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Dearest Child

It is with a mixture of sadness and elation that I sit and put these thoughts to words; no different than most experiences here on this plane if we are honest, but this instance brings an opportunity to convey my intent going forward in our interaction.

I continue to marvel at your accomplishments and drive. Where this motivation arises from, I am not certain, but it appears to serve you well as you expand your networks and experience new challenges and victories. The failures are important too of course. The most important in my opinion. As steel is hardened and tempered by the fire, so shall we all be in our own way. I will continue to act as your ally in all ways possible; a sounding board, advice-giver when asked, driver, etc..This will not change. I am here for you.

Where you may find a difference in our future interaction is in my response to your efforts to employ tactics of division against me. Our discussion surrounding the recent breach of confidentiality brought some measur…