There's No Other Me

Whoa, 5 months like that, huh?

I don't think I'm wasting my time - we'll see.

Yeah, the word thing. You see, it's like this; it has been shown to me in no small or insignificant way that any attempt to substitute for the real thing will fall short, so it's all a compromise, all the time, unless it's totally real, and who wants that coming at them? I have thankfully, by grace and endless pleading, rediscovered the stream, and my place in relation to its flow, and there is no finer gift that I have received here. I have been given back my voice and my soundboard, and I can't begin to express my gratitude in any way other than to surrender to it fully. It has rendered words completely inadequate, however, so I am far less inclined to use them these days. Other methods of expression become predominant, and are less available for sharing or distribution for better or worse. depending on whether there are expectations or not.

What has become real is the observing of things flowing naturally, occurring as they will (oh, and they will to be sure) trying not to take it too personally, and as J-Roc would say, striving to "Feel the realness, feel the touch of the real". Mostly it has become all about getting out the way, and keeping quiet while I'm at it, 'aight? And trying to avoid the bull-ish, gnome sane?

Thanks J-Roc, I feel ya on that one, Dog. (a shout-out to the Dog Poet, too, while I'm at it - I know you're down with the program, yo, and I'm eternally in your debt).

Chopped down some big-ass trees, and the view improves. Now looking to do something about the weeds and creepy-crawly things in the underbrush, but help is on the way I think and there are some new protocols and such to keep the new order orderly. Some new grooves to wear into and a lifestyle to renegotiate, so work continues. Went out on a few limbs, and have yet to crash violently to the ground, but hey, it's only noon so I should count my blessings.

ALWAYS count your blessings. If you can't find one to count you aren't trying very hard or you don't know how to count, but that's cool too.

Yeah, my first and deepest love has returned to me, and the reunion has been sweet. Thank you for that, you have no idea........

See, there goes that word thing again. I'm gonna do as Joe Perry's Project says, and "Let the Music Do The Talking". So, this is a song that was recorded by my absolute favorite guitarist, and sung by a young woman who is so obviously channeling pure (wordfail) it is almost too much sometimes. This one caught me off guard and tossed my all the way there.

I don't want to sound like a pimp or anything, but JB's latest release is stellar. A few geezers on guitar and drums and keys, and some highly inspired performances by young people who have a depth of character and emotion that is sooo beyond what would be expected for their demographic, that you wonder what you are witnessing (including young WOMEN I might add, just because I am such a big fan of women who rock and let it all hang out and hey, just in general. I'm surrounded by them so why fight it?). Oh ,and words - words arranged thusly, speaking my heart to a perfect soundtrack.

Please see a fine example of state-of-the-art vibrational exuberance at extreme volume here and tell me if it rings any bells or somethin';

Hopefully those reading here know what it is like to become a conduit and just be taken and go there.


There's No Other Me (Jason Robello/Joss Stone)
(yeah, girlfriend actually writes what she sings)

Open up my eyes I see a quarter of a mile,
Don't want to go but when I get there I'll smile
Never wanted to be the perfect child
So come experience a little rough - a little mild

Open up my mind and the Love gets louder
Hear my soulful notion a mind is overflowing
The musician of knowing the Oracle is floating away
What can I say

This is how I am
Who I'll be
So understand there's no other me
Go take your stand you'll start to see
There's no other me

Open up my life you fall in so sweetly
Tried to cut the trip and it doubled in size (Oh no!)
If I forget it flips and confuses my mind
So I'll stay just a couple licks longer

Here comes the heat now release now
Stuck tight sounds 'bout to rip now
Don't stop to sweat breathe or eat now
Can't let the cycle defeat this groove
Cant think won't think I'm FEELING
It's your fault your notes got me reeling


Man, I've never seen Jeff Beck intimidated. He almost can't deal with that kind of an open line being pointed at him! I'm reduced to rubble just listening to the CD at home. Music is the thing that showed me first, then removed any doubt I might have had, about the presence of a higher Source. Especially now that the full gift of integration has returned, it has saved me from the despair of doubt once again. Where words fail, the vibration tells everything, and you just can't get that across properly even with DSL, baby. Feel the realness, yo.

Hey, I think I'll stay a couple licks longer, too.




  1. want to hear it.
    don't like to listen to music online.
    Let's hang.

  2. Good to see ya back. Great comment on dogpoet's latest. let's eyeball again if ya got time.

  3. Brother chris,
    welcome back, I'm still hanging on,glad to see that some better events have found their way to you, must be karma (grin). play on brother and let the music free your soul.

  4. It just said, your comment will be 'visible' after approval... heh heh, I like that.

  5. Hey Zoner;

    This is strange, out of the blue and all by itself, your page appeared in one of my tabs so you're getting this message from me. This is truly freaky (grin).

    You look like you're having fun.

  6. hi zoner...please post summat here again real soon...ya hear?


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