to see if any newcomers are wearing properly fitting hats that might need adjusting, or if they need to trade out their hats for helmets...

    So what brings you to this party now, if not to rag on Les? (end sarcasm)

    I re-read the thread about the chemtrails, Ray B's refusal to address it, and most everyone's (including Vis) apathy on how it affected you. I'm so sorry for your loss, and how you were treated by people that should have known better.

  97. You ask why I am joining the party, which seems to have ebbed like they tend to do after too many drinks. Hmmm, well, probably curiosity, but I'm not sure. I was given the link to Zoner's blog by two other Les hangover victims back when the party was just getting rolling, read a few posts, but then life, as it is wont to do, diverted my attention towards various brush fires hither and yon, which I mostly attribute to my two late-teen children, whom I am hoping to guide, through dubious wisdom, to lives which have some meaning in this topsy turvy global funhouse. My latter-day appearance here isn't so much about Leslie Crook as it is about touching bases once again with some of the people who had the good sense to realize that if it quacks, waddles, and floats on a body of water, it is probably a duck. Because the support group is comprised of good people who tripped over something in the road and stubbed their toe, but are nonetheless good people still searching for a place in the sun. Now more than ever, it is game on still, and we are still hanging in there, hoping to turn all the lemons into lemonade and, who knows, live happily ever after? Right here is where Les would insert one of these: ...but I'll just say tee hee and leave it at that.

    You went to a lot of trouble to dig up the Ray B chemtrails thing. Good work and thanks for the sentiments.


  98. Very well, then, welcome to the party, Mark! Since the lights have dimmed in the house, it's a bit difficult to see which of the other guests may still be around. Hopefully, they aren't too busy putting out their own various and sundry brush fires, but rather sitting in the sunshine by the river, right now, drinking lemonade and keeping an eye on the ducks. Perhaps they'll see us waving at them from the deck chairs, and drop by to say hello and welcome you to our own funhouse. I have much respect and admiration for you for wanting to make a better world for your children a priority.

    It was not a lot of trouble to dig up that old thread, actually, but I felt sad reading it again. I was going to end this post by describing the beautiful blue sky with the white puffy clouds above me, but I just looked up again and saw the first trail...

  99. Glad to see this old space being used in a productive fashion still. No need to lock the doors as long as peeps keep coming back I suppose.

    Just be sure to turn off all the equipment and catch that beer light over the drum set too, will ya please?



  100. I tripped on a power cord on my way in so I threw another log in the fireplace. It was almost out. So I'll tend the fire and see who stops by. I brought cocoa and marshmallows.


  101. I see you waving...

    Thanks to Zoner for keeping this place open.

    It was easy to find that old thread - 2:51 you mean a contrail?? haha RayB is so full of shit, i wanted to scream while reading his comments..

    Nice to see you here Mark


  102. Thanks. It's good to be welcome somewhere. So this is where we hang our hats and coats. Special thanks to Zoner. Thanks, Zoner.

    You mean contrails? How many times have we heard that? I ran across some Morgellons stories which have gone mainstream and thought of Ray. I'm refraining from posting links for what we already know about, and don't want to spoil the ambiance here. It's peaceful. There comes a point when you realize you know you've gathered enough puzzle pieces and you're looking at the whole picture, which is necessary, call it step one. But the feeling I have is to move to step two. Because exposing your psyche to fear-based incoming lowers your vibration and that is never good. For me step two is working on myself rather than on everyone else who lags behind from denial, fear, and a stubborn refusal to admit that most of what we believed for many years is bullshit. Only by raising my vibration can I be of service to myself and others, whereas if I stay in fear density, I'm not worth a damn.

    Case in point: My friend Curt is dying of cancer. You would never find Curt in a place like this because he's been so thoroughly mindwashed for so long that in order to wake him up and toss out all the crap that fills his mind, you would need to gut him like a fish and he would not survive. About a year ago I managed to get him on B17 and his cancer went into remission. But then those brush fires I spoke of distracted my from his plight and I didn't notice that he had run out of the supply I had given him and he never bothered to buy more. And so one day he came over and told me he had three months to live. And he was on, big surprise, chemo and radiation. His hair and beard had already fallen out, even his eyebrows. My reaction was fury, sadness, and also a deep sense of knowing that all I could do is watch the final act, which is where we are now. I tried to point him toward cannabis oil but his VA doctors threatened to cancel his insurance if they detected the presence of cannabis in his blood, and along with the added weight of his family which believes that doctors are good and to be trusted, he has fully accepted his own fate. In two weeks Curt's family is sending him to the Highlands to see his ancestral castle for the first and last time. I would prefer they send him to a clinic in Mexico so he wouldn't have to die, but he and his whole family are embracing the inevitable and sending him blindly into the abyss.

    This is but one aspect of the monster which has risen once again in our midst. I didn't need to watch Hellstorm to know it, but I did. So I won't be showing you things you already know. The more of us who can rise above the 24/7 fear broadcast at the energy level, the stronger we become. This war we find ourselves in also takes place in other dimensions. You visit them in your dreams which are more than dreams. You were there, but you don't remember. They are afraid of us remembering because we are that powerful. Good luck, Curt, on your journey. You helped me, more than once, but I can't help you.


  103. I better toss another log in the fireplace. Are there any Nacho Doritos in here?

    One more word about Curt and then I'll drop it. This is going on all over the Western world. I'm no longer sad about Curt. He has, as Jiminy Cricket said, "buttered his bread" and now has to sleep in it. The doctors told him they didn't understand his type of cancer and there was zero chance of survival, but they insist he continue with chemo and radiation. So I asked him, "If they've admitted they can't help you, then why would you continue allowing them to treat you instead of trying something different?" He got angry then. "It's my life. I don't want to think about it anymore, so shut up."

    I think this is what the fear vibration does to our higher faculties such as intuition, creative imagination, integrity, and courage. They are frozen. This is why parents continue sending their children off to war in distant lands. If they would just stop doing that, the matrix would crumble. When you think about how precarious it really is, that it's all built upon illusion, then you see how it can be broken. And that's my point. I'm starting to laugh and it feels great. When I watch Obama speak, or Hillary, or General Whoever, I laugh my ass off. And that's how to change the world.


    1. I agree fully that fear is the thing. That base, reactive thing we must face and, well, accept first, then try and negate as much as possible.

      It its huge business these days keeping folk afraid of anything and everything.
      Tale all forms of media, other than good music or visual art, in very small doses and see it for what it is - entertainment and programming. Especially "The News"........

      Laughter is a fine antidote.

      I just made some fresh salsa but all we have is reduced fat white corn chips. Probably full of horrible oils and such....sorry.

    2. Zoner, check out Garden of Eatin' brand tortilla chips. I tried to link it here, but it's not happening.

      This has been my favorite brand for more than a decade. White corn, blue corn, yellow corn, certified organic and GMO free.

      If you can't find this product in your local markets, try ordering online. If all else fails, let me know, I will send you a couple bags for the next party. They are so worth it!

  104. Yes, thank you, Zoner! Minti, it's nice to see you here, too.

    Mark, I can relate to your story of Curtis. One of my co-workers, Jerry, was diagnosed with prostate cancer a year or two ago. I think they gave him a year or two left to live. By the time they had diagnosed it, the cancer had already spread into his sacrum and sigmoid colon. He had a sigmoid resection, which helped with elimination, but there was no way to remove the cancer from his spine. He went for the chemo and radiation, which, of course the doctors are going to recommend, because they are paid to recommend this course of treatment. His insurance likely would have been cut off had he chosen "alternative" methods of treatment. The doctors would likely be cut off in other ways by the hospital, the insurance companies, and their own colleagues if they supported "alternative" medicine. He was not allowed any time off during his treatment, and is still not allowed to go on disability by our employer, or his insurance and retirement benefits will be cut off. He still slogs in 3 days a week, because he has no choice. He frequently calls in sick; when he does show up, he is tired, pale, and unproductive. Our employer will not hire and/or train anyone to replace him while he is still officially employed there. To add insult to injury, there is resentment by co-workers because he is unable to "carry his weight." The good news is, Jerry has been busy getting his affairs in order. He shuffled his resources and finances to make sure his wife would be taken care of when he does depart from this mortal coil.

    Mark, did you ever ask Curt if he was afraid to die? Or ready to die? Has he gotten his affairs in order? Is going to his ancestral castle in the Highlands something he always wanted to do? If he has accepted his fate, going to the castle might be more meaningful to him than going to Mexico for his final adventure on this planet. I have Scottish roots myself, and there is an ancestral castle on my bucket list to see. If I was told that I have zero chance of surviving, I'm pretty sure I know what my choice would be.

    More later...I must tend to my garden now

  105. Bucket list!! You took the words right out of Curt's mouth! I could send you the email he sent me. He mentioned one of the items on his bucket list was to see the castle. Is that a Scottish term, bucket list? I'd never heard it until he used it, then you.

    I never asked if he was afraid to die, but I'm pretty sure he is. I think that when we face it, fear of the unknown does rear its head. I understand his wanting to do this. It is probably in his DNA. But that is not what has been driving me up the wall; rather, it is that, even now at this late stage, I believe we could pull him back from the brink were he only willing to try. Then again, I have been careful as his friend to not overstep our spiritual bounds. It is not for me to say when he should stop fighting, as only he knows that. I only pushed it so far, right up to the point where he said shut up. I need to respect his spirit. He is getting his affairs in order and a few people are helping to put together an estate sale to help finance the trip. Even that makes me shudder, but he has every right to get his ducks in whatever arrangement he is comfortable with.

    I have two huge lawns to mow. Not a garden, but a jungle. Fortunately, someone in this town is operating a chembuster. They blanket the sky in the morning, but in a few hours the sky is clear. Take that, mofos.


  106. Maybe your castle is his castle. Wouldn't surprise me a bit.


  107. Hey Mark, I don't know if it's a Scottish term, and it's not a term I usually use. Don't share his emails without prior approval, but it would be fun to compare notes with him on our clans!

    I have another friend who will probably die soon. He's likely on the same page as Curt...he could be "saved" if he's willing to try, but he won't give up that which is aggravating his disease...diabetes, with cirrhosis. I watched another friend go through this, without the former. He gave up his daily fifth, but the anger issues still remain. I worry for them both, but it is out of my hands now. I can only wish them well and respect their spirits.

    Meanwhile, be safe when mowing those lawns. Another thing on my bucket list is to put up a few chembusters around the hood.

    I'm out here in the greenhouse. The tomato plants
    look amazing! This is the best springtime ever for the flowers outside, and the honeybees are all here tending them. This is, right now, what make my life worth living!

  108. No, I won't forward his email but here's a link to the castle...

    Honeybees rock


  109. I don't think it's the Highlands. I may have hallucinated that part ;-)


  110. Oh, that castle looks amazing! It doesn't matter if it's in the highlands or would be fun to go exploring and have a picnic there. ;-)

  111. Lady Godiva hung out there


  112. If I went i probably wouldn't come back


  113. I hope she brought good chips and salsa to the party and remembered to put on sunscreen!

  114. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for telling your story about Curtis.
    I can also relate to it. My mother was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago.
    I try to inform her as best as i could but like your friend she got angry at me.
    I had to take a step back.

    (english is not my native language, it’s a bit difficult to express myself. Please ask if you don’t understand what i’m saying :) )

    Nice castle!

    I brought some fresh squeezed lemonade!


  115. Oops..

    Curt not Curtis !


  116. Your English looks pretty good to me. What's your native language, If I may pry? Sorry about your mom. I have a feeling that the cancer cure cat, like chemtrails and Morgellons, sorry Ray, will shortly fully escape the bag they got stuffed in as victim numbers continue to swell. You can fool all of the people for a while but not forever. Hey, maybe that's why so many countries are militarizing. Do you think?

    My point bringing up Curt is the needless suffering and dying of so many at the hands of so few who want the whole world to their piggish selves. And you wonder, when they get to wherever they go when the party's over, if they say, "Damn, I should have listened to Minti."

    Maybe I'll call Curt Curtis and see what happens. He's a little touchy these days, but who can blame him? It's a lousy way to go.

    That's good lemonade. If they decide to GMO the lemon trees I'm gonna not be surprised.


  117. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  118. Yo, could you delete the Part 3 comment above? I posted the first two parts, but they didn't stick. Only the third part stuck...will repost. Gracias.

  119. I may make a video about how to make your own tortilla chips and post it here. I can't be the only person to cut corn tortillas into triangles and then fry them in oil...can I? They are the best and they are crunchier than anything that comes in a bag. It takes about ten minutes but is worth it. Hell, I don't need to make a video. Now you know!

    I was joking about the Nacho Doritos. The taste stays in your mouth for days.


  120. Do we need a new thread? This one might be haunted or tainted or cursed. Just a feeling...


  121. It is what it is, Mark. You'll have to talk to the blog administrator about opening a new thread on his blog (Z-man, you there?)

    This thread is about Visible. Refer back to your first post on May 6, and the following responses, until it turned to lemonade. I agree about not wanting to pile on, and most of us who have been affected have gotten over it and moved on, but Visible continues telling his lies, as well as censoring and viciously attacking anyone who challenges him or disagrees with him. I think it's important to keep this thread open with updates about his behavior, historically and up to the present day, in case anyone comes along in the future and stumbles upon this thread.

    Most of the people who have offered their testimonials farther up the thread don't want to see anyone else hurt by Visible. We watch, and share our stories here.

  122. Anon @ 4:01 and 4:07, I read part 3 before it was removed. I would like to read all three. Please repost.

  123. You certainly have a right to maintain a "watch Les" thread. if you want. Les slapped me around a few times too, but I never attached the gravity to it that others apparently have. To me, he's just one more clown with a blog. Don't let me spoil your fun.


  124. Just tried posting "Google THIS" again. Part 1 stuck (for a minute). So I posted Part 2. It took the place of Part 1 and Part 1 disappeared. So I posted Part 1 again, and it took the place of Part 2 and Part 2 disappeared. I left for a few minutes, came back, and now Part 1 is gone. I will try to post it again in a day or two...

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  126. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hey, Z-man, would you kindly remove this post and the one before it? Thanks.

  127. Visible may be just one more "clown-with-a-blog" to you, Mark. You might feel differently if one of his mentally-ill minions knows where you live, threatens you, and potentially sabotages your livelihood. Visible condones that kind of behavior, and shows no remorse whatsoever. Been over to his blogs lately? Have a look at the bat-shit crazies posting there. Don't let it spoil your fun.

  128. He is a clown with a blog, but as you, whoever you are, have pointed out, he is a dangerous clown, perhaps a Pennywise clown. I stand corrected. You are right. I got off easy. I remember the India disaster. Les went for spiritual enlightenment and fell into a bucket of piss, a repeating pattern. Steve Padgett went to his rescue and Les did his patented Jeckyl and Hyde number. We'll never know the extent of his trauma at what he experienced, but it ran deep, so deep that Steve shut down his blog and our new hangout disappeared. It's one thing to hear about it, another to experience it firsthand. Some people in this gathering have been traumatized, and carry real psychic wounds which can fester for years. This is a support group and as such, it is functioning properly.

    I have a lot more to add, but it is late and I need to get some sleep.


  129. I think that coming here was a mistake, so I'll grab my lemonade and be on my way.

    Good luck

  130. Yep me too..



  131. The following comment is all you need to read to figure out which side of the fence Les Visible is on...and it ain't the good guys' side; this little gem appears before every comment box on his blogs -

    "If you're going to troll or get ad hominem, even if you are going to whine because I stepped on one of your frogs, it is better that you are not anonymous. Anonymous does not have the same right of being heard as someone who stands behind what they say."

    Since when does being anonymous disqualify a person from having the right to be heard?

    Oh, wait a minute, governments everywhere are pushing hard for the Real ID Act, where we will all have to use fingerprints or iris scanners or whatever they deem necessary, to access the Internet.

    So it's really simple now, to know exactly where Visible stands, and for whom he really works. It was right there in black-and-white the whole time.

  132. Mark, please email me ->