Moving In Stereo

"Life's the same, I'm moving in stereo,

Life's the same, except for my shoes

Life's the same, you're shaking like tremolo,

Life's the same, It's all inside you....."

Well, that really about sums it up - thanks for dropping by!

But seriously, what can be said at this point? This point of "nothing is as it was (or appeared to be) and anything goes" we have arrived at seems poised to rewrite the rules of existence and the question then becomes "what'cha gonna do about it?"

I can tell you what I have been doing. Absolutely nothing. The past 6 months of winter were spent emulating a large bear or possibly a hedgehog, with only short periods of activity (mostly shoveling snow endlessly) interrupting the stasis. A sort of half-aware state that offered a great deal of reflective space and an opportunity to get dragged off on some pretty interesting paths by the ceaseless actions of that old reliable friend, the Mind. I will observe that the passage of time has accelerated to the point that it really is pointless to try and "keep up", so learning to surf the waves rather than try and outsmart and avoid them has been a good practice to be in. I should add that the surf is definitely "up", so suit up and meet me at the beach later and we'll have us a grand old time.

There was a self-imposed internet-free zone in the middle of my hibernation and I must say that after I got over the initial withdrawal and settled into the heightened isolation, it was a wondrous thing. It showed me that rolling around daily in the world of internet "news" was damaging a part of me badly and it needed to stop. I'll say this as observation, and only as a personal view, but dragging one's soul daily through the endless parade of doom porn has consequences. There is "being informed", then there is "wallowing in it", and I'll state that no matter how many different ways you can say "We're hosed" (with links and pictures!), it does not do the soul any good to get too wrapped up in it. It is just an illusion, after all.....or so I'm told. For some, this is their profession, and others are obviously aspiring to make it theirs as well. Good luck with that. You should be plenty busy from now on.

Ultimately, when one comes to terms with the reality that we are ALL doomed in one way or another, it comes to the question - "now what?" For many it seems, this real is seen as the only avenue of expression and there is no "next" plane or expectation after what happens here. This leaves the opportunity to go absolutely into indulgent mode and act out in all kinds of ways. If this is truly all there is, then they might as well pull the pillars down on the way out. I think it is clear to see that this is what is occurring in the places where those who fancy themselves "in control" gather. The party is ending, so let's go out with a bang. Many have spent decades, lifetimes even, sussing out who and what these creatures are, but they are somehow always out of sight and just out of reach, so we'll never know the full extent of any of these dramas and I believe soon it will no longer be relevant to those who wish to exist beyond the system of hierarchy and dominance. The character of "Mr Gold" in the excellent movie "Revolver" comes to mind. It's all mysterious and creepy and even a bit amusing in some ways if the right frame of mind is engaged. It sure seems to work for an awful lot of people, though - seeing the ills of the world as being the product of shadowy ghouls and bad guys. That is one choice and I respect it entirely. Be afraid works for both parties ultimately.

So what of those who sense a new beginning rather than a tragic end? How about seeing the destruction of our old flawed ways as a beautiful thing? Is that even possible? No one wants to have their comfort zone messed with, but it is here and not going away, so again the question becomes "what are you going to do about it?". This is where the sense of being split in 2 has emerged - Moving in Stereo if you will, because movement is certainly called for and a division in 2 distinct directions is quite obviously needed. Finding the balance will be the key of course, as always.

One path is the remnant of the old - one of "taking care of business" and doing the best to maintain the responsibilities to those who's space I share. Yes, I will help my kid fret over college options and whether or not she can have a Facebook account, even though I see these things as fading from our reality with great speed. Pets need to be fed, friendships maintained, and things that need tending to will continue to be tended. But in the meantime, the other path is all about preparing for the new reality that is being created before my eyes. This path is all about becoming the thing that is ready to make a transition in a willful and deliberate manner rather than being dragged along or pushed. This whole trip has been about shaking loose the baggage, and there is work to be done yet.

When I look back at the past winter, I see a resting state that has provided a clear image of what is to be anticipated, and gave lessons about how all things that pass before our senses have within them the power to teach. In this current time, it seems more intense than ever. I can't get away with anything these days. The most obvious reminder I have of the work to be done is found in a mirror. I see the weight on my body as ballast, or an anchor to keep me stuck in place. I see the obsession to "collect" guitars and musical gear as another form of "piling on" of things that keep the density up and the distraction heavy. It is so clear, yet these things remain unresolved. The mental exercise has hopefully been completed, now we'll see about practical application and results (please).

Of all the things I long for in the physical realm as I stretch and move again after the slumber, I want to learn to move my body. Being somewhat of an athlete as a young man, the effects of being sedentary for so long are currently showing how far one can go to the other end of the spectrum. I am aging, creaky, tight as hell from not stretching and need to shed a significant amount of weight. This will be aided by further exploration of how to actually eat and by declaring the space between the ears "Closed for the Season" and working out body rather than mind. In the meantime, if anyone knows of a good Tai Chi workout video or similar low-intensity path to help re-awaken a sleeping bear, please let me know.

Above all, the lesson learned from the time in the cave was this - you get what you give out, and low vibrations are going to attract the same without fail. With any luck and willing participation from those on this path with me, I hope to explore the deepest depths of the other end of that spectrum. And really, as cliche as this one is, I have to begin by learning to love the one called "Z", because without that in place, I'm not going to be of much help to anyone else. It is time to fully emerge as a true Love Person, because THAT is where we are heading.

Believe it.

Love to All


  1. That was eloquently put brother Z, it echos how I feel as well. As things have begun to change on the outside, they have begun to change on the inside even faster, we will have a difficult time making the trek to the new world with all the baggage of the old, so we must begin to shed the weight both externally and internally whatever the cost or effort. The world we live in has been successful in helping me remove all the shiny baubles of sensory anchors, now all is left is the work of the spirit and the new energy flooding the material plane seems to be helping with that, once again it is great to see your words of truth and as you have reminded me "Do or do not, there is no try" Yoda. warmest.

    wv pensto- is that like pre-sto?

  2. brilliantly put.
    there has been the rest, and the withdrawl from the outer reality which has raised the meeting with the internal truth.

    what a beautiful realisation.

    Walking is an excellent way to start. Slowly awakens the cells, always something to see along the way. And after a few cells have perked up after the oxygenation, well then the walk the next day gets a bit faster, a bit further,

    thanks for sharing this.
    you write superbly.

  3. Wow! I was guided here by Les Visible's Smoking Mirrors, and boy, everything you have written is me all over! I writing to recommend a book that I'm about halfway into, called "Navigating the Collapse of Time", by David Ian Cowan. It is so helpful and hopeful in these strange times. I think you may find it helpful as well.

    I'm a fellow musician who finds herself doing a whole lot of nothing lately as well, gotten downright chubby and don't like it one little bit! It's weird, the things I've loved to do all my life I'm not driven to do anymore. My lethargic state is, however, rich in thought and spiritual expansion. Along with waistline expansion....hmm. Anyway, just wanted to write and say thanks for the words. I believe that we're all gonna end up in a good place, according to the way we've lived our lives. It's just the logistics of how we get there that confuse me!! Peace.


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