Doin' Time

Love is a lie.

Passion, merely a snare.

This place is a prison.

Digging a tunnel with a spoon is a long process.



  1. Z? What's up? Seems like we are going through some changes.

  2. Indeed, Nina.

    still don't know what I was waiting for
    And my time was running wild
    A million dead-end streets
    Every time I thought I'd got it made
    It seemed the taste was not so sweet
    So I turned myself to face me
    But I've never caught a glimpse
    Of how the others must see the faker
    I'm much too fast to take that test

    (Turn and face the strain)
    Don't want to be a richer man
    (Turn and face the strain)
    Just gonna have to be a different man
    Time may change me
    But I can't trace time

    I watch the ripples change their size
    But never leave the stream
    Of warm impermanence and
    So the days float through my eyes
    But still the days seem the same
    And these children that you spit on
    As they try to change their worlds
    Are immune to your consultations
    They're quite aware of what they're going through

    (Turn and face the strain)
    Don't tell t hem to grow up and out of it
    (Turn and face the strain)
    Where's your shame
    You've left us up to our necks in it
    Time may change me
    But you can't trace time

    Strange fascination, fascinating me
    Changes are taking the pace I'm going through

    (Turn and face the strain)
    Oh, look out you rock 'n rollers
    (Turn and face the strain)
    Pretty soon you're gonna get a little older
    Time may change me
    But I can't trace time
    I said that time may change me
    But I can't trace time

    Shoulda said "Romantic Love" is a lie, but it stands as delivered. Just rolling around in it a bit. Something will break sooner or later.

    Love to you,


  3. Yes, its guaranteed, sooner or later.

    If its any solace, I agree with your original statements. Nobody is immune, often you seemed to be, but to see your post last night, you show you are only human.

    There is a remedy that appears to speed up the process from down to up, let me share it with you Z. "Do something good for someone else." Please trust me on that and let me know if it works for you, too.

    Love always, nina

  4. Nina, you are a magician, as your advice was passed to me before those words were read.

    I have just returned from a neighbor's yard, where a large tree limb has been sitting there for weeks calling for removal. The homeowner is a quiet, reserved woman who lives with her daughter, and as they are from Africa there are few in the neighborhood who engage her. Maybe that has no bearing - I don't know. She is also very private, but likely had no way of dealing with this issue on her own.

    I just spent the past while cutting it up and removing the pieces for use in my fire pit, where I will sit and stare into the embers and dream of a time and place when we are all here for one-another in real-time. The exercise felt great and the sun kissed me the whole time. The anger and loss has passed and I am restored.

    Thank you, wise and beautiful one.


  5. I'd like to get together soon, Zoner!
    The love that is based solely on passion is perhaps temporary, or at best cyclical, but it is not an illusion, anymore than space,time and matter are themselves illusions. And I say this, or make this hypothetical assertion, as someone who has been devastated by romantic love.
    Now I've given in to an almost romantic love of the world of kind, empathic, nature-loving tribal humans.
    You are part of the tribe. Don't stay away!

  6. I'm sure you've noticed your down to up timing coincided with Visible's. And mine, too, I just didn't post it. Strange dis-ease, I call those periods rough patches. Your application of remedy is beautiful. I'm in awe. It was there all the time waiting for this moment to arrive. Blackbird...
    Love you.

  7. "Digging a tunnel with a spoon is a long process." Like this line best!

  8. so you've played and lost the game eh? join the club. and its a biiiiggggg club...

    someone asked willie nelson
    to whom he owed a debt
    for all of his accomplishments
    for all of his success
    they were standin' in the darkness
    backstage before a show
    the man was writin on a piece
    'bout willie's life, ya know

    ole willie he just rolled his eyes
    he'd heard this one before
    a hundred times from a hundred guys
    he'd always shown the door
    ah, but this time somethin' happened
    as a tear slid down his cheek
    ole willie pulled the curtain back
    as he jestured for a peak

    he said, you tell me that you wanna know
    the reason why they came
    there ain't one out of a hundred
    who ain't loved and lost the game

    later in some ole honky tonk
    the man sat with his thoughts
    just starin' at the loneliness
    floatin' on the rocks
    he didn't seem to notice
    that his cheek was wet and hot
    as he got up from his barstool
    and dropped a quarter in the slot

    and he played...

    the game is never over
    and the yearnin's never done
    and every time you take a chance
    the reason's not the one
    and every broken heart
    has got a reason with a name
    but they ain't sleepin' next to you
    that's why love's to blame

    broken up he sat back down
    and stared into his gin
    suddenly, there was willie's face
    starin' back at him

    and he said...

    so you tell me that you wanna know
    the reason why i'm hot
    that tear you shed ain't from your head
    that's why you played the box!
    and now you know the reason
    why they seem to know my name
    its a broken heart that they feel
    cuz we all played and lost the game...


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