Profits of Doom

Do you remember the early days of your inquiry? Can you recall the sense that you were discovering things that had gone hidden for ages, but now were being "leaked" out and shared in hushed tones by those that had risen above the masses of the incurious, simply foolish or otherwise deluded?

You figured out long ago that there were dark conspiracies afoot and a storm on the horizon. Or maybe your belief system indicated the imminent return of your Savior which required a certain amount of prep, because it was for you and those who were less informed or blessed would certainly come to try and take your "blessings" from you. You knew that time was running short and that you had to try and open the eyes of your neighbors and loved ones. Bit by bit you heard other voices chime in and began to see that you were not alone. Websites popped up and groups formed to begin to prepare for what was to come. Take careful note of that word and reflect on that concept for a moment.


 For many that has a definite meaning to it - get in a position to be able to endure whatever comes at you in this existence so that you may continue on at any cost. This may mean aligning one's self with a group of kindred spirits, or simply stocking up on canned goods and ammo preparing to duke it out with any that would come into firing range. For others it could be shedding the bonds of a system that appears to be failing and starting out on a new path, which is likely a very old one. The thing that is obvious is that many are feeling the oncoming change and being compelled to adjust, or are finding new ways to burrow deeper into what is known in search of the comfort that lies in being rigid and unyielding, while hoping for a return to the "good old days".

How does it feel now that your discoveries have gone mainstream? That industry has sprung up to support your efforts? How many movies or TV shows can you watch that deal with any number of Doomsday scenarios? I'm quite certain that a post-apocalyptic world will be filled with hot babes with crossbows, their hair care products and makeup being being the things they stocked up on the most.  Hey, there must be be quite a number of you out there to make the resonance that pervasive.
Check out what these guys have to say;

Well, if Mick and Keef are feeling it.........

The force that I see in play here that is the biggest threat, and that suggests something to the contrary within the message, is that we need to further isolate ourselves and prepare to do deeper battle with each other. Throughout human history we have see this played out in various ways, and to arrive at a literal bunker mentality with encouragement from central casting is no surprise at all. How many ways do we have to look at a fellow human and see the "other"? How many ways do we divide ourselves into groups suitable for suspicion, derision, or even attack? We have been taught to compete in our work, our play, and even in our art? The world may need to be entirely fragmented before it comes around again and unites as a whole.

Paranoia and fear of those not fully in line with our own sensibilities is the biggest weapon used against us by those who would seek to control us - whoever/whatever that may be. Our egos will not celebrate our diverse nature and allow the full expression of All without a fight, and now there are those who will profit from this mindset and encourage further division and fear as it will bring greater profits. I hear firearms and other assorted forms of destruction are hugely successful ventures right now. Soon it may be that simply waiting for "the other shoe to drop" may be insufficient and some sort of "pre-emptive" measures will need to be taken. I just don't know.

What are you feeling? Can you get to the core of you and filter out all of the noise to hear what your best friend intuition has to say about all of this? I won't be trying to add my voice this time because all inquiry into the deepest parts come up blank and empty. There is no great revelation or spectacular show to share with anyone. Just that same still, silent, glowing, grinning presence that brings calm and serenity when I inquire within. A deep breath taken in and thoughtlessly released. Beauty is all around, as it has always been, coexisting with destructive (to our interpretation) forces that bring about change and renewal. There is a sense that something is afoot, but something is ALWAYS afoot - it is a constant. Trying to figure out what will be is likely one of the oldest exercises humanity has engaged in. How many ages have passed that were thought to be the "End Times"? Yet here we are still.

There was a time when I sought out an avenue to try and discern what, exactly, was going on in the world. I would log onto various websites and have discussions with fellow seekers knowing that with enough effort and the right link TRUTH would be revealed to me. I was told that to find said truth, I must earn the right by striving harder, sacrificing more, or buying into someone else's belief because obviously it had not reached me yet as I was not worthy or not doing it right. What I began to see was a feedback loop of ever-increasing intensity that got deeper and deeper into the DOOOOOMM! meme. Every day brought that single event closer and closer, with links, pics, and a parade of commentary to support the doom-of-the day scenario. I wonder what it is today that is the final straw?

The end has come to many over this period of time of seeking, as has always been the case. Change is afoot as it has always been. I can absolutely guarantee that things will continue to change, sometimes even in big and dramatic ways - as they have always. This time may be unique, but it may also be mundane. Who knows? Do you have a link?

As an observation of a purely personal perspective, I can tell you that the constant rolling around in all of this increasingly shrill alarm sounding has taken a toll on me. The sense of being unable to do anything to ensure the safety of my family and those around me who inhabit this sphere is devastating, and has led on more than one occasion to a deep despair. I have found myself wishing for a quick demise more times than I could count, but continue to endure and marvel at what is available counter to the racket that exists "out there". Right there in every breath. What will be will always be, and the importance of perspective and above all, acceptance, has revealed itself. The gift of this life is wasted in an attempt to wall oneself up and defend against the inevitable force that is change. Being able to bend with the wind and find comfort in the swaying seems preferable to steeling against a force that will eventually snap you in 2.

Be well, Love each other and yourself. Refuse to be divided against those who may not see the world as you do, and hear the words of a wise man, now departed.


  1. Hey that survival preppers meal looks like something we eat in the high times not the end times. Fuck now we have web pages devoted to survivalism. But none of them show what end times will really look like, because then everyone would put an hosepipe in their exhaust and their would be no more

    It is always such a pleasure to read your writing and the honesty that you bring forth.
    Admission of not knowing, ability to voice the hopelessness, and the remembering to breath all resonate with me.

    What I can suggest you do in these times is maybe to read less and write more.
    You are so eloquent.
    It would be a gift to us all.


  2. Nina said: This was deeply moving to read. It wrapped me in its
    insight all day, which was troubling and remains so. This brings us to
    somewhere around three or four key realities taking place
    simultaneously among logical, worldly, insightful and imaginative
    people of which there as many adaptations as there are thoughts
    branching off of throughts. When we're really cooking, who knows what
    interesting ingredients will create a new path. Personally, I think
    you have just the most excellent mind, always reading between the
    lines or doing a really good deed before someone else suggests it.
    That kind of mindset can weather anything. I believe you are one of
    the truly free.
    It is a very good idea to tune into everybody's wavelengths, but an
    ever better one to tune into your own at the same time. You have done
    that very well.

    A great post. Thank you.

  3. great post. i enjoyed reading your thoughts on these matters. you asked at the beginning, "how does it feel to have your ideas go mainstream"?
    i have had the "pleasure" of having had my entire world view up-ended several times in life now, and the resulting internal chaos has indeed refreshed the garden of my soul, which is necessary from time to time. however, having acquired much wisdom as i travel down life's roads, i can tell you this about how i feel.
    vindication is bittersweet.
    but, then after reading your insightful post, i sense that you already know that )

  4. The forces that are taking humanity to its nadir are armed with vast numbers of cointel bloggers and alternative "leaders" that have been around since the internet began. Their job has been to mislead, to discredit, to take leadership of the groundswell, to control. Part of that has been to ensure the popularity of THEIR bloggers/leaders and to restrict the penetration of dangerous thoughts that might lead to HUMAN beings uniting.
    We are, at core, creatures of love. They fear our discovery of this simplicity.
    Each voice, weakened by their efforts, arrives at the same decision making point: Should I give up?
    Look at the number of true bloggers out there that rarely post now, at this time when their voices are needed more than ever. This is by design. The powers spend a lot of money on this very thing. The internet is their weapon of thought control just as the MSM is. Maybe more so.
    As the winter turns to spring, as the wildflowers strain to put their faces to the sun, as the olive trees think of blossoming and push their roots deeper searching for strength and vitality, as the sun seeks to force its life giving energy past the filth they are spewing into our skies, as the force of good that is the universe and is the force of creation weeps for its lost children and pours forth its hope and its certainty, at this last ditch moment where all could be lost and yet all could be gained, what will you do?

    What will you do?


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