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It's All Your Fault

Rising this morning a thought creeps in and makes a suggestion to ponder further. I have, and now pass these thoughts on to any who they may resonate with.  It is not difficult to cast one's gaze about at our current, shared "reality", and see only chaos, fear and approaching doom. Floods, fires, wind, shaking of the earth, CME's - even giant, "unidentified" blobs rising up from the depths of the ocean. Quite a shit-show, innit? These are just examples from the physical realm! I do not wish to diminish the realities of those who are suffering, or "lay blame" anywhere. As one who clearly sees struggle, loss, and tragedy as both universal and necessary for growth, acceptance of this process makes the turn towards the healing and recovery aspects paramount. To that end I wish to humbly suggest a possibility, simply offered for consideration.  What is our individual role in the creation of our shared realities? I hear endless talk of the "system…