"It's not negotaible"

Veering further away from my usual frank, conversational approach to doing whatever it is that gets "done" here, I'd like to get some reaction to these gems I ran across. Some creative captioning, perhaps.

One of these is not like the others, and all 3 carried strong messages for me, enough so that they are taken as signs and kept as reminders. I am frankly just curious about the initial emotional reaction to any of these images. Thanks in advance for sharing should you be so inclined.

My best to all,



  1. Photos one and two make me gag, I'm not sure why. Elitist? But they represent the innate childishness of our species. It's possible to grow up, but the adult(s) pictured have not. Adult children: what most Americans are.

    Last photo: great. Wonders of the universe. Innocence. Beauty and wonder of nature.

  2. 1. "Nothing personal."
    2. "I don't have the money to remove it, but I can't see it so who cares."
    3. "I am but a small part of a greater whole."


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