Dearest Child

It is with a mixture of sadness and elation that I sit and put these thoughts to words; no different than most experiences here on this plane if we are honest, but this instance brings an opportunity to convey my intent going forward in our interaction.

I continue to marvel at your accomplishments and drive. Where this motivation arises from, I am not certain, but it appears to serve you well as you expand your networks and experience new challenges and victories. The failures are important too of course. The most important in my opinion. As steel is hardened and tempered by the fire, so shall we all be in our own way. I will continue to act as your ally in all ways possible; a sounding board, advice-giver when asked, driver, etc..This will not change. I am here for you.

Where you may find a difference in our future interaction is in my response to your efforts to employ tactics of division against me. Our discussion surrounding the recent breach of confidentiality brought some measure of healing but introduced a far more challenging aspect to our dialog; the fact that the poison of social engineering via "social networking" and other such avenues of manipulation has infected you to the point you seem comfortable reaching for the tools provided you in this manner, and using them to shut down dialog and create separation.

I realize you are at University, and that these places have long ceased to be true institutions of learning, at least the learning of things of true import. Watching students demand protection from ideas that differ from their own in the name of "safety" shows in no uncertain terms that true learning (wisdom) shall not be forthcoming in this arena. You will emerge from this process with credentials and such, but much of what you take forward will have to be un-learned in my opinion.

The good news is that this is a normal arc, and that by clinging to the notion that you are "learning" truths it will make the revelation of what "truth" actually encompasses, and how it may be arrived at that much more powerful. Go forth and proclaim your newfound wisdom, revel in being surrounded by those only too willing to reinforce the notion that you are correct, seek out and spend countless hours on websites or apps that do nothing more than reinforce your worldview - one that has been simply handed to you without the burden of measuring for yourself whether there is anything of "truth" there. I get it. You are young and this is what youth brings. I fully honor your process, even though the manipulation and ill-intent is plain to see to my eyes. I see it clearly and you are not alone in this voyage by any means.

Of course, it may be easy to view this missive as some sort of pious preaching from an old man simply out of touch with "how things are". What 19 year old wouldn't assume their parents are just stuck in old ways and incapable of change? "They just cant understand" "Things are different now". It is simply the norm. My job as parent has obviously changed over time. I no longer protect you from danger or nurture you and guide you through your processes directly. You are an adult now, away from our shared home and finding the realities of being fully responsible for your own path. I can no longer demonstrate directly to you what unconditional Love between a couple looks like or show you in tangible ways what it is to be vulnerable, to fail and rise up from failure only to stumble yet again. I can't show you what sort of pains a human can endure and still continue on. This chapter has closed. You will need to be more observant of these actions in our limited engagements if you wish to continue to value my "teachings", because as has always been the case, none of my experience will be forced upon you as "truth". I ask that you honor me by doing the same when we speak or share our experiences. I hope this message will be included in the things you use to truly measure me as a father going forth.

It is my opinion, based on direct observation, that much of what you consume is designed to not only divide us from one another (in the broadest sense as a species, not just you and I) but is also intended to divide you against your truest expression or "higher self". The desire to seek out things that resonate is a natural one, and extremely important to our growth in my opinion. The danger here lies in clinging too tightly to anything discovered, thus preventing further growth from occurring, and leaving one fighting vigorously against ideas, opinions, or even hard evidence that may counter the previous narrative. The larger world has few "safe spaces", though we attempt to create them by only seeking things that reinforce our beliefs. Some even will resort to violence against those who simply have a differing opinion, and justify it by calling the suppression of differing views "justice". It is folly, but as I said, part of the process.

Without open and fearless dialog we stagnate and spin around in circles, trapped in cages of our own creation. Fear itself is, in my opinion, the greatest obstacle to growth and evolution. It still attempts to sidetrack me daily, but by Grace I have been given tools to see it as no longer serving my highest expression and am usually able to sooth it away. This is the main function of so much that I see put forth on social media these days. Reinforcing the fear of "other", the absolute de-humanization of individuals based on arbitrary aspects of being (yes, this absolutely goes both ways, and to suggest some people are incapable of suffering from these processes is egregious and NO DIFFERENT from what so many claim to struggle against). Hear me when I say this; I am NOT a "white male"!

I honor your journey, my beloved. Nothing will keep me from being at your side or from having my arms wide open welcoming our embrace. My Love for you and respect for your path has no boundary. That said, I will not allow you to reach for cheap platitudes or catch phrases designed to invalidate or shut down an exchange and use them against me. Should you see this as cause for further separation, or to justify judging me as "wrong" or even "oppressive" (due no doubt to my skin color and gender as you have been instructed - all arbitrary and false points of division as far as I am concerned) I will accept this also, knowing that it is a part of the journey that you need to take. None of this shall impact me to a depth that will create true separation, for that is simply (in my opinion of course) impossible. You cannot invalidate me with mere words, and to attempt to do so is quite intolerant and may even cause one to take offense, should that have a dividend in some way. It is quite amazing to see offense being treated almost like a commodity these days. Please ponder the notion that offense can ONLY be taken, never given. Then further ponder what potential outcomes derive from trying to keep anyone from ever being subject to "offensive" things. Please.

Go forth and do as you will, knowing that All is well, not much is as it seems first glance, and that there are forces at work designed to take you on a crazy ride of discovery that hopefully leaves you residing far above the denser parts, and thus enjoying the freedom of no longer needing to entertain the idea of being "right" above all. "I don't know" is usually the best response and truest expression one can give when pressed. Arrogance is the opposite of that. I hope we all find our balance along this spectrum. I look forward to continuing to watch you expand and only hope I am blessed with same as long as I continue to exist.

I Love and honor you my beloved child. This is an absolute TRUTH.


  1. Truly the words of a wise man/human being and one awesome, generous, unconditionally loving parent. The current level of programming is definitely a challenge to deal with in relation to friends and loved ones. Hope all is well in your world Respects.

  2. Once again I am struck by your ability to craft words - I don't know anyone who writes as well as you do. I mean that.


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