It's All Your Fault

Rising this morning a thought creeps in and makes a suggestion to ponder further. I have, and now pass these thoughts on to any who they may resonate with. 
It is not difficult to cast one's gaze about at our current, shared "reality", and see only chaos, fear and approaching doom. Floods, fires, wind, shaking of the earth, CME's - even giant, "unidentified" blobs rising up from the depths of the ocean. Quite a shit-show, innit? These are just examples from the physical realm!
I do not wish to diminish the realities of those who are suffering, or "lay blame" anywhere. As one who clearly sees struggle, loss, and tragedy as both universal and necessary for growth, acceptance of this process makes the turn towards the healing and recovery aspects paramount.
To that end I wish to humbly suggest a possibility, simply offered for consideration. 
What is our individual role in the creation of our shared realities? I hear endless talk of the "systems" and "social constructs" that we are being asked to tilt against or may see as needing to be confronted, but do we so easily overlook what, exactly, these nebulous entities are comprised of? It is all just "us". People. Fellow travelers. 
I get the fear and accompanying anger that has gripped a great number of us here in this country, and by extension, worldwide. I see where it comes from, who feeds it and who benefits. You MUST know that the media and those who truly pull the levers here are overjoyed by how deeply we have pulled in the narratives and allowed them to run us and keep us in the lower, reactive centers where we lose our power and ability to discern properly. Seeing the street battles engaged in by two false "sides" makes me sad while absolutely DELIGHTING our supposed overlords. Picture Monty Burns tapping his fingertips together and saying "Excellent" and you get the vibe.
I want to say one simple thing here, with Love and only the highest good in my heart;
If you have been walking around angry and resentful lately, please stop. Or at least take a break. Rest that vengeance/retribution narrative too for now. I mean, if you still really, really need it, carry on, but isn't it exhausting?!?
If fear is constantly trying to bust in and take all of your attention, tell it you have no room in your heart right now to host it. Try and flip that coin over too. Find calming spots in your home or in nature to cultivate serenity. Avoid people that only want to roll around in the gloomy stuff. Defend your calm center vigorously!!
Turn off the sources of the toxic din that goes by the name "media". Just leave it. I am not advocating a complete "head-in-the-sand" approach, but if you watch or listen to mainstream media and think you are being "informed"........sorry, that is NOT what these things are for.
I stay away from politics as much as I can and simply REFUSE to give that game of division and rule any energy, but here is a rare political statement from Z; if you have been greatly disturbed, or possibly even rendered panic-stricken by the recent election, you are feeding that self-disempowering component and giving your energy to the side that can only further the malaise and bring deeper crisis. Trump is merely a symptom, rather than a cause. This whole game of "politics" is pure poison. I will leave it at that.
What am I getting at here? Well, in my engagement of this realm over the past many months (years really, but it is now more of a "study" of sorts), I have begun to see the real and direct effect that MY energetic state has on my surroundings. Like attracts like. Energy flows where your attention goes. That which you resist, you give strength to....... all those platitudes, tested irl, have a degree of validity.
The universe just wants to deliver, freely and without judgement; so be careful what you "put out there".
With that information integrated here, it is clear what MY responsibility is. Absolute vigilance at my Gate, allowing NO interlopers to sneak in and try to cast my psyche into the abyss. Mocking and dismissing those who seek to convince me of my need for "grave concern" over things I have little direct control of. Moving out into the world as openly and fearlessly as possible so as to hopefully be in possession of maximum Love to share with any who are in need. Do you feel at all like you could be more together, more solidly grounded maybe, to be a better ally or role model? What if we All shook off our negative and fearful attitudes and met the world around us with a light and open heart, as often as possible? I suspect the difference in the collective energetic expression would be vastly different. We might not even need so much drama!
We have all seen and been uplifted by images and stories of how people have been reacting to recent crisis situations. Science shows how our physiology reacts to the mere act of OBSERVING an act of kindness. Imagine if we all walked this earth looking out for our brethren, abiding in unconditional Love?
I know. Lofty ideals. Dreaming, even. But let's at least be honest and see what role we all might be playing in this ever-unfolding drama.
Someday, we may no longer need to summon disasters or select "rulers". Some day I hope we all find our true Agency and collectively create a much different movie. No time like right now to begin. See you around. Gotta go work on my next scene.
Peace to you All!


  1. Nice one, bro. Keep sharing your ponderings and thoughts with us. Tryin' to keep a balance here, too. I don't get out much, so having just ventured into matrix-land - airports, malls, ubiquitous phone-tappers' world - returned home a bit shocky. But my outings are for musical support of those rare youth working in seriousness to carry on their master-teachers' creative legacies. Us old cats love to get together and raise some spell-binding vibe, throw down some magical improv, so as to affirm the existence of, and continuous presence of, the deeper Love reality beyond the fear- and negativity-climate assaulting our kids daily as they attempt to find their way to stay sane. Just here trusting that what we put out is resonating in all directions and serving as medicine for all beings.


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