"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Enough said.

Testing, one, two.

And all that.


Road trip indicated.

See you soon!



  1. Welcome aboard Z! Wonderful picture, you are off to a clean start with heart. Bon Voyage. The world is yours.
    Love, nina

  2. May the white lines flashing around the curves never lose their charm.
    May the stop street never arrive.
    May the laughter be deep.
    May the gratitude be total.
    May the journey be all that it could be in
    this realm of infinite potential.
    And may you create some music to get the stars shimmering.

  3. Good luck on the road trip. Man one of my earliest influences was "Then came Bronson" I've forgotten all about that.

  4. Visitors! yikes, better spruce the place up a bit!

    Thanks so much for dropping in and leaving a word or 2. It is hard to know where to start, detailing this "package deal" so I haven't yet. I appreciate the words of encouragement more than you will know!

    It's funny, that picture. The original file shows the entire tank and emblem, but for some reason the word "TRIUMPH" wasn't carried over completely when I uploaded it. A bit premature, perchance? At least it says "TRI".

    And so I shall. Or what else could "tri" imply? Hmmm..

    Brando is largely responsible for my riding a Triumph Thunderbird. The bike was my Dad's, and the label "rebel" certainly would have applied to him in his day. Bronson? He'd have to be my wife's pal 'cuz they both ride those H-D Sportster monstrosities. But I'll likely need to remind myself of his famous words of wisdom before this trip is over;

    "Hang in there"

    And Susana, Those words will travel with me - quite literally! They'll be right there to hear the music of the road played by my "Trumpet", hopefully in harmony with my intentions as we hurtle on to........wherever that ends up being.



  5. Believe me Z, we're ALL very familiar with the Tri... logo. BTW, if you want the whole picture to show, check to box at the bottom of your uploader photo gadget that says "shrink to fit". But I like it like it is, its so avante garde.

  6. Do, or do not. There is no tri.

    Heheh. Couldn't resist.

    Have a good trip, man! Hope you find what you're looking for, or what you're looking for finds you, or ... well, good luck, eh?

    Lookin' forward to hearing about it.

  7. Re: the triumph logo--didn't need to see the whole thing to know what it was--kinda like life in many ways--one of those logos that just sings strength--ya know it, or ya don't--the great thing about a motorcycle is you don't have to roll down the window when you fart---I leave you with those words of wisdom, and hopefully a smile....will stay in touch--If you make a wrong turn and end up in Ohio, look me up----we don't usually shoot at motorcycles--well, usually can mean so many different things--let me check with Mr. Clinton and get back to you------


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