Saturday, March 21, 2015

Accelerating, Shifting, and Finding a Proper Idle

...........please stand by as we attempt to establish smoother runnings........

Cough, sputter.

Grab a handfull, then "VROOOOM!!" - bounce it hard off the limiter yet again. Really shouldn't do that too many more times.........

 Nothing snapped, no smoke or new rattles, so back to the fine adjustment of those most fiddly of bits in hopes of someday becoming, well, reliable is a start, and then dare I dream of upgrades and higher-performance in my future with this machine?

 What about with that one over there?

Dunno. Can't say, so I'll just focus on this very next task - the only task there ever is, really. The very most important one it always IS.

There it is again, in the midst of a salad I made. Funny how these things work, innit? Inside job again as usual with the derail and the bad connections that lead to the meltdowns. Sneaky Devil(s).........

I think this word break has been helpful. Thanks for sharing the minute or so it might take one to read and ponder these words, should any arrive and do so (wink). Much Love to All and y'all! 

A guitar beckons in this instant, so another machine to interface with becomes the perfect expression of THIS IS. It's a beauty, much astounding beauty everywhere I turn. Thank you for this. I am truly humbled by these gifts I am continually showered with. My intention is to honor all of them properly.

Nothing but gratitude for all of it is the best I can do. That, and trying to push the envelope just a bit further in every breath and striving for the smoothest of idles.