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Profits of Doom

Do you remember the early days of your inquiry? Can you recall the sense that you were discovering things that had gone hidden for ages, but now were being "leaked" out and shared in hushed tones by those that had risen above the masses of the incurious, simply foolish or otherwise deluded?

You figured out long ago that there were dark conspiracies afoot and a storm on the horizon. Or maybe your belief system indicated the imminent return of your Savior which required a certain amount of prep, because it was for you and those who were less informed or blessed would certainly come to try and take your "blessings" from you. You knew that time was running short and that you had to try and open the eyes of your neighbors and loved ones. Bit by bit you heard other voices chime in and began to see that you were not alone. Websites popped up and groups formed to begin to prepare for what was to come. Take careful note of that word and reflect on that concept for a moment.

Delivering the Goods

"You better watch out and hold on tight,                         We're headed your way like dynamite!"

Something sure is, or has more likely arrived and is being felt at some level by all those with the capacity to feel. Those who cannot simply continue to follow their base impulses and carry on as though everything is as it always was, while this mysterious force that is afoot twists at a subtle level and appears to be driving some people insane. But it simply shall not be. Change is a constant and those who cling to the hope that somehow a return to "normal" is possible are likely to be left disappointed and bitter. It's all an illusion anyway.

    Speaking of illusions and getting back to the title of this little missive, one of my prior jobs was as a truck drivin' delivery guy. This put me in a position to observe a lot of different things as well as learn a whole lot about what was real and what was something quite apart from reality. In my first …

It's Nothing Personal

Ramblings from an uneducated fool.

 It has been 9 months since I last felt motivated to sit down and write anything in this space, long enough for much to transpire, more to expire, and for endless opportunities to become lost in the trap that is Earthly desire. It is also the length of time require to conceive and bring forth a human life, and for some reason the notion of birth/rebirth seems at the fore a great deal these days. It would seem that much is as it always has been, yet nothing will ever be the same again. And why would it be? What is the "normal" that people talk about? How can we hope to "go back to the way it was" if we only then wound up where we are now, wishing we were somewhere else preceding it? At a base level, when I hear talk of getting the "job situation" or "housing prices" back to "normal" it just ceases to be anything other that a repeating of some sort of mantra. Give it up, folks. There is no going back a…