Cycles, loss, and the true meaning of "Change"

Of the three items listed, the first is the most easily understood I think. In a literal sense, we observe regular patterns of shifts that eventually return and begin again, and call it a "cycle". I can look out my window today and know what stage we are currently in with regards to the seasonal changes that happen about the same time every year - the leaves are changing and falling, the air has dried out, and my garden will soon be completely put to rest as a result of the morning frosts that have begun to lend that prismatic sparkle to everything. The Sun sits lower on the horizon and Sol's visits are shorter and shorter every day, until that time when we pass the equinox and it comes back around again. On a larger scale, we can observe the movement of heavenly bodies in their ancient dance across the Galaxy, and reliably predict further movements if we so desire. I very recently had the experience of getting a reading from one who practices Astrology, and I must say it was a very eye-opening happening. This science seems based on observations over a great deal of time and I am now convinced of its merit. Humans have been gifted with a quality that makes the recognition of patterns and cycles a priority for our brains to take note of, likely to aid our ancestors in mundane tasks like survival,  but now we see that such observations over long periods of time have allowed us to assign certain predictable qualities to aspects of our lives based on the observed cycles and how they impact us. This may also be a curse, as processing events that appear outside of our established known patterns ("norms") can be difficult for some, especially those who have very rigid minds or are convinced in some way that they have some sort of "truth" they carry that cannot be challenged for various reasons.

Some say that economic activity has inherent cycles. Some go even further and claim that there is actually a "science" related to economic study and activity. I do not believe this, as any sort of "economy", at least as I understand it, is a wholly fabricated thing. Surely one could say that a basic "supply and demand" model can be shown in nature, when observing, for example, the way basic availability of foods and territory resolves with animal population fluctuations or migration, but the bit missing here is that the supply side is a random variable rather than an input that is determined with the express purpose of manipulating the end result. Of course, you could always place Creation in the Board of Directors role and justify that way, but generally speaking I see any notion of modern economies being organic and having "natural" cycles as pure fiction. What we see before us in our current times is simply a game being played by humans who have learned over the centuries that methods of control exist beyond outright force or violence, and new and improved variations of this game have been rapidly expanding leading us to a point where our "economies" are a complete fiction.
This is NOT a natural happening; in fact, because it is against natural laws, it shall be the cause of further suffering for those thus engaged (all of us basically) and could even lead to our near total extinction.

Loss is something that appears slightly more difficult to process in any fashion other than a literal one. Yes, I lost my iPod. It is no longer available to me. However, if it was stolen or carelessly left somewhere and is currently being enjoyed by another, can we say that the thing itself is lost? When the local football team gets defeated on the field of play, we can say that "we lost", but the residents of the opponents team celebrate a victory as a result. It then  becomes a matter of perspective I suppose. The loss of species on the planet for various reasons is more difficult to fathom, as there is a definite finality to such a happening. This is too often beyond the realm of natural processes, and is a true tragedy that does not bode well for our current trajectory. We can see that natural extinctions have always happened, and that new beings have come along in their wake to create a different cast of characters for our Earthly experiences, but what we are creating with our insatiable plunder of our planet's gifts and treasures is creating what I consider the ultimate definition of loss. In this sense, it is tragic and cause for great personal grief.

To use the economic model again, I use my aunt as an example first. She has an amount of her personal wealth tied up in stocks. On any given day, she can experience a "loss" to her portfolio, but as she never really actually takes gains and converts them into something other than numbers on a screen, what does she lose when the numbers change to the negative? As another example, we see many stories of how things have changed for the average person since our great event of fall 2008. Many will talk of loss of jobs or loss of value in their house, and for some the loss becomes very real due to the hardships associated with being forced out of a situation they had found themselves in. I, myself, "lost" a home due to foreclosure during this time, and also "lost" my good credit completely when I filed for bankruptcy shortly thereafter. Yet here I am in a finer home (with a solid assist from above mentioned auntie - gratitude emerges again for this), and being quite able to exist without the ability to place myself in debt at my whim. Reflection tells me I am far better off in spite of these "losses". Time and again I hear people talking about returning to the period before 2008 - the "good times", yet no one seems to get that those times were the result of a particular set of circumstances that were entirely unsustainable and in many ways quite insane and destructive (let's not forget criminal). How were they destructive you ask? Well, for one thing it allowed lots and lots of people to pile up vast "wealth" due to property values rising or their 401k getting fat, or worse yet adopting a lifestyle that was only possible due to the fiction that they were wealthy. My job during this time was delivering fine furniture to homes in the Twin Cities, and I would daily venture into these vast new developments to fill up the McMansions with thousands and thousands of dollars of goods. Very often I would encounter the 20-something homeowner pulling up in their brand-new European luxury sedan, and I would walk away asking my delivery partner, "Where the hell are these people getting all this money?!?". I could sense that something was amiss here, but it was a big party until it wasn't anymore. The party has been over for 6 years now, yet I still see attempts to pump those kegs and wake the passed-out guests for further bumping, grinding, and merriment. I have to ask - who really thinks that we will ever return to that model again? Why would we want to? I know why some people would want to, but why would any sane person wish to go down that path again. It was an illusion. It created a false "normal" reality. This distortion continues to be destructive as we attempt in vain to reclaim that position, still thinking it was one we could adopt as the new model, going forever higher.

Another question that I have been pondering for several years now, and have not seen an answer to; it would appear that all nations of the world are experiencing a crisis of debt (wait, debt = money, right? So are we not suffering from too much money? Then why is it so hard to come by? I'm so confused). So, who, exactly, holds this "debt" and by what means was it incurred? I have always contended that there has been a constant pattern of creation of "money" by all of these exotic derivative schemes, and the ultimate plan is to have those of us who create real wealth through labor or production of real goods make it "real" by trading said real wealth against the fiction - much like some sort of modern alchemy. It would seem that one way to solve this global problem would be to simply declare a Jubilee of sorts and forgive all this fictitious debt that can never, ever be repaid. However, that would require open and honest assessment of what is held as "wealth" by so many, and there would be the need for those many, who I am sure are quite unwilling, to take a "loss" of their imaginary riches. I shall not hold my breath......

Now we come to the issue of "Change". President Obama rode this simple word to great effect when he began his quest to lead us (I just threw up a bit - sorry), yet if one were to be honest and review what he actually said during his campaign, it was obvious that a continuation of many of the worst practices of the prior administration were on the table and no effort to hide such intentions was ever made. In this case, change took place in the form of the facade behind which all the bullshit that passes as our government occurs, and nothing more. It was simply a rebranding of the same horror. We can see that one of the true constants in nature is the ongoing process of change, and thus we cannot escape the eventuality of these things coming to be, yet what we attempt to label as change in our processes here as humans playing at "civilization" never seems to truly achieve this standard. It would appear to be more of a cycle than anything else really - one that leads time and again to the same tragic result; most often wars and mass suffering and death. In this regard, true change is needed for us to survive on this plane.
It may already be far too late for that to happen however.

This then brings me to my final point for today's exercise in word salad. When I cast my gaze outward to see what themes are trending (see, I can be hip too!), I see much talk of an "awakening" in humanity, and time and again I see it written that profound change is just around the corner or merely moments away. Raise your vibration! Cast out fear and embrace the Light! Download the latest channeling from the Galactic Council and be awakened to your true destiny as a Lightworker! It would appear that true and monumental change is here if we can just get enough people to buy into the same program and chant the proper words at the precise moment with the right hat on while the planets are just so.........or something.

I don't mean to make fun of any of those engaging in such practices (ok, I really do), but I can't see how any of it has merit beyond soothing the individual so engaged, and that is in itself a valid pursuit. I am also open to all of these paths being equally valid, and in the context of the definition of "All" this makes the most sense. No one "Truth" that MUST be shared universally to be in agreement with Creation. I just get tired of people telling me "you are doing it wrong" or belittling those whose choose to pursue other paths, merely to soothe their own egos. Senseless points of diversion which do more to divide us that unite. One thing I do know, again from observing our greatest teacher - Nature - is that when an organism is faced with an evolutionary "brick wall" so to speak, it either finds a way to mutate/evolve, or it ceases to be. It kinda looks like a brick wall is dead ahead for all of us, so as individuals we should probably be open to some form of profound change happening ahead, whether we are prepared or not. It is a constant. The question I have now is, are we in a cycle that is merely a repeating one with subtle changes of scenery or characters only, or does our path take an evolutionary slant and move in a spiral fashion rather than a mobius strip where we only wind up at the same place time and time again? Can we truly move beyond this way of existing, and find that "Home" that so many of us seem to long for? I don't know. I really don't. I doubt that anyone does, truly.

Getting wordy here. I would like to leave this message with a word of thanks to the Universe for allowing me to be blessed by the presence of a pure and beautiful creature who left us this morning. I would like to dedicate this day to the memory of my dear friend Mimi, a wonderful, loving Eeker who taught me some things and never failed to make my heart lighter in her presence. I will miss you beautiful one.


  1. Zoner - sorry for the loss of your dear friend Mimi. The 4-leggeds are teachers of unconditional love and trust, as many of us know.
    Have to agree with all you have written above. Like you say, no one knows what the frack is goin down, and those who say they do are self-delusional.
    Gonna just keep on preppin' for the winter like I'm gonna be around for another one. What else can we do? Great post, stay strong. >onelove<

  2. God I have missed you. Sorry for your loss. Eeker returns to light.
    Iona the other day nursed a bird for a week.
    Woke up in the middle of the night and early morning for feeding. So dilligent and the bird was healing and strong. And she came home one day and it had died and she hit a crisis of spirit unlike she had done before.

    Later that day she was taking two 3 day old eekers out of the grazing cage to love them and placed them somewhere to pick up the mother and the lid crashed down on their little, young, soft heads.
    She came running to me, my little girl now a young woman with these babes in her hands and stricken terror on her face. There was blood in their mouths and their noses. They were rasping and their lungs were rasping fluid. There was no doubt in my mind that they were going to die. There was serious damage. And yet this child was not going to accept this. She calmed herself down. We lit candles , we smudged around them with white sage. I held them consciously with full awareness and love.
    I then placed them on her chest and left her where she was singing to them, stroking them with such determination. Incanting spells of healing to stop bleeding. She was in an intense, intense space of calm and determination.
    Many hours later, they had recovered fully.
    My daugher had become a healer.


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