Ruining the Gauntlet

Well, it certainly is heating up "out there", no?

It seems that wherever one might cast their gaze, stories of corruption, danger, potential ills, evil, and every other form of hazard is present and accounted for with the promise of more on the horizon and no end in sight. Has it always been thus, and we are simply finding more and better ways to discover and share our collective fears and heinous actions, or is there indeed a great darkness that has descended upon us and is poising itself to render us completely into the void?

If one subscribes to the notion that these are, indeed, "special" times - what is to be the course of action to weather the storm or beat back whatever it is that is most certainly soon to visit your own doorstep? Despair is one option I suppose, and many seem to be adopting that attitude, but is it sustainable? How about turning the fear over to its other face - anger - and using your new found rage to power you to victory over that which is surely ready to pounce any minute now? Of course, you have to first identify the enemy before forming a plan and executing your attack, and there is no shortage of suggested targets for your vengeance to be had depending on who you believe to be telling the "truth" to you, meaning that most everyone else is full of shit and trying to deceive you with a false agenda once you have honed in on that one and only vessel of all that is right and true. You can hop over to FOX television and select from a number of candidates like Democrats, Mexicans, liberals, Muslims (especially Iranians as they are clearly the worst of the lot) or gays (you know the REAL reason hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, right?). A visit to your local church will likely provide some "other" to hate on, and even get you bonus points from the "Big Guy" depending on who you are condemning with the backing of the True Word of God as insurance. As always, there are endless choices to be made regarding any particular worldview, but as long as you select the right one then it becomes easy to identify all the problems and their causes because then you get to know what is apart and separate from that shiny new bit of wisdom that you earned by reading just the right article or book, or had delivered to you by someone who is in a better position to know (maybe they have a degree or are on the TV - sure signs of higher knowledge to be sure!).

There is always denial, which can be had quite readily as long as you find yourself safe and comfy in one of the pockets of civilization that is immune to such predation(let me know where that is, wouldja?), or have enough in the way of distraction to occupy yourself while you wait for fate to get around to paying a visit. How about those distraction, anyway? I once had a discussion about how tenuous our financial situation is, and was told in no uncertain terms that as long as you could still go out and buy a Hamer (boutique American brand) guitar, that was PROOF that all was well in the world and that there was absolutely nothing wrong out there in the world of finance. Well, I can't argue with logic like that, can I?

In discussing observed trends and potential outcomes, I'm sure that many of us have encountered those who give off a puzzled look and suggest getting back on your meds or even go so far as to become hostile to any notion that all is not hunky-dory, which brings me around to the point I wish to explore today.

As you sit here right now in this moment, consider what is "out there" causing discomfort or uncertainty, and where this problem resides. Is it "out there" or is it much closer? If you are currently reading this from a village in Afghanistan, it may, indeed, be circling overhead and you have a real problem on your hands, but also options to take action to push back against that which threatens you directly. The cards are stacked, certainly, but at least you know the face of that which seeks to destroy you. Those of us who sit back and only read or hear about all the stuff coming at us have a more difficult challenge, however, until whatever it is that eventually actually shows up does so.

I watched a politician from the state of Texas today named Louie Gomert go on a verbal rampage about being challenged to provide proof of the bullshit he was spouting to his fellow criminals, and could hardly believe what I was seeing. This man was all worked up about something that came to light in a manner that would almost make it laughable if it were not for the fact that he is one of the individuals tasked with making decisions that affect all Americans and thus by extension the rest of the world. This clown was going on about a threat to all of us that came in the form of babies born on American soil to tourists that would then have the ability to easily enter this country and perpetrate acts of terror - when they grow up and had been fully trained by the evil genius terrorists that had hatched this plan. How did this evil plot come to light? Well, it seems that someone was on a plane sitting next to someone who was proud to announce that their son was a terrorist and was planning to do this very thing! Why do we need to spend millions of dollars on intel and spying, when all we have to do is engage in some banter with a person who looks like they might be part of the Axis of Evil and get then to spill the beans? Hell, I would be surprised if the lady didn't whip out pics of her son and proclaim how proud she was that she had raised such a fine young man to be martyred some day, after raising that little US Citizen terror bundle and setting him loose of course.

The main theme in all of this, and for some time now, is FEAR. Be afraid. No, be REALLY afraid. Actually, be so terrified that you are ready to give your protectors any and all means to ensure your sorry ass never has to come face to face with the threat that is everywhere seen and unseen.
You can't defend yourself from this worldwide scourge, so leave it to the pros to take care of it all for you. They really don't need much, just all of your freedoms, your privacy, your children for the military, your money, and your blind acceptance and obedience. It helps if you get on board the paranoia train and get all fired up about that threat that is certainly just right around the bend.

Do you want to be in a state of constant fear, sure that it is only a matter of months/days/hours before evil makes its grand and final push to vanquish all that is good and right and true once and for all? Does it serve any real purpose to constantly roll around in the myriad tales of DOOOOOM that are available at the click of a mouse or over the airwaves? Ask yourself who (or what) benefits from keeping those who fancy themselves "awake" or "informed" or otherwise in possession of info that others, for whatever reason, don't seem able to assimilate or even see, in a constant edgy mindset scratching for the latest bit of info that proves beyond a shadow that the end is near and we are all completely hosed.

At a favorite blog site that I read, there is an individual who has made it his job to post endless links to his own blog or to stories shouting about the horrors awaiting us. Very little of it is his own work even, but it is seemingly very important to pass on every scrap of gloom that can be found, and this person even claims to be under constant attack for his noble efforts. One might wonder, if it is such a burden, why this must continue day in and day out. I have my ideas, but I will not speculate here. I just know that it serves no purpose other than to perpetuate the notion that it is a pointless thing to struggle and that the end is certainly near. What a miserable task that must be to maintain such a level of fear, much less convince yourself you are somehow helping others by pointing out all the possible ways that we may come to a bad end.

So, what is the alternative to fear? Accepting that all things pass on and change is constant, one begins to see that there is an ending in store for all of us. How we spend our time and energy on the way to that point is where we have some measure of control, and I would encourage you all to sit back and take inventory of all the blessings and positive things that are offered you and surrounding you. I would also like to suggest considering the cost of dwelling long in the place that is fear and despair, and how that may even affect where you find yourself should some really bad shit decide to visit you someday. I hate to say it, but you are DOOOOOOOOMED. So, what are you gonna do about it? Remember, too, you are not alone in this fate. Many, many have gone before you and met their certain end. And there is more to this story than meets the eyes, and indeed the rest of those senses that try and convince you that you can suss all that is in play here, when in fact you cannot. Be vigilant about what you allow to enter your mind, and consider why it may try and take up residence there. Be not afraid. You are either with yourself, or against self. Make the right choice and let's see where we go from here.

Love to ALL,



  1. ...
    I like Y-OUR point of view )

    That said, WE can certainly see the shit storm on the horizon ... and that's not fear talking, that's lady Truth (Les V.)) showing me messages between the lines. The fear drummers (and I've been one of them) aren't all beating their skins for the masters of dis-Harmony (see: manifestation through majority belief), from my perspective, most are likely afraid for the many who can't seem to see any problems, pounding out the message, wake the fuck up. Sure, as you've pointed out, its not very effective and truly plays into the hands of those who've engineered this global nightmare.

    Anyways, I dig Y-OUR level head )
    Good read, Merci

    a GrebBear

    Peace Love Light Truth
    (- ;
    ; -)

    ps ... the black is a bit challenging on the eyes, looks sharp though ))

  2. Glad I finally got around to reading this.
    But since I've been reading a lot less of the blogs and such lately, it took me a while.

    You are right on the mark. I've been thinking, since we are all, as mortals, doomed anyway, why would we waste our time, our lives, working in cubes and hating our jobs (and therefore our lives?) Insanity, isn't it.


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