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Ruining the Gauntlet

Well, it certainly is heating up "out there", no?

It seems that wherever one might cast their gaze, stories of corruption, danger, potential ills, evil, and every other form of hazard is present and accounted for with the promise of more on the horizon and no end in sight. Has it always been thus, and we are simply finding more and better ways to discover and share our collective fears and heinous actions, or is there indeed a great darkness that has descended upon us and is poising itself to render us completely into the void?

If one subscribes to the notion that these are, indeed, "special" times - what is to be the course of action to weather the storm or beat back whatever it is that is most certainly soon to visit your own doorstep? Despair is one option I suppose, and many seem to be adopting that attitude, but is it sustainable? How about turning the fear over to its other face - anger - and using your new found rage to power you to victory over that which is …