It's All Your Fault

Rising this morning a thought creeps in and makes a suggestion to ponder further. I have, and now pass these thoughts on to any who they may resonate with.  It is not difficult to cast one's gaze about at our current, shared "reality", and see only chaos, fear and approaching doom. Floods, fires, wind, shaking of the earth, CME's - even giant, "unidentified" blobs rising up from the depths of the ocean. Quite a shit-show, innit? These are just examples from the physical realm! I do not wish to diminish the realities of those who are suffering, or "lay blame" anywhere. As one who clearly sees struggle, loss, and tragedy as both universal and necessary for growth, acceptance of this process makes the turn towards the healing and recovery aspects paramount. To that end I wish to humbly suggest a possibility, simply offered for consideration.  What is our individual role in the creation of our shared realities? I hear endless talk of the "system…

Dearest Child

It is with a mixture of sadness and elation that I sit and put these thoughts to words; no different than most experiences here on this plane if we are honest, but this instance brings an opportunity to convey my intent going forward in our interaction.

I continue to marvel at your accomplishments and drive. Where this motivation arises from, I am not certain, but it appears to serve you well as you expand your networks and experience new challenges and victories. The failures are important too of course. The most important in my opinion. As steel is hardened and tempered by the fire, so shall we all be in our own way. I will continue to act as your ally in all ways possible; a sounding board, advice-giver when asked, driver, etc..This will not change. I am here for you.

Where you may find a difference in our future interaction is in my response to your efforts to employ tactics of division against me. Our discussion surrounding the recent breach of confidentiality brought some measur…

The Authentic Life

Artwork by CJ

Arriving here on this plane, one is immediately influenced by external "stuff" to the extent I have to wonder if it is even remotely possible to live an authentic life here on Earth. What is meant by "authentic" in this instance? I suppose it means the ability to move about and avoid the influences of the world around you when making choices about your own path. "Avoid the influences" in this case meaning being truly able to discern what lies before you without any undue influence from any entity that may seek to misdirect for whatever reason. Notice I did not say person or any such.

It really is no wonder that so many of us claim to be seeking "truth" as we pass through this experience. This, I think, is due to the fact that so much of what we experience is deception or is simply mis-interpreted by our own internal sensors due to an internal need to arrive at a predetermined outcome. Add in the complications brought forth by the …

Accelerating, Shifting, and Finding a Proper Idle

...........please stand by as we attempt to establish smoother runnings........

Cough, sputter.

Grab a handfull, then "VROOOOM!!" - bounce it hard off the limiter yet again. Really shouldn't do that too many more times.........

 Nothing snapped, no smoke or new rattles, so back to the fine adjustment of those most fiddly of bits in hopes of someday becoming, well, reliable is a start, and then dare I dream of upgrades and higher-performance in my future with this machine?

 What about with that one over there?

Dunno. Can't say, so I'll just focus on this very next task - the only task there ever is, really. The very most important one it always IS.

There it is again, in the midst of a salad I made. Funny how these things work, innit? Inside job again as usual with the derail and the bad connections that lead to the meltdowns. Sneaky Devil(s).........

I think this word break has been helpful. Thanks for sharing the minute or so it might take one to read and ponder …

Cycles, loss, and the true meaning of "Change"

Of the three items listed, the first is the most easily understood I think. In a literal sense, we observe regular patterns of shifts that eventually return and begin again, and call it a "cycle". I can look out my window today and know what stage we are currently in with regards to the seasonal changes that happen about the same time every year - the leaves are changing and falling, the air has dried out, and my garden will soon be completely put to rest as a result of the morning frosts that have begun to lend that prismatic sparkle to everything. The Sun sits lower on the horizon and Sol's visits are shorter and shorter every day, until that time when we pass the equinox and it comes back around again. On a larger scale, we can observe the movement of heavenly bodies in their ancient dance across the Galaxy, and reliably predict further movements if we so desire. I very recently had the experience of getting a reading from one who practices Astrology, and I must say i…

Dying To Make It

At long last - the video.

I hope that some of you may enjoy watching this.

It is hard to view the performance if awareness of "Z" is allowed to filter in, or if the memories of the turmoil that surrounded the creation become too strong, but I am proud of the music and have deep respect for all involved in the process of creating this work.

Bad Theater

All of it is.

Likely always has been, but the degree to which this has become obvious in all realms of this thing we term "Existence" is truly beyond any doubt for me. Many of us claim to have discovered some sort of "Truth" and many more pretend to be actively seeking same, but please note that if one is using any of the 5 (known) senses to do so your chances of success are basically nil as far as I can tell. This place is some kind of movie and while I don't claim to know who is writing and producing it (suspicions only), it is less and less interesting all the time. I can even say I'm done and ready to go home now please, but my ride has yet to arrive so I will stay here and try to pay attention for a bit longer.......

Humans lie. We lie to each other and most often, to ourselves. In the coarser aspect, there is little that a person can hear, read, or even see these days that isn't tainted by another's perspective - for better or worse is up to i…