Monday, October 7, 2013

Les Visible..... being less than forthright about a situation and I wish to address it here.

I am the one who had offered to proofread his latest work, as I immediately found a few errors after buying a digital copy from him. My initial foray turned into an offer to complete the work - made by me. I had NO IDEA the extent of the correction needed, but since I had offered I attempted to follow through. I was unable to do so for reasons not really important at the moment but anyone reading my prior posts may have a clue. Let's just say it has been a rough stretch for many, many people I know and I was not immune.

During the course of communications, I expressed some reservations about being able to do so in a timely fashion. I SPECIFICALLY said it may be difficult to take it on at this time as a full-time deal and also made him aware that I have had trouble with time management in the past and had let folks down. I was open about my reservations and encouraged him to find additional help.

I also expressed a NEED to complete this task as it was a good test of my ability to follow through for once with an offer to help him. I had volunteered to do this very same task once before for another of his books and failed completely, so none of this should have been too big a shock really. I appreciated the faith shown in me, and am bummed I was unable to correct my failings of the past. My bad. I suck.

The statement that I made an offer to "professionally" complete this task is an absolute fabrication, as I stated in no uncertain terms that I was in no way a professional proofer or editor. This is simply a lie on his part.

I fully admit that I offered to do this, and that my communication was lacking at times, but anyone reading his work lately saw that Les himself was "going through it". Things have been terrifyingly difficult for the past few weeks. It happens. Sometimes we are not ourselves, but hopefully we recover.

I asked for 1 week to complete the job. The statement that I had "chosen not to inform him that I wasn't going to do it" was true in one sense, but as the week was up today, this informing was to be done this morning. I woke to a message asking about progress and told him then of my regret. I should have sent the message last night as I had intended but did not - not that it would have changed anything The return response was not all that kind and suggested ill intent while making no mention of the work I HAD completed.

What isn't mentioned by Les is that I completed fully 1/3 of the task and submitted the finished work upon completion of each chapter. This was done a couple weeks ago. 1/3 completely done to the best of my ability. I don't regret the time spent doing this as I felt I was helping out a friend. I see now no friendship existed - at least of the kind I would wish to maintain.

What is implied in the commentary about this situation is that there is some nefarious purpose behind it all - that I am somehow part of whatever alleged conspiracy that exists that is "out to get him" or mess with his ability to do what he does. Not true in the least. I'm just a flawed person who is adept at promising things I cannot deliver. Ask my wife. Ask my bandmates. I'm a work in progress and have a long way to go. "Under the government's thumb"? Yeah, right. "Out for personal gain"? I asked for NOTHING in return and made it clear I would accept NO compensation for my effort. None has been forthcoming and beyond a "Thanks!!!" upon submission of each completed chapter there has been no further expression of gratitude for what I DID complete, only words that were filled with innuendo and suggestions of evil intent - never explicitly stated but delivered in that classic "Les Visible" style of sideways snark. Cross him or disagree with something sometime and have a taste for yourself.

Finally, this morning, a few exchanges occurred and it was a parting of ways. I'm so very cool with that after this experience. I see an effort by Les to once again portray himself as a victim while neglecting to mention fully the realities of what happened, or at least accept is as an honest failing. But no, this was to be used as further "evidence" of his continued persecution by evildoers. My attempt at a brief comment in the Origami posting to explain my side was never published, and my request to have the link to my blog at his sites has gone unheeded. It takes all of 2 minutes to do so.

There is a pattern in his world where often any discourse is met with attack. I don't feel I have suffered an attack per se, but have witnessed Les placing his "image" above truth, and I cannot abide that. My simple request to remove the link to this blog has gone unheeded so I will put this up while it exists and predict the linking will be severed post haste. I'm so very OK with that. Just watch how quickly it vanishes...........

If any of his readers feel the need to drop by and take a dump on me for whatever perceived transgressions I am responsible for, so be it. I am at the core grateful, however, that any failings of this book can in NO WAY be placed at my feet. I tried, I failed, I disappointed someone who I though was a friend, but truth has been revealed and for that I am grateful.


  1. The problem with living in a world consisting of only heroes and villians is that the real world is a bit more complex. That always happens, and the narrative becomes more important than any compassion, or ability to change, and allow others the same grace.

    1. Yes, when failings make one the "enemy" there is a problem. Thanks for the wise words.

    2. Les Visible is totally losing it. I don't even read his posts any longer, only the comments.

      His "circle" seems to consist of mostly screwballs and ass-kissers these days.

      They contact him privately to whisper that evil is afoot when they spot an innocent comment and then the fun ensues.

      Wow, today was a good day: he made a complete fool of himself and revealed much. It wasn't pretty OR enlightened, but very enlightening.

      Les Visible is simply bat-shit-crazy. A lunatic. A nutbar.

      Case closed, and it was the nutter himself who closed it.

  2. A repeated, simple request for closure by removing the link to this blog at his sites results in responses like this latest:

    "Don't fucking hassle me you acolyte of the darkness. It will come down when some one who can do it takes over for Sim. All your emails go into the dumpster now spawn of Satan. Waw! I wish the darkness would swallow me. Wah I wish I were dead! Uh oh! He saw through me, better go into defensive mode, better get bitter and nasty now cause my ego got offended. Keep on squirming, I see right through you."

    My words were thus:

    "Please remove the links""

    Time to look in the mirror Les Visible.

  3. All I want is closure here. I have no wish for any further conflict in my life, and any suggestion of "nastiness" on my part is fabrication.

    No, I was not accused directly of anything - that is not the way Visible operates when dealing with matters in the closer sphere (personal engagement) if it is to be public. No shortage of nastiness in private communications however. How would one interpret a statement like this, addressing the situation we fund ourselves in:

    "For those of you waiting on the actual publication of my latest book,the enemy has been hard at work attempting to keep it out of publication."

    This can only mean one of 2 thing as applied to the proofing issue - either my troubles are the result of "the enemy" somehow affecting my own state, or that I am that enemy. Yet another example of vague statements with just enough wiggle room to allow for deniability.

    There were no "nasty" emails from me. None. Id share them directly if anyone is in doubt about the truth here. Sure, it makes me look pretty pitiful but I don't care - I am right now. I know the truth here and share it freely with no reservations. The notion that Les Visible needs someone else to come in and delete the links to my blog says it all I think. It is utter bullshit, and I even sent a detailed instruction on how to do it. It takes less that 2 minutes to do so on all 3 of his blogs......

  4. I read where Sim got freaked out. I guess he is gone. The past weeks have been a waste for him. Don't worry, it happens to everyone, eventually.
    I notice the readers come and go. A new one dominates for a while, then disappears. I wonder how many of them are real people.

    1. Hmm, good points. I had never considered the "false personality" angle beyond what is becoming obvious on the part of the main character.

      Katz? Attorney Katz?

      Thanks for dropping in and sharing your perspective.

    2. I have wondered that in the past.

    3. This has now been confirmed as a recent comment by a "reader", not surprisingly critical and asking for elaboration, uses my full name which is not to be found here anywhere. The wording of the fake comment was revealing as well - unmistakably Visible.

    4. he disappears for awhile
      but keeps coming back
      guess he likes the abuse

  5. He's probably keeping your link to his site just to spite you, to deny you the closure you seek. His pattern of attacking those who "challenge" him, be it real or imagined, even among people who were loyal to him, goes way back. It surprises me that he even has the dwindling number of supporters left who still post on his blogs.

    That said, I'm sorry this happened to you. I hope you are able to cease any affiliation with Les Visible as soon as possible.

    1. It would appear that this is all true. I have heard from others with similar stories about the true nature of Les Visible - experiences up-close and personal where one cannot hide behind the veil of a digital false-self. Actions viewed in real-time, where it really counts.

      If this is being done out of spite I feel sorry for this creature. It certainly reveals a pettiness that puts to rest any illusion that he is "working for the Divine", but then gain, we all have failings. Some are just judged more harshly for them.

      Thanks for the kind words and I hope this is resolved soon as well.

    2. And now confirmed by the following;

      "If he would just shut up for a little while I would remove his link but he's not going to dictate to me."

    3. Yes, I saw that, as well as the fake comments unmistakably written by him, not only on his blogs, but over at Olive Farmer's blog, too. What a sad little man.

  6. Yes, it is me. I mentioned that one time, and nobody ever forgot it. I was stupid to share that fact. I didn't know then, what I know now. I was trying to get people to name names.....been after the perps of 911 since the fateful day....lost several friends that day. they like to blame groups and faceless people. I like to arrest criminals and these criminals have gotten away with it...chaps me still. but, now we are in more serious times. this is what I was afraid would happen. we wrote a bigger check than our mouthpiece/leadership could handle. the whole thing is going to come crashing down. maybe then, we can get back to interdependence and localized self sufficiency.

    1. I recalled this mainly due to the flack that resulted from the disclosure - no judgement here, just recalling the odd response to your sharing your choice of profession. I fully agree with all you say here and hope to be part of the return to a true "community" instead of the cutthroat competitive model we have been told is our natural state as humans. The law of nature shows cooperation, not conflict, to be the norm.

      Best of luck to you in your work, Katz, and thanks again for dropping in.

  7. One word - Ketamine does not add value to the human soul. It is not a teacher plant or of ceremonial value. Well posted Z - and thank you for offering something for nothing. If more of us did more often than the world would be a better place.

    1. I have come to see clearly that serving our creator/self is best done through direct actions for others, and have attempted to do so locally. Sitting around banging on a keyboard is NOT the most efficient was to affect change. Being present in other's lives and sharing your love with them seems a more expedient means to help reduce the suffering of our fellows.

      Confronting them with our own "truths" and using their response to being "given" this information as some sort of litmus test is ego-driven and NOT helpful. How often do we see the statement along the lines of "I tried to wake them up, but they are just stupid sheep and deserve what is coming"? More justification for seeing people as "the other" and a tool of division. We're ALL in this together and ALL of us have flaws and weaknesses. Forgiveness and unconditional love, or at least acceptance, is what will bring forth a sustainable model for human survival.

      Thank you for your words, Su. Thank you for everything you have given me without expectation or judgement.

  8. Good morning. Did you see this youtube about the new trend called "Make a Homeless Person Smile"? I thot you would like this one:

    1. I appreciate the actions portrayed in that vid for sure, but had to cringe slightly at the fact that their deeds were being filmed and then made public. Having worked for many years in homeless shelters, one of the most difficult challenges faced by those in that state is the loss of dignity and this seemed a trespass against that notion, but maybe the potential good outweighs my own discomfort here.

      Science shows some amazing things happening within our physical structure when even just witnessing acts of kindness. In that regard the work was likely inspirational and hopefully inspiring. No shortage of souls in need of the direct application of unconditional love and kindness. Thanks for sharing.

    2. These kids are trying to start a trend, all by themselves. I can see your point, as far as privacy is concerned. I doubt they even thot about that. What is cool to me is that it is working, and spreading internationally. That shows you that two poor kids in the city can still make a difference. If we planted fruit and nut trees instead of ornamentals, and crops instead of lawn, and put together alternate power, we could be free.

  9. Hello Visibles own treat me good, I treat you treat me bad, I disappear ....that's all you want to do.... onelove

    1. Just words. The actions don't match however. And yes, that is all I want to do - disappear from this entanglement, but it is still not yet happening.

      Thanks for dropping in.

  10. I attempted another communication today requesting a simple severing of ties in the form of removal of my presence from his blogs, but was again met with hostility and obstinance. The reply was thus:

    "I'm not reading your emails. I told you that and I am a man of my word, unlike yourself. Basically this comes down to you not being in a position to order me around or tell me what to do. Once this penetrates into your slacker mind, perhaps you will be able to pull back on your massively inflated ego which has zero justification for being any size at all. I don't like being pushed around and people who attempt this, like yourself will find me immovable. Do you think I care if you are on my blog roll? I don't think that has crossed my mind once since the day I put you there.

    Anyway, feel free to send all the emails you want and I'll feel free to toss them out. It's your time that's being wasted. You won't waste mine again. Sooner or later you will realize what a prima donna punk you are being and the necessary shame will arrive. I've done nothing to you but you have exposed yourself by your behavior in relation to a minor little incident. How quickly you turned.I definitely would not want a friend like you. I'm embarrassed for you.

    I hope you find your way. Our communication is at an end.


    Well, it is obvious that this is an exercise in futility, trying to convince the great and noble Les Visible to just simply do the right thing. What has emerged on this end is the realization that while it may indeed be a minor thing in the grand scheme, NO thing can be done unless it is the will of Visible and I guess I'm pissing in the wind expecting an adult and honorable resolution.

    So be it. The statement " Do you think I care if you are on my blog roll? I don't think that has crossed my mind once since the day I put you there." further highlights the false nature of what is presented by his online facade. Why put a list entitled "Visible reads" up when the messages and works there are not even worthy of a second thought? Well, it was made clear to me when this action occurred that I was being done a tremendous favor by this happening. I never asked for such a "gift" - ever. How does this benefit me? There is no monetization happening here at my blog. I write for no motive other than as a release of ideas that need expression and if my words resonate with others that is a fine reward, but I'm not doing this to try and change anyone's mind or drum up support for a cause or my pocketbook. I ask for no donations, give no advice, and don't solicit drugs from any readers who happen by here.

    I am seeing a pattern here and it is quite ironic. Statements suggesting that those that would criticize are doing so out of jealousy of his "success" have a familiar ring, as do constant, paranoid rantings about being persecuted. The claims of being somehow a "special friend" of the Divine don't go unnoticed, and certainly the reliance on the charity of others for one's very subsistence bears a striking similarity to an entity which is frequently, nay, DAILY called out as the very core of all evil in this world. It is almost a perfect reflection.

    Being called a "slacker" is pretty funny too, as Les has no idea what occupies my days - only that I didn't complete a task for him free of charge. He has NO FUCKING CLUE what has transpired here, and yet when things didn't go his way had no problem openly mocking my pain.

    Being chastised by Les Visible for having an overblown ego is almost hilarious, considering he just got done Googling himself and wound up pouncing on a blog post made over 2 years ago - then publishing his missive to the blog owner on his very own page to show his "smack down" off like some sort of trophy!

  11. All of this coming from a man who is the perfect model of the eternal teenager, laying about in a stupor railing against the injustices of "the man" while constantly wondering why he hasn't "made it" and only able to find fault in the "other", never the self. "Basically this comes down to you not being in a position to order me around or tell me what to do." sounds like nothing more than a petulant child.

    I speak in general terms here - not in relation to any particular happening or action, but as an observation of a pattern that should have revealed the truth behind the fraud that is "Les Visible". I'm sorry it took so long to "get it", and suppose that all things do in fact happen "for the purpose of demonstration". Live and hopefully learn I guess.

  12. Zoner; I know exactly what you mean 10,40 &10.41 pm.

    My biggest regret is making a donation in the past, helping to enable that type of panhandler lifestyle.

    Silly really as I have a keen interest in Psychology and should know better.

    I was taken in by his stylish use of words initially; but anyone who uses logic and critical analysis, will 'get it' at some point; hence the high turnover of followers.

    I left a couple of comments at Olive Farmer too by the way; I also have no personal axe to grind; just stating an opinion based on repeatable observation.

    The vitriol within his reactions to the slightest criticism at his site, takes my breath away and is most always completely uncalled for.

    Pernicious behaviorism indeed.

  13. The repeated requests being characterized as "nasty emails" and the notion that I have "gone ballistic" - patently false. I'm sure that would suit the narrative of the victim and reinforce the notion of superiority, but I have simply been asking for closure and even use the word "please" in each case. The only vitriol being dished out is readily observable in the direct quotes above.

  14. Wow, posting comments under false names and then responding - I really feel sorry for this man.

    No one would know my full name unless I shared it via email. The use of "that guy" by "Nick" and certain other poorly-disguised wordings does nothing to hide the fact that he is posting as fake readers - to what end I'm not sure, but it isn't hard to guess really.

    We'll see what happens as a result of me choosing to "just shut up for a little while" I guess. "A little while" is undefined here. so I'll let it rest for a few days and hopefully that is enough. I will expect you to keep your end of the bargain however, Visible, being a "man of your word" and all........

    1. I think I warned you of this? He, or "they".
      He keeps the link bc he likes to see what people say about him. He likes to dwell on negative, as well. Also, he may be using this blog to some end.

  15. One disadvantage of having an easily recognizable writing style is that it is. well, easily recognizable........

    'Nuff said.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I would enjoy reading what you have to say, no doubt.....I have figured out quite a bit, already.
      I can only guess at the facts of the matter.
      I have several theories....

    2. I have received and responded to your email. As far as Katz, I have no direct contact beyond the visit here, so that will have to be initiated by him/her (sorry, I don't recall).

      It is revealing, the number of personal accounts I have gotten via email and here. Not at all what I expected and kinda freaky in a way. I just wanted my closure.........

    3. I would also like to hear/read what you have to share, as I have several theories, as well...

  17. Listen there is a page on Facebook called Skeletor love, that is what you get from Les Visible, the guy is lost in a subjectively subjective prison, and probably has to keep up his writing just to stay alive because he's feeding on your souls. Fuck all that.

    1. Thanks for your input and your fine coarse expression. Yeah, fuck all that indeed. I don't do Facebook so that will have to remain a mystery to me, but I have taken a trip through your pages and am intrigued by what is there. I only wish I had the mental processing power to figure out what I'm reading!

      All my best to you.

  18. There is a link on the web, address is below, That, Zoner is Les Visible Love..See it for what it is and move on if it strikes You.

  19. Skeletor is Love

  20. I guess I finally get my closure. Thanks, Visible, for at least honoring your word to me. I'll not soon forget this happening and am grateful for all that has been revealed through the process. You'll not see me or hear from me again - that is a promise.

    Thanks to all of you that commented here, and especially those who contacted me privately to share your own Visible experiences. I feel somewhat foolish and deeply blessed at the same time. Deepest gratitude and Love to All.........

    1. I knew he would remove it, after I stated that he was leaving it there so that he could come here and read what people say about him.
      LOL! So predictable.
      Peace Out.

  21. I believe there are "watchers" keeping an eye out for those who become too entangled in the Visible "trap." They were here for you now, just as they showed up, perhaps a bit too late, earlier this year for someone else who traveled far too see him, and was emotionally devastated by how it all went down.

    Don't feel foolish, look at it as a valuable lesson learned, and consider yourself lucky to have gotten away before more damage was done.

    My deepest gratitude goes to you for having the courage to ask for closure, and for the "watchers," if you are reading this, to show up on Zoner's behalf.

  22. Yup. Watchers .. a wonderful description. All that is left is to disconnect completely. It is necessary.

  23. WOW! I'm a random person in Hawaii and I had been reading Les Visible's blog for less than a year- Seemed interesting.. I also enjoyed the writing style and some of the subject matter.. So yesterday i decided to post a question about the "devil horn" looking hand gesture he's doing in all of his photos. He totally freaked out on me! I was really upset and tried to stand up for myself and explain that i was just curious because a bunch of politicians and creepy people like that do that same gesture and wanted to know what it meant to him, and wow. He got really really nasty. I'm a young woman in Hawaii, and i'm a bit sensitive. I cried he actually scared me! He even said he was going to come to the islands and even said the name of the one i'm on! He accused me of being an agent or something! FREAKY! Well, reading your story has put the issue to rest for me- so THANK YOU! If you wanted to know more about it, feel free to email-

  24. Zoner. Real talk? You went toe to toe with a sociopath, brother. Les Visible so much fits the bill of a sociopathic personality it's astounding.

    I used to read his blogs back when Amarynth was there, so I know how Les Visible is. She and many others left after, from what I recall, they were helping him with various projects using their time, money, etcetera, and Visible true to form screwed them over somehow. Though he maintains he's the victim as usual. He's a con-artist is what he is.

    Compare these two images:

    Les Visible

    Heaven's Gate

    Careful scrutiny of the eyes will almost always reveal what you're dealing with.

    Sociopath's are good charmers, even better actors, and have a penchant for risky choices and situations. Sociopath's are INCAPABLE of friendship or love. They only know how to game, use and manipulate people for their own ends - usually as a sick means of entertainment - because they have no conscience and no remorse. They only care about the game, the thrill. Being expert actors, sociopath's can don any number of guises that can prove difficult for most people to see through. Your experience is typical of nearly everyone who's seen beyond Les Visible's facade, or at least those who've gone public about it.

    If you read this email exchange from 2011 between Rabelais and Les Visible, you'll see that Visible's antics have been going on for many years.


    Apparently some of the commenters there got to see what Les Visible was like first hand when they met him in person. Not sure what people expect from someone who confesses to severe drug abuse, multiple incarcerations and the like. I guess our common sense abandons us sometimes.

    I'm glad you've gone public with your experience. When others see what happened to you this will hopefully save THEM from having to tangle with a sociopath; the creepy wolf in sheep's clothing that is Les Visible.

    On another note, I'm very happy to hear Sim finally wised up and ran. Good.

  25. (For those of you who are unaware, Les Visible allegedly fell off a ladder and broke his hip, on July 2nd, 2014. This supposedly necessitated emergency surgery...)

    I'm not buying into the notion that Les Visible "fell off a ladder and broke his hip". There is way too much conspicuously circumstantial evidence to the contrary. What I do believe, is that he is trolling for PayPal donations. And boosting the demand for his next "novel".

    I realize many of you will jump up and scream at me for writing this; however, I am the kind of person who doesn't open his mouth unless he's 99% sure of what he is talking about.

    Here is why I am making this claim. Claims are cheap, so let's spell it out.

    I recently made several posts at Visible's blogs, over the last few days, for Visible's assistants to post the name and address of the hospital where Visible is allegedly recuperating. It seemed quite odd to me, that the hospital's name and address had not been made public knowledge up to this point. (This seemed beyond odd, as it should to anyone who can think critically, because given a tragic accident like the one Visible allegedly suffered, it would make sense for all of his regular posters, not to mention friends and family, to have READY access to the name of the hospital where he is recuperating, so that they might send flowers, cards, and well-wishes. And I'm sure anybody with a working brain cell will agree with me here.)

    So I figured that Visible would respond to my repeated requests for the hospital's name and address, by making a post wherein he would scream and deride me (his usual modus operandi), and then request that I email him for the information. Well, if you are running a scam, and you are pretending you broke your hip, so you can fleece the sheeple via PayPal donations, that's exactly what you would do. There's no way you would risk being outed, by posting the name of a fictitious hospital, or an actual hospital. You would tell people to email you. That way, you can ignore the emails they send, requesting the information, and nobody knows but yourself and the person who sends the email. None of the evidence makes it to the actual blogs. So it's child's play.

    (Part 2 is next...)

  26. Part 2

    In addition, Visible made a cryptic comment back on July 1st, at Reflections in a Petri Dish, in which he basically hinted that he was depressed and death sounded like a good idea to him. Many of his regulars became concerned at his comments. Some poster (probably Visible himself; he uses several fictitious characters on his own blogs, as anybody knows, if they've spent enough time there), suggested that if anybody lived close to Visible, that they should make an effort to go and see him, because he was obviously in a bad state.

    And then, allegedly, only two days later, he falls from a ladder, breaks his hip, lies on the floor of his attic dwelling for a full day - and then ends up getting hip surgery.

    What a coincidence. What an amazing coincidence, to say the least.

    I'll be glad to eat these words, if I am given full proof that I am wrong. But short of getting the actual name of the hospital (which his assistants refuse to post at this point), so that I might be able to send him a "Get Well" card, which I can then verify has been delivered to him by the hospital staff, I'm not buying it.

    The kicker for me, was, over at Reflections in a Petri Dish, a post made by one of Visible's alleged helpers (who goes by the name, The 3rd Elf, and whom I believe is one of Visible's aliases), was the following - "I hope between us (and we are many) that we can do something to show Vis how much we care."

    That's a direct call for PayPal donations and book purchases. Not flowers, candy, presents, or "Get Well" cards (some of which might be stuffed with cash), which is the normal conduit for such tragic accidents - nope, none of those was requested, and none of those can be sent, because neither Visible nor his "helpers" are supplying the hospital information. (Oh...unless you politely email Visible, and ask him for the name of the hospital. Wink-wink.)

    But you can bet your ass that PayPal donations will be heartily accepted.

    Visible is a gate-keeping shill. Always has been. Always will be. And what I divulged here just proves it.

    If anybody out there cares you to prove me wrong, there is only one way that you can do it. Post the name of the hospital where Les Visible is recuperating. Otherwise, anything you have to say, is just obfuscational white noise.

    And I believe that's checkmate.

  27. Part 3

    FYI, I posted virtually the same comments that I made up above, about Les Visible's latest shenanigans, at an online "truther" forum yesterday (7/8/14), called Kenny's Sideshow.

    "Kenny" (or whoever the actual hack is who runs the forum), allowed the posts to go through and hit the board, although he made the usual admonishing comments about how he couldn't much stock in what I had to say, due to the fact I posted anonymously (versus the "normal" way of posting, using a name like, oh, you know, "Blimpy the Lipless Tuna").

    Lo and behold, this morning, those posts were gone, along with "Kenny's" comment about them - poof. I wonder what happened? Did Visible get ahold of Kenny and ask him to remove them? That's one way it could have come down. Lord knows most of these "truther" blogs and websites are state-sponsored.

    No matter. We have conclusive proof now that Visible is lying, and did NOT get injured during a fall from a ladder.

    At Visible's blogs, there are two comments that prove his is lying about his injury. The first one was made by Anaughty Mouser (one of Visible's aliases), wherein he stated that all was well, Visible was in good spirits in the hospital, and busily working on his new novel. (You can find this post, at least at the moment, at Visible's "Reflections in a Petri Dish", titled, "Gunsights on the OK Per Se", which was originally posted on June 25th, 2014.)

    Now if you scroll down a bit, you will find a second post, updating people on Visible's condition, and in that post, a character who goes by "The 3rd Elf" (quite obviously one of Visible's made up on-screen personas), states that Visible's hands were badly injured in the fall from the ladder. And thus, he will not be able to write for quite a while.

    Hmm. One person who allegedly talked to Visible on the phone said he was working on his new novel (which involves using one's hands, obviously), and the second person said his hands were so badly injured, he couldn't write. That is one major conundrum there, eh?

    If these posts have disappeared, don't worry, I have screen shots of them.

  28. Part 4

    To update you on the critically telling portion of this entire sideshow, the name and address of the hospital where Visible is allegedly holed up is still not available anywhere on Visible's blogs, despite repeated inquiries from numerous site visitors for it to be posted.

    A very cryptic link currently allows you to contact "Susanne" (Visible's alleged wife, or ex-wife, or ex-gf, or current partner in crime) if you want to find out how to talk to Visible, or if you want to find out how to visit him at the hospital. I have no doubt this is a smokescreen, too, and if one actually emails "Susanne" and inquires about the hospital's location, one's email will either disappear into the ether, or will never receive a reply...

    All in all, a very clever - though ultimately half-baked - scam. Visible is obviously writing his new novel, and using the bogus injury as cover, in order to get PayPal donations, Western Union wires (but no cards or flowers, please - no, no - an no visitors, for that matter, at his "hospital") and pump up the sales of his forthcoming epic.

    Read through all of the comments at the Petri Dish entry I mentioned above. Even a kindergartner could figure out pretty quickly that he's lying about his injury, and is frantically (and unsuccessfully) trying to cover his tracks.

    Once a douche, always a douche.

    (Visible's last name was originally "Crook", in case you didn't know that. Heh. Ironic as hell, isn't it.)

    This ends my little investigation into Visible's supposed "hip injury". He didn't fall from a ladder. And anybody who falls for THAT, is probably sending him a fat PayPal donation right about now.

    You have to give the guy credit, though. Love him or hate him, he knows how to work it. And I respect that. If people fall for his B.S., hey, do they not ultimately deserve whatever befalls them as a result?

    - END

  29. Well! This is all very eye opening and discouraging.I have been a long time reader of Les Visible and stumbled in here quite by chance while investigating the alleged ladder accident.Good lesson here for people who feel the need for a guru to follow I guess.Wow.People suck.

  30. It is now July 11th, 2014 - and still, there is no hospital name and address forthcoming over at Visible's blogs. And that information will NEVER be posted, obviously. The guy is a lying snake. Think of all the people he has done injury to, just with this one little lie of his. He has dowagers and frumpy old maids and ex-hippies, who slurp up his tripe at his blogs like it's manna from heaven. They are all, doubtless, very frazzled and upset right now, that their guru was "injured". The guy has no soul. Anybody who pulls a stunt like that, is a gutless, pathetic weasel. I hope people eventually realize that most of the "truther" super stars that one encounters on the Internet, are government-sponsored liars. But that's like hoping that the sun won't come up tomorrow. Visible, when you leave this earth, the world will be a better place. Here's hoping it's soon, you lying, deceitful coward.

  31. Now it's July 14th. Still not a peep over at Visible's blogs about the name of the hospital where he is "rehabbing". And this despite a comment made by one of his alleged assistants (who, quite obviously, is Visible), which intimated that the name of that hospital would be forthcoming pretty soon. Yep. Pretty soon. (Looks at watch.) Still waiting. Yep. Still waiting.

    This case is closed, it's checkmate, Visible is a lying, manipulating, evil weasel. Period.

  32. It's now 7/15/2014 over at Visible's blogs and he just made a new post, titled, "Dancing to that Strange Accordion File Music in the Still of the Night". And he has appeared to have miraculously recovered from his incredibly severe injury and is on the move yet again! He is being deliberately vague about where he is headed, but it sounds like he got enough PayPal donations via the trumped-up sympathy and concern that he deliberately created via his bogus accident, to finance yet another dwelling (after doubtlessly getting wasted, going bipolar, acting like an ass, and pissing off his current benefactor). So, just 13 days after allegedly falling from a ladder, breaking his hip, badly injuring his hands, smashing his face - and receiving a full-blown hip replacement, to boot - he has completely recovered, has packed up his shit, and is moving to a new location! Wow. He must be Super Man. Uh-huh. Sure. The guy is so fucked up he doesn't even recall what he has written (i.e., lied about) in his previous posts. Of course, he has been deliberately vague about where he is going in this most recent post, and what he is doing (in an obvious attempt to make it appear as if he might be heading to "rehab", but he won't specify the whys and the wheres, which is what a halfway decent liar would do in this situation). Ah well. Even crazy people have to eat. Thank goodness most of us don't have to lie and steal to make that happen...over and out.

  33. Now Visible is actively shilling for drugs, asking his readers to send him "pain medication", due to the lack of effective meds he has been receiving while in hospital. I suppose he has received ample coinage via PayPal donations, and the only thing he needs now is usual supply of drugs...

    The following little snippet comes courtesy of "Here in the Kingdom of the Doomed Serfs", which was posted in Smoking Mirrors on July 17, 2014 -

    "Anyway, if you've got something functional laying about in your cabinets somewhere, email me and I will give you the address. In the meantime I am rehabbing to the extent of what my pain threshold permits. I'll be here for 3 weeks."

    He never says where "here" is, although he vaguely notes that it's "near the Czech border". No hospital address is given, of course. Although, you can email him and he'll send it to you - no doubt ONLY if you happen to have some ketamine, morphine or some other powerful narcotics (chortle).

    Do you honestly think that a hospital would allow a patient to receive a package that contains narcotics? Do you honestly think that a hospital would NOT have adequately powerful pain medication on hand?

    Visible made a very interesting comment in this latest post of his. He claims that, "I'm only around ten days out of the operating room and only a couple out of bed, for brief attempts at movement with my Johnny (stroll) Walker and it didn't take much coming and going over these distances to reduce me to a state of mute (and sometimes not so mute) agony."

    Hmm. Let's analyze this statement. He claims that he's only made brief attempts at getting out of bed, and that his only attempts have occurred over the last couple of days. Since he made this comment on July 17th, that would mean July 15th was the first day that he had been able to get out of bed (due to the severity of his alleged injuries).

    On Saturday, July 12th, Visible made the following comment in his post titled, "You and I and What Lies in Between", in Smoking Mirrors -

    "I was riding a wheel chair down into the garden today, as opposed to using a walker, given the distance involved and I started singing..."

    The implication is, yes, he is also using a walker, but because the trip to the garden was too far for using the walker, he used a wheel chair.

    So for those of you who are unable to follow the thread here, in his "Here in the Kingdom of the Doomed Serfs" post at Smoking Mirros, which he uploaded on July 17th, he claims he was only two days removed from being able to get out of his bed for the first time. And yet, in his July 12th "You and I and What Lies in Between" post, also in Smoking Mirrors, he cavalierly claims he decided to use a wheel chair for his garden excursion, although he has been using a walker while traversing shorter distances.

    It is painfully obvious that he used the blurb about how much agony he was in, as a setup for prodding his readers about sending him "something functional" from their medicine cabinets. Read his "Here in the Kingdom of the Doomed Serfs" thread at Smoking Mirrors and it all will become clear as day.

    The guy has no shame. The guy is a serial liar. The guy is a sociopath.

    I noticed Mike Rivero is now linking to Visible's work again, after a hiatus of several months. No doubt agency-sponsored Rivero, approves of Visible's blatant lies and sheep-shearing techniques, thus Visible is back in the good graces of the intelligence wonderful!

    Rivero often prods his readership to "donate" via PayPal, his latest request centering around helping him move his radio broadcast to Genesis Communications (an ABC affiliate). How much money does it take to "move" a radio broadcast? Heh. All of these guys are agency-sponsored shills, and they take great delight in fleecing the unsuspecting sheeple.

    Use your brain, that's why god gave it to you. Over and out.

  34. Just to update you on the Visible Lie-A-Thon (regarding his "injury" and his "surgery", wink-wink), the guy has officially jumped the shark.

    He allegedly took his big fall on July 2nd. As noted in the posts above, he has lied about when, exactly, he started being able to move around with a walker, etc.

    Well, here it is, July 30th - only four short weeks from his alleged fall, and about 25 days from allegedly having major hip replacement surgery, and over at Visible Origami, he is jusssst about done lying about his injury and his hospital stay, due to the fact he never WAS in the hospital, and he never was injured, and apparently things are going pretty well for him, ever since he faked said injury and got a shitload of PayPal donations.

    Check out his latest Origami entry and you will shake your head in abject disbelief. It's titled, ""The Humidity of Mortality on Pinball Planet".

    Here are some excerpts from that piece, which continue to prove the guy never was injured, and can't even keep track of the various lies he has written in his posts over the last couple of weeks -

    "Yesterday I was toodling around pretty good; went into town and also did some terrain training as well. I'm guessing there was about 10K accomplished yesterday."

    "Next week, as I understand it, I get dropped off at the train station with my two bags that I can't possibly juggle and work the crutches too. This will require some amount of the creative forward thinking strategy mind that I have a relationship with and... I do like puzzles."

    WTF? The hospital is just going to dump him at a train station with two bags and crutches? Sure. Must be staying at the Hospital for the Terminally Cavalier. And wow! The guy went from a wheel chair, and a walker, to crutches, to doing terrain training, in less than two weeks! He truly IS Super Man! No - he's Bat Man (as in, bats in the belfry)! Wow!

    What's truly horrendous about all of this, is the fact that he is now actively looking for yet another new benefactor who will be dumb enough to put a roof over his head (so that he can continue to sponge off of people while getting wasted - something he's made a career of doing). He is now posting various "boarding offers" that he has allegedly been receiving, mostly from frumpy New Age dowagers who have no clue what a lying, despicably evil person he truly is. (In a way I feel sorry for them, but in another way, I feel they will merely get what they deserve.)

    Then again, Visible might be posting these offers via his own hand (meaning they are bogus), in the hope that, like bait for the terminally brain dead, they will attract some legitimate offers, and that's the problem - when a person is a serial liar, you have no clue when, or if, they are ever on the level.

    Cheers, adios, and I'm done investigating this truly pathetic Ass Clown.

    1. A quote from the most recent "Petri Dish" is rather revealing I think:

      "How it is that people who profess to a high level of integrity and honesty (which he does) can be so blind to their obvious crimes and can excuse themselves with so little effort... it's just difficult for me to comprehend."

      There is certainly a fair degree of irony in this statement I think. It would seem that merely asking the Divine to remove shortcomings might not be enough - one may actually have to CHANGE their behavior to see the desired results. But then again, in asking for things to be done for you, it removes the necessity for actually taking responsibility for one's own actions.

      This is certainly all for the purpose of demonstration. Some learn the lessons, others may never do so. We all have failings and shortcomings. Some take stock of events that impact us as individuals and make REAL CONCERTED EFFORTS to create change and thus avoid further banging of one's head against that brick wall. Others can only blame the "other" when things go wrong for them, and never grow. When one has a seemingly never-ending sequence of events occur that appear to be random, unexplainable acts perpetrated upon them to their detriment, it would suggest a pattern that should be investigated and possibly changed, unless one can convince themselves that it is simply due to "evil forces" or some other force outside one's own sphere conspiring against them. Then it is victim mode and pity-seeking or solicitation for aid (or drugs).

      I learned my lesson re: Visible. I still read his words on occasion, but will never become entangled with him again. I simply see him as another flawed creature who is doing what they do as they bump along on this merry ride. That said, I have no time or energy for those who inflict deliberate pain upon others.

  35. Had to come back and update y'all on the Visible lie-a-thon and scam-a-thon. It is now 9/17/14, and, as many posters above have noted, Visible uses various on-screen characters at his blogs, which are himself in disguise. (Hmm. Hims-"elf".) Well, as of 9/15, Visible has had a page up at "Siamese Mirrors", wherein one of his aliases, "The 3rd Elf", is requesting a "loan" so he can "move" into a new place - allegedly "The 3rd Elf" has only 48 hours in which he has to find a new place and move into it.

    The telling portion of that request is that the poster is claiming that "The 3rd Elf" is really "Sim", who for some reason that even he can't recall, changed his name at some point from "Sim" to "The 3rd Elf". Heh.

    I think you can see what's going on here, eh?

    As I postulated in one of my myriad posts above, it is now pretty clear that Visible is indeed The 3rd Elf. Whether or not Visible was actually Sim or not, is up for conjecture. (But I'm leaning toward, "Yes"...)

    There is even a little countdown clock on this page, which shows the dastardly deadline's approach. As of this writing, there is only 10 hours left until "The 3rd Elf" is kicked out into the street, where he will suffer the innumerable indignities of being a homeless person.

    So...I want all you Visible supporters to rush over to Siamese Mirrors and use PayPal to send the Elf a big greasy wad of much-needed cash (it's a LOAN, you see - hahahaha)...Jesus Christ. Unbelievable.

  36. Sim, aka the 3rd Elf, is indeed a separate person who has managed Visible's blogs for several years without pay. He is now broke(n) and homeless in a country other than his own. Visible has made it clear he does not care about Sim or anyone else beside himself, and Sim may finally be realizing this.

    visible is one of the slimiest people I hope I never have the misfortune to meet. Recently, we had an unpleasant email exchange, in which he couldn't be bothered to take the time to have an adult conversation with me. He felt his time was better spent on lambasting me, along with another person, on his oh-so-spiritually-centered blog, Origami, trying to convince the few readers he has left that his motives and intentions are something we should all covet, and anyone who calls that into question is simply a drama queen that should be shooed away like an annoying insect. His few followers jumped right on his twisted bandwagon, but I'm sure they won't last when his particularly caustic brand of vitriol is turned upon them.

    Oh, and be sure not to miss the last two paragraphs of Smoking Mirrors, dated Nov. 16, 2014, especially the very last sentence, in which he states, "I've made my bed, not that I intend sleeping in it."

    That kind of says it all, don't you think?

  37. I keep pounding Visible with intermittent board comments, asking him how his "hip surgery" rehabilitation is coming along. Also, I'll occasionally take a benevolent quote of his own creation, put quotes around it, send it to him, and then write something like, "Oh, so that explains why you faked your hip injury and bilked money from your followers - the Divine wanted you to do it," etc. I know it makes him crazier than he already is, when he receives comments like this...which is the whole point of the exercise. Why do I do send him these comments? Why, for the same reasons Visible does everything HE does - because God WANTS me to do it! (Heh.)

  38. Ha ha, yes, I have noticed that. He talks all this crap about forgiveness and letting go, yet he continues his character assassinations, even in today's post, of those who disagree with him. Everyone has the right to be themselves, as long as they don't disagree with him, because nothing is ever his fault, you know. Oh, and he judges the lazy, self-indulgent people who live off the goodwill of others, like he isn't doing that himself. He thinks he is useful, and thus infinite, anyone not following the program is irrelevant. Pointing out the flaws and shortcomings of others is much easier than having to look in the mirror and examine his own. I'm sure God wouldn't want him to do THAT! (heh.)